Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

You are missed.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bruce performs Backstreets
A wonderful show, (which I attended), and probably my fave song by him, and one of the best versions, (the best was probably performed at LA's Roxy a few months earlier). The song Drive All Night sprung out of this version and was added to the River album, but neither it nor the original Backstreets were ever as powerful as this combined version. If you weren't on the East Coast in the mid to late 70's, then just listen to this - you will be...

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I SHALL LIVE FOREVER, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cthulhu Christmas Wreath!

new book on Joy Division

nice quote from Woody Allen - perfect for DC!

A Christmas Story: The Drunken Moose

DVD documentary on the Prisoner now available!

Happy Birthday Stan Rogers!

I missed that last concert of his at the Birchmere, which I'll always regret. One of the best folk singers, ever; and probably the greatest to come out of Canada. Beautiful voice and a top-notch songwriter. As an habitue of Lost Causes, I can tell you that his tune "Mary Ellen Carter" is practically the national anthem of such. Predictions are always a tricky thing, but I really thought he was the one who would return folk music to a large mainstream audience in the States. He was just so good...

I Want To Hold Your Hand!

Was released on this date (in the UK) in 1963.

Happy Birthday Peter Bergman!

Happy Birthday Rocky & Bullwinkle!

First broadcast on this date in 1959.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wreaths Across America at Arlington this year

Most stuff like this doesn't do much for me, but I do find their decoration at Arlington to be both impressive and moving, just like I find Arlington itself.

The Antique Christmas Lights Museum

Pretty neat little bit of Christmas pop culture.

the autophile...

a perfect cup of coffee

I admit I know nothing about coffee, never drinking it unless it's cut with substantial amounts of Jameson's. But this looked like an amusing little aid for those of you who are serious about such things.

(Thanks for the link, Nancy!)

You Can Get Anything You Want...

The Alice's Restaurnat Massacree took place on this date in 1965...

Happy Birthday Berry Gordy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The Return of Futurama!

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix!

Monday, November 26, 2007

"Love Me" and "Bedazzled" from the film, Bedazzled

Great stuff. The song Bedazzled was way ahead of its time, even as a satire.

Every Mother's Son performs Come On Down To My Boat
Fun little pop tune that I've always liked.

a video tribute to the Iron City Houserockers (playing Junior's Bar)

One of the best bands I've ever seen/heard. And totally ignored, of course.

The Flying Lizards perform Money

Great minimalist techno-pop.

Free perform All Right Now

Great early 70's hard rock. Classic.

Jim Croce performs Operator

Great ballad. One of my faves.

We'll Always Have Paris...

The film Casablanca premiered on this date in '42, (the official release was about 6 weeks later). My all-time favorite movie, a part of my DNA.

Anarchy In The UK

Was released on this date in '76. Perfect reflection of time and place.

Happy birthday Tina Turner!

Happy Birthday Charles Schultz!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cthulhu Jewelry!

Joe Cocker performs Darlin' Be Home Soon

A great John Sebastian song. Cocker is one of those people who can cover someone else's material and seem to effortlessly make it his own, (Richie Havens is another with that gift). Amazing stuff!

The Angels perform My Boyfriend's Back

Classic. I love this song!

Roy Orbison performs Oh, Pretty Woman

(with an all-star cast). Fantastic song and performer. Essential.

Three Dog Night perform Mama Told Me Not To Come
I've never been a big fan of Randy Newman, but I've always loved this song. Reminds me of so many parties from way back...

Nine Inch Nails perform Terrible Lies

One of the most interesting bands of the past 20 years.

neat VW ad

I Wanna Be A Tanker!

some more Darwin Award nominees

The Blackadder Quote Generator

I really enjoyed this series. Some great insults and descriptions here...

The Litereary Gothic

An online storehouse of Gothic literature. Invaluable!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Joni performs Big Yellow Taxi
Always liked this tune, a mix of cute and serious.

REM perform Cuyahoga

Wonderful, wonderful song...

The Jam's video for Going Underground
Another great band that was totally ignored in this country. Fantastic sound.

Santana performs Oye Como Va

Nice version by a great band. One of those songs that was inescapable in the early 70's.

The Jags perform I Got Your Number

Fun power pop.

Cthulhu Gloves!

I couldn't find a picture or active order site, but the newest info from the Coming Attractions website is that Cthulhu gloves will be available in February! (True Cthulhu gloves would be little knitted tubes that would fit over tentacles...)

And don't forget the new "Peeping" Cthulhu:

Happy Birthday Mystery Science Theater 3000!

First broadcast on this date in 1988.

Happy Birthday Forrest Ackerman!

A living legend for any who who love horror and/or science fiction. His Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine was a childhood gospel to any of us who grew up watching and loving horror movies.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Star Trek, circa 1900


The Disco Playset!

some great signs

great moments in hunting

Happy Sabbath of the Undead Day!

(mentioned once in an old Hammer Studios horror movie - I'm single handedly keeping the holiday going...)

Happy National Cashew Day!

Happy Birthday Boris!

One of my faves! And one of the most recognized and wonderful voices in pop culture.

Happy Birthday Harpo!

Genius. Essential.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

perfect story to read before that Thanksgiving meal

Happy Thanksgiving, Art Buchwald.

For probably the first time in my life, there's no printing of Art Buchwald's annual Thanksgiving column in today's Post. I was curious how they'd handle it, this being the first November since his death. I knew the odds were way against it, but I thought the pups at the Post might make one final small salute to the last of the old-time features and columnists - but no such luck. That would involve a sense of history and purpose which the pampered corporate morons who currently infest the paper have never possessed. Oh well, Art's column is currently archived online, (for how long?). So, for the last time, here it is for all you old-timers, the last of a minor DC Thanksgiving tradition:

Happy Birthday to the White Album!

Released on this date in '68. Brilliant. Essential.

Happy Birthday Steve Van Zandt!

My fave DJ, host of the Underground Garage, mainstay of the E Street Band, Producer, Musician, Actor, Songwriter, Arranger, Performer, Rock Fanatic & Archivist. He understands...

Happy Birthday Terry Gilliam!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

when parasites insult their hosts
If I were the world's second most succesful tick bird, I'd be a little more polite about it...

THE Swiss Army Knife

Oh, The Humanity!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a fun time tomorrow. I am reminded of many years ago, some of us would travel up to Great Falls to picnic on the Billygoat Trail on this extended weekend. Very cool times, and some of my favorite memories.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Roxy Music perform Virginia Plain

Classic British glam decadence.

The McCoys perform Hang On Sloopy
I've always loved this - a classic. Nice combo of the then new garage rock sound with the older Brill Building sensibilities. Really cool.

The Walker Brothers perform The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
Great power ballad. Superb pseudo-Spector production.

Billy Bragg performs A New England
Conan's right, he is a treasure - but he's not limited to Britain.

David Bromberg performs Sharon
She walks, She talks, She crawls on her belly like a reptile! Ow!


Educational Film: What To Do In A Zombie Attack

Great stuff!

(Thanks for the link, Missy!)

just another day in DC...

At least this'll keep people's minds off of the collapsed school and library systems, the increasing murder rate, the exploding manholes, the poisonous drinking water, the firehouses being used as brothels, the corrupt/incompetent/criminal/lazy police department, and a city council that would embarrass a den of rats. And let's not forget Mayor-For-Life Marion....

Happy Birthday Dick Smothers!

Happy Absurdity Day!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hoppy Lectures Us On Responsible Living

We've been in a slump, but we're Comin' Back!

Justin Hayward performs Forever Autumn

I posted this a little while back, but it's a perfect song for a November evening...

The Mindbenders perform Groovy Kind Of Love

Great British Invasion slow-dance tune.

Canned Heat perform On The Road Again

Classic. Great tune for a late night drive on a barren road.

Joan Baez performs Diamonds & Rust

Beautiful biography, my fave song by her.

Classics IV perform Stormy

A little light weight, but I liked their sound. They had a sort of superstition about making sure all their 45's had six letter names for the song titles.

Don't Squeeze Him!

Better Than Sex; Well no, not really, but it'll have to do for these guys...

if Hitler had won...

my next salsa experiment

news from jesustan
Interesting, we used to call them pervs, now we call them ministers...

Over Easy? Hard-Boiled? Sunny-Side Up?

Sometmes the captions are just too easy...

future Darwin Award nominees

Make My Logo Bigger Cream!

Hysterical! For all you marketeers out there!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hey! You want a real challenge - try driving from Skyline to Tysons Corner during rush hour. Extra points if the mosque at 7 Corners is in session. I got your "extreme sports" right here, pal. I've driven on Interstates all my life, even across country, they're child's play compared to this...

article on the state of solar powered autos


The Periodic Table of Comic Books

a neat radio show on Border/Pirate Radio

Very cool! An important chapter in American pop history.

(Thanks for the link, Karen!)

Happy Birthday Graham Parker!

Great, great artist; criminally under-appreciated.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

We're #1! We're #1!

Los Lobos perform Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)

One of the great Rock'N'Roll bands. Should've been bigger.

Dire Straits perform Skateaway
Great tune, my fave by them.

Dylan performs Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Obviously, a classic. Reminds me of the Fall of '73. Always seemed to be on the radio then...

Mojo Nixon's video for Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My 2 Headed Love Chile

Mojo Rules!

Wuss Nation

The War Hamster!

personal genomics

Needless to say, this is going to be revolutionary and HUGE.

Happy Birthday Peter Cook!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Nuts! Colossus loses!

Not a big surprise, but I was hoping for an upset...

great moments in Zimbabwe economics

Computer Challenge: WWII era VS Modern

an interesting little footnote on the Shetlands in WWII

For the Urns - or for the Essential Saltes?

Anyone who has read Lovecraft's "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" knows another reason that ashes would be stolen....

Using a police trap to capture an orangutan
I just know a trooper is going to end up in a net with tranquilizer dart in his butt.

The Magic Kingdom

stopping cars with microwaves

I'm going to get a '71 Delta 88....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ronnie Lane performs Ooh La La

One of the greats. A Legend. And almost totally unknown in the States. RIP Ronnie, you deserved better.

Rory Gallagher performs Bullfrog Blues

Fantastic. Essential.

The Doors perform The Soft Parade

There were Gods in those days...

Julian Cope video for World Shut Your Mouth
Fun song.

David Johansen performs an Animals medley

On the legendary Uncle Floyd Show. Wish I'd seen this tour.

Elton performs Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters

Great song, one of Elton and Bernie's best. One of my fave song titles.

Duuuude: The Universe Explained

A new comprehensive theory of reality - Starring Annette!

the new Wall in Germany...

nice article on the state of MST3000

Slattern! Slattern! Slattern!

I didn't know Australians spoke Jive...

Happy Birthday Petula Clark!

One of my faves. Perfect example of mid 60's innocence.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Franiie Valli & The Four Seasons perform Let's Hang On

Great song and band. Another classic.

Electric Light Orchestra perfrom Do Ya

ELO= John Lennon on Drugs + Chuck Berry on Guitar.

Cream perform Badge

Classic. I seem to be on a George Harrison vibe tonight...

Ringo Starr video for Never Without You

Touching, classy tribute to George.

the cutting edge of getting off....

Neat article about LARPs

(Thanks for the link, Roger!)

ancient Chinese soda cans

Very cute!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

interesting notes on an American member of the German resistance in WWII

The Counter Revolution Has Begun!

The United Pumpkins of America

20+ places for public domain e-books


Potential Darwin Awards Nominee

Star Trek rumors...

Happy Birthday Veronica Lake!

Talented, tragic, and drop-dead beautiful.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Animator VS Animation #2

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

November in Old Town

Well, the trees in NoVa are finally changing over and dropping leaves in force here. It's still too warm for this time of year; blame it on global warming, bad karma or the wrath of imaginary gods, but there should be a cold crispness in there somewhere.
I am always reminded of bar hopping around Old Town around this time. Oh hell, I know that bar hopping was hardly a seasonal activity for me, but certain places seemed more appropriate for it at certain times of the year: Summer was Gtown, Foggy Bottom, maybe Oldtown, a pub or two out at the West End and the dives out in Maryland; Spring was Downtown; Winter was back to Gtown; but Fall is when I think Old Town really shone. Scuffling down bricked walks, kicking up the leaves, and surrounded by age - a perfect Autumn night. My favorite place in the mid and late 70's was Masons, up at Fairfax and King Streets. It's long gone now, like virtually all my other favorite places. I'd go there alone, or often with some of you reading this now. the thing I liked best about it was the basement bar area, (there were two upper floors that were devoted to the restaurant end of things). It was one of the least pretentious and most comfortable places to hang out. There were large community tables only, but I was never hassled or annoyed by anyone there. In fact, the relaxed atmosphere seemed to make both customers and employees calmer and friendlier than one would normally get at other Old Town establishments. The head bartender was a Springsteen fan and had created two drinks in honor of his songs. Too many years have forced their exact contents from my mind. The Rosalita I only sampled once, it was a wretched thing with sloe gin and a sweetness that even now sends minor shock waves through my psyche. But the Backstreets had a gentler taste, a definite cousin to the Zombie, without the circus-conflict of too many types of rum, served in pint-sized jars. Four or five of them made even the late 70's more tolerable.
Once, the place almost burned down on me. One of the few times I've ever left a bar before I was ready. Edmund and I were there that evening. At first we just smelled a slightly acrid scent. I questioned our server who casually replied there'd been a small kitchen fire that had already been put out. Five minutes later, there was a definite haze in the air. Another question to our server was met with the same casual assurance that all was well. A further five minutes went by and the basement was now full of smoke. I could barely make Edmund's face out across the table from me. The server never lost his cool, mentioning that we might be more comfortable upstairs, (correctly assuming we wouldn't be comfortable being burned alive), ushering us quickly to a booth in the restaurant upstairs as sirens wailed and firemen rushed past us to put out a major conflagration in the back.
Alcohol has never affected physics, nor my understanding of it, and I realized that being directly above a blaze was no protection at all from it. We finished our drinks, (of course!), but then hustled out to some establishment not about to become kindling. A little excitement for the evening.
Masons made it into the early 80's but disappeared soon thereafter, replaced by an Afghan restaurant which in turn was given over to a Thai one. And, much to my regret, I rarely make it over to Old Town anymore. But tonight reminded me a bit of it. The gentle rustling of leaves, and an aroma in the air - someone's having a fire...

your next car

Abba's video for SOS

I've always been a sucker for Abba's updating of late 60's Bubblegum, (with a generous borrowing of Spector's Wall Of Sound...).

Frankenstein Meets The Beatles

the little robot that could

The Pill of Immortality?
The pill may be okay, but the 1,500 bottles of wine a day sounds like the way to go...

Monday, November 12, 2007

When Terrorism Came to Dover, NJ,2933,301144,00.html

I feel so much safer now!

(Thanks for the tip, Roger!)

What'Sarong With This Picture?
My friend Tony has just started up a new business selling Sarongs! Now, once again, this is an area of life that yours truly doesn't know much about, but I would encourage one and all to check out his site for your next purchase of pool/beachwear. As for me, I know what I'll be wearing at the next human sacrifice to the volcano god...

Happy Birthday Molly Pitcher (Margaret Corbin)!

Happy Birthday Neil Young!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

how much homo-erotic imagery can an ad contain?

The Shagri Las perform Leader of the Pack

Ignore Robert Goulet's goofing. Is there a cooler song than this?

Jim Croce performs Operator

I remember watching this old TV special. Croce always struck me two ways - I find most of his hits (like Bad Bad Leroy Brown) to be really irritating pseudo-juke joint schlock. But I love virtually all of his ballads. They are almost all sad, occasionally a bit too self-pitying, but often with a wistful worldliness too. Operator is a bit younger in its feeling. A nice tune about a young love gone bad is quite touching in expressing the naivete of the protagonist and the sort of confused unwillingness to accept reality that's affected every young person at one point or another. A delicate little situation that Croce handles quite sweetly.

The electric Prunes perform Get Me To The World On Time

Poor video, great song! One of the best examples of garage psychedelia from 67-68. The Prunes had a fantastic sound!

The Stones perform Gimme Shelter

Fantastic song. One of the most menacing sounding tunes I know of. There's an old I Ching hexagram this reminds me of - things fall apart...

Cheap Trick perform Tonight It's You

Great power pop!

serious roots music recordings

I just discovered these guys - very interesting.

The Challenge: The Shortest Weird Tale...

The Vinyl/CD hybrid


some interesting speculation on the old rumors of lost cosmonauts

Ladies and Gentlemen - The ZOMBEATLES!!!


Happy Birthday Marshall Crenshaw!

One of the greatest power popsters - ever. A master of the AM radio sound. Another genius ignored by the herd. Essential.

Happy Birthday Ennio Morricone!

Probably my favorite film composer. Essential to Spaghetti Westerns. Put his soundtrack on a Sergio Leone film and you've got a Classic. Genius.

Happy Birthday Jonathan Winters!

Happy Veterans Day!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

now everyone can talk like Dan Rather on Election Night!

Tee hee!

new book of essays on Lovecraft coming out

new edition of the Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia on the way

Happy Birthday Claude Rains!

One of my faves. Remarkable actor.

Friday, November 09, 2007

some wonderful old ads

Bruce performs Blinded By The Light

No video, but a very good audio feed from an early show. This is what you would've heard at the Childe Harold back in the early 70's...

Dusty Springfield performs Brand New Me

Poor Dusty, another one sorely missed. My fave song by her. Beautiful.

The Lords of the New Church perform Russian Roulette
Wonderful band. Stiv Bators is another performer sorely missed. A great student of rock history, you can pick up tons of influences in his music. His version of Like A Virgin destroys Madonna's...

Buddy Holly performs That'll Be The Day
Fantastic. When is someone going to do the right thing and put out a box set of the complete Buddy Holly on CD?

The Ramones perfrom Cretin Hop

Brilliant. I miss those guys...

The Internet Museum of Flexi/Cardboard Records

Cool! They have the famous Shadows of Knight recording of Potato Chip!

Tee hee!

Peanuts - the Silent Killer

There's an old Smothers Brothers comedy routine in all of this...

divorce by text messaging

the court defense

True Gamesmen: Chess Boxing!;jsessionid=Q4QSFV4WJLP1NQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/08/nchess108.xml

(Thanks for the link, Nick!)

RIP Childe Harold

Sad. One more old way station in life gone...

guarding Goering

A little footnote to WWII history.


Plant Intelligence

Isn't this how Day of the Triffids started?

24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot


(Thanks for the link, Nancy!)

Matching Album Covers


(Thanks for the link, Infidel753 !)

I Bury Paul...

Paul McCartney died on this date in 1966...

Happy Birthday Hedy Lamarr!

One of the most beautiful women ever on the screen. Patriot. Genius, (thank her for your mobile phone...).

Let's Give It To 'Em Right Now!

Louie Louie was released by the Kingsmen on this date in 1963. Should be the National Anthem...

(You get a gold star for the day if you know the story behind the "dirty" lyrics - and know where the real scandal word is!).

Get A Life!

Today, in 2346 -- Outer Space: The Khitomer Massacre — the Romulans slaughter over 4,000 Klingons on an agricultural colony; Worf & Kahlest are two of the few survivors...

Happy Chaos Never Dies Day!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Republican Family Values In The News!

new film adaptation of The Dunwich Horror

The promo looked like it was shot at the last party at the Manor. Hope there's more excitement in the actual film...

Wonkette catches the Post!

Sweet 16

ultra-rare Joy Division movie shot on 8mm in a pub!

Very cool.


Clearly, a man who had run out of Stone Brewery's Arrogant Bastard Ale. An emergency by anyone's definition.

the cutting edge of joy riding

The advent Calendar

Happy Birthday Bram Stoker!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rube Goldberg internet shopping

Lovecraft's The Thing On The Doorstep to be made into a film

"Day Of The Dead" to be remade...

Belgium's Blind Policemen

Richie Valens performs Ooh My Head (a partial video)
Great tune. I fit sounds familair to some of you, it's because it was later coverd by Led Zeppelin and called Boogie With Stu...

Michael Murphey performs Wildfire

a tune that got way too much exposure back in the summer of '75. But I've always liked it. It's a very pretty song and a very visual one, (at least to me). And another tune that seems to fit a November evening. It's going to be a long night at the Manor...

The Cyrkle perfrom Red Rubber Ball

A great song. Written by Paul Simon, (who it's rumored played the calliope on the recording). The Cyrkle had a great sound and should have been bigger. They were the last act managed by Brian Epstein too...

video for Todd Rundgren's tune, We Gotta Get You A Woman
Ha! Cool video! I generally don't post amateur vids, but this one's pretty funny. Probably my fave Rundren song, (although some of the stuff he did with the Nazz was really good), it has that ultra-clean poppy sound he's so well known for. And the lyrics are perfect for any guy who has ever hit a dry spell...

Dave Mason performs We Just Disagree
From the Fall of '77. Strange times.

The Moody Blues perform Nights In White Satin

One of my faves. Perfect song for a November evening.

The Ultimate Beer?

Well, at least the ultimate price and pretentiousness for a beer. I'm unsure if it's a good idea for someone to market themsleves as the brewery that no one with any sense can afford. Between this and their silly copyright threats against anyone who happens to be named Sam Adams, I think these guys are losing their way. Which is fine with me. Here's the REAL beer:

(Thanks for the link, Pete!)

the tallest dog meets the smallest dog...

"For each word you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program"

Pretty neat.

counting down from 100 - the HARD way

the spy bird

And the spy dragonfly:

I thought I'd been losing weight...

the love that dare not speak its name...
And here's his theme song:

beware of falling cows...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Forget the rack, the iron maiden, the hot pokers....

Bring out....THE COOKIES! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Thanks for the story, Pete!)

Almost forgot - Help! is released today!

Essential. Oh, I know it doesn't have the freshness and charm of Hard Day's Night. But the music is stellar, and I still think the plot, the satire, and many of the lines are still funny, (remember kids, the Beatles were doing spoofs of James Bond 30 years BEFORE Austin Powers...). Wonderful stuff. KAAAALLLLLIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And let's not forget the 2nd film by the Pre-fab Four:

The Rubinoos perform Rock'N'Roll Is Dead

One of the great power pop bands. Almost forgotten now...

Julie Brown video for The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun

A little pre-Columbine satire from the queen of novelty tunes.

Jerry Jeff Walker performs Mr. Bojangles

Ignore the inane TV introduction, as well as the fact of how over-exposed this tune was 35 years ago - this is a great ballad by one of our best songwriters.

Dylan promo video for Subterranean Homesick Blues
Classic. One of the first music videos, and still one of the best. The lyrics are where the Weathermen got their name from in '69...

The Online Paper Airplane Museum

Very cool, but the site is still being constructed.

A Plug

My friend Mariela has started a business called Mamai Sling that makes baby slings. Obviously, this is something I know very little about. When she first mentioned it to me I immediately got enthusiastic and started asking her questions on the maximum range and how difficult it might be to find ammunition. After a few tense seconds, she explained what a baby sling really was, (I confess to being just a little disappointed). I tried to get her to expand the business to take into account my own ideas, but you know how conservative these business people can be - always cautious about expanding into new markets, etc. At any rate, I'm sure these baby slings are excellent, (if not as fun as the ones I had in mind), and I hope you'll check out her site for all your infant carrying needs.

Argent perform Hold Your Head Up
Ah, summer of '72. Tooling around the back roads of the Western Slope and listening to this when you could get a radio signal. Rod Argent originally came from the Zombies...

Josie Cotton video for Jimmy Loves Maryann

A painful early 80's video, but I always liked this song, (the original was by the Looking Glass back in '73, another version I love).

"It's My Life" was released on this date in '65.

My fave song by Eric Burdon & The Animals, and an influence on my life. Essential.

(You can tell this is the first time they've ever performed it live, Eric appears nervous and blows several of the lines, actually getting lost at one point).

Happy Sadie Hawkins Day!

One of those days that has several competing dates in which it's celebrated. Have fun, Ladies!

Happy Birthday Jonathan Harris!

Created the Lost In Space character of Dr. Smith. The man you love to hate. A great comedic actor.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Janis performs Move Over

One of my faves. Essential. (I think this is from the old Cavett Show, just before she died).

Pisa loses the title!

I believe there's a law that requires all Americans visiting Italy to have their photo taken in such a way that it appears they're holding up the Leaning Tower.

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

the latest in robot cars

Mr. Fly

Happy Ringing Night!

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Justin Hayward performs Forever Autumn
Beautiful song. November of '78. Many memories...

webstie devoted to rock handbills
There's some great imagery here.

new equipment for the Marines


There's an excellent posting by Infidel753 on visits to the Chimpanzee & Human Communication Institute. I keep thinking that our current definition(s) of intelligence and consciousness are going to evolve to something much more subtle and graded as we become more sophisticated in our examination of other species.

Happy Mischief Night!

Happy Waiting for the Barbarians Day!

Happy Birthday Will Rogers!

Go ask Alice...

Alice went through the Looking Glass on this date in 1871...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

website for I Am Legend film

website for the upcoming film, National Treasure: Book of Secrets

3-D TV on the way?

Happy Birthday Lulu!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Bollywood Promotes Condoms!


X's video for 4th of July
Fantastic song by one of the greatest American rock'n'roll bands - ever. If you don't have at least a few X albums in your rock collection, well, you just aren't collecting...

George performs What Is Life
Saw him perform this at the old Cap Center in 74. One of the finest musical moments in my life. Unbelievable, like being caught in an almost physical wave of sound and emotion. Probably my fave Harrison tune, (there are so many to choose from).

Lulu performs To Sir With Love

One of my fave songs, (from one of my fave films). Lulu still's got it. Wonderful.

(Pete, I'll always regret we didn't get together with Liz and sing this for Ed Thompson back in '77...)

Steppenwolf perform Born To Be Wild
Beyond classic - this is pure Bedrock. Essential. A single song responsible for every motorcycle sale in America over the past 40 years...

M's video for Pop Music

Another tune that's silly and probably a bit dated, but I've always thought it was cute.

Happy National Deviled Egg Day!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Moon Martin & The Ravens perform Bad Case Of Lovin' You
I know Robert Palmer had the hit, but this was originally Martin's song. I saw him around this time - good show. Unfortunately, another artist who never made it...

The Spiral Staircase perform More Today Than Yesterday
a little bit of innocence from the late summer of 69...

Humble Pie perform I Don't Need No Doctor
You're a kid in high school, with one ear always stuck to the radio at night. And suddenly this perfect screech from Hell comes blasting through the airwaves! Steve Marriott was so cool. Their album Rockin' The Fillmore (with Frampton on lead), is as near perfect a hard rock album as I can imagine.

Loudon Wainwright III performs Unrequited

One of the great quirky songwriters of my generation. Loudon's always fun and always interesting. I may be the last person on earth who still enjoys hearing Dead Skunk.

For True Gamesmen - A Big Hand For The Little Lady

I just discovered this minor classic is being released on DVD next week. A wonderful movie centered around a poker game. NOTHING matters but the game. This film captures the spirit of True Gamesmen perfectly. If you were hanging out at the Little Soldier Shop in the late 70's or early 80's, this movie will seem all too familiar.... Essential.

I got a rock...

Hmmm, I must admit that Halloween was a bit of a bust this year, in terms of trick or treaters. Last year we had about sixty; I'd say we had no more than forty this time. Now, one problem is that the houses in our neighborhood are spaced pretty far apart, and about a quarter of them don't participate, (lights are all out, etc.). This makes a "target poor environment" for most kids, I suppose. In addition, only a few of the houses actually decorate for the holiday. So once again, it probably looks kind of barren around here, and the pros probably head for a denser concentration of plunder.
As for the kids who did show up, almost all were escorted by parents, reflecting our overly-protective times. Sometimes the mothers would walk with the kid to the doors, a few times I could swear they were sniffing for any signs of true danger. Wuss nation.
And several of the groups were way too old to still be hobbling about begging for Hershey bars, (I always want to ask the older teenagers "Shouldn't you be learning to drive a car or date, instead?"). The trick or treating also seemed to start later than normal, things really didn't start up until after 7:30, about 90 minutes later than normal. And some groups seemed to ignore coming to the Manor! Linda and I started to feel like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin - how could the children ignore the MOST sincerely decorated Halloween house in the neighborhood?!? It's a sad day when decorations actually scare off trick or treaters. At any rate, I guess it went okay, but not as fun as it had been in previous years.

Eastern Haunters Convention 2008 announced