Friday, December 31, 2010

Ah yes, it's Amateur Night, let the parties begin....

Here's some tunes from the olden days.  See ya tomorrow....

The National Haunters Convention is coming up - May in Pennsylvania

DC Knitting

The article is written by my old workmate, Andrew.  I know that at least a few of you are interested in knitting and yarn, (particularly Linda).

a map of American English dialects in North America


(Thanks for the link, Chris!)

Happy New Year's Eve!

This is probably my least favorite holiday, I confess.  Although I've enjoyed many nice gatherings in its honor, (at the homes of several of you reading this), it just seems a little off to me.  For one thing, the timing is wrong, New Year's should start the day after the Winter's Solstice.  And it's always "amateur night" when it comes to drinkers and drunks.  I stick with the pros, and we're VERY careful on this evening.  Nevertheless, I will say that I do have fond memories from previous celebrations.  And can confidently say that you haven't lived until you've attended the world-famous Bologna Drop in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  Forget about that crystal eyesore in Times Square - Bologna is where it's at!  You've not lived until you've experienced the majesty of a giant slab of processed meat, suspended above your head, descending to the count-down chants of the assembled multitude in sub-zero weather.  It's as close to religion as I dare get.  I will take this opportunity to thank my friends (and Lebanon natives) Rick and Susan for introducing me to this deeply moving ritual, (one which I have attended twice, now).  And I encourage each and every one of you to make the pilgrimage at least once in your lifetime.

Happy Hogmanay!

Happy National Champagne Day!

Yum!  I'm a particular fan of the Widow....

Happy Birthday Burton Cummings!

Happy Birthday George C. Marshall!

Genius.  Patriot.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A nice review of the Hell that is DC

(Thanks for the link, Andrew!)

The iPhone4 controversy!

Tee hee!

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Nightmare Before Christmas sequel coming?

Hope so!

Happy Birthday Jeff Lynne!

I know, ELO and Jeff aren't considered very cool these days.  But I totally disagree.  They had a simple but wonderful musical formula:  Chuck Berry on guitar, and John Lennon on drugs. 

Polar Bears VS Ice Cams

Kinda cute!

(Thanks for the link, Ed!)

Happy Birthday Patti Smith!

One of my all-time fave performers.  Goddess of the Streets.  Genius.  Essential.

Happy Birthday Mike Nesmith!

Happy Birthday Skeeter Davis!

Happy Birthday Davy Jones!

Happy Birthday Tracey Ullman!

Genius.  Great comedienne, and a fun singer.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ipad for kitteh!

(Thanks for the link, Janet!)

Superheroes and the Law

The submarine that took out a train

A neat little footnote to WWII.

Edjumicashun in Ol' Virginny!

When I was growing up here, I'd say that 99% of all the American/Virginia history taught dealt with pre-1866.  Truly.  Anything after their loss in the Civil War was considered too painful and/or beneath notice. 

Happy Birthday Ray Thomas!

Happy Birthday Marianne Faithfull!

Sister Morphine....

Happy Birthday Barbara Steele!

Horror Goddess.

Happy Birthday Mary Tyler Moore!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A room with a view is not necessary.....

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Happy Birthday Alex Chilton!

Power Pop God. 

Happy Birthday Nichelle Nichols!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Our weathermen are often wrong, or simply restating the obvious, as I've pointed out time and again.  It comes down to the fact that after spending literally billions of dollars on studying the weather around here, we're no better off than we were 40 years ago.  When I wake up in the morning, these over-paid frauds still can't tell me whether or not I'll need an umbrella by the late afternoon.  I could have easily  sat back in the swelter of August and told you that on December 26th it would probably be chilly, we might or might not get precipitation; and if we did, it might or might not be snow; and if it were snow, the accumulations might go from a dusting to up to a foot, which is what our weather frauds did - up to and on the 26th.  they are experts in only one area - making excuses for failure.  THAT, they are without peer, (unless you count DC's government, but who does?).

A revolution in digital sound?

If true, and economical, this is very good news.

The Broken Blackberry

Fun stuff!

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

A Mighty Wind, indeed

Once again, the wind is howling outside the Manor like a banshee on steroids.  I'd guesstimate a few gusts at 55mph.  By far the windiest December I've ever experienced here. 

headline of the day

DC Government - doing what it does Best

neat little article on Christmas in psy-ops


No Josh - No Buffy

RIP Teena Marie

Happy Birthday Sydney Greenstreet!

Happy Birthday Marlene Dietrich!

Happy Birthday Mike Pinder!

Happy National Fruitcake Day!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Cheer from GWAR!

The lost message

Rudolph live on in each of us

I Want To Hold Your Hand anniversary!

Released (in the States) on this date in 1963.

Happy Birthday Monterey Pop!

Probably my fave musical film.  Premiered on this date in '68.

Happy National Candy Cane Day!


Happy Birthday Elisha Cook!

Happy Birthday Steverino!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Larry Griswold - Comedy Diver


(Thanks for the link, Rob!)

Happy Birthday to The Exorcist!

Premiered on this date in '73.

Happy Birthday Shane MacGowan!

Happy Birthday Cab Calloway!

Happy Birthday Rod Serling!

Happy Birthday Humphrey Bogart!

Happy National Pumpkin Pie Day!


Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Alert Richard Gere!

A reminder, Kids - you can track Santa through NORAD

Endless pool dives


(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)


fun stuff!

(Thanks for the link, Carol!)

Happy Birthday Fritz Leiber!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl perform Fairytale Of New York

Ah, a final Christmas tune for the seaons - and one of the best, and saddest, ever made.  (and sadder still with the untimely loss of Kirsty...).  Here at the Manor, the wind has picked up, YET AGAIN, and is howling outside at something close to 40mph.  There's a fire going in the fireplace, Linda's finished baking a mountain of cookies, and I'm two bourbons behind where I want to be.  See ya tomorrow.

The 1966 CBS Christmas Ad

Probably one of the classiest ads, ever. 

The world's most expensive compact disc

What's the postage on that?

The toughest pastry chef

Snoring dog; dead pigeon in the garden? Call 999!

World's Smartest Dog?

Pretty neat!

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

RIP Fred Foy

A little something for the Ladies...

Forget about your hi-tech namby pamby electron-molesting MP3 players

Now, THIS IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragon computer speakers

A steampunk Transformer

The human chain

Kind of cute.

Christmas Crap

Always check under the hood...

Bugger Off of Bugarach

Neat concept cars

Mine Furniture

This is so cool!  I love the fireplace!

Neat collection of automatons and Victorian "robots"

The douche bags come back to Capistrano

I'm glad that in the midst of the total collapse of their economy, folks in California can keep their priorities straight and devote local government to important issues like this.

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Wuss America and the latest WMD

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Happy Birthday to The Good The Bad & The Ugly!

Premiered on this date in 1966.  A classic!  Genius.  Essential.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DC Babywear!


The Life & Death Of A Christmas Tree

RIP Steve Landesberg

(Thanks for the notice, Edmund!)

Happy Birthday to The Mummy!

Premiered on this date in 1932.  One of my faves.

Happy Birthday Trinity!

A great satire on spaghetti westerns.  Premiered on this date in 1970.

Happy Birthday James Burke!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You're So Vein....

You probably think this Koran's about you...

White Christmas?

There is now talk amongst the meteorological tea leaf readers that the DC area could get 5-8 inches of snow on Christmas.  If so, (and that's a huge IF), we can expect the usual collapse of civilization that occurs around here.

DC is growing

There's a lot of subtle analysis that can/should be done with this figure.  My main hope is that the trend will continue and it'll take the pressure off of the suburbs and put heavy development back in the city where much of it belongs.

Bad postcards

Holiday Feud,0,7673561.story

Clearly, the Easter Bunny is jealous...

Zombie Love Songs

Best Version of the song Let The Bodies Hit The Floor? You be the judge.

The Original:

The Remake:

Wuss Virginia

Obviously, a major terrorist attack has been averted.  I'm only surprised that the school didn't go into lock down mode for the rest of the month.  We have devolved into the most effete bunch of whiners, petty commissars and spoiled brats.

Happy Birthday to The President's Analyst!

One of my fave movies.  Premiered on this date in '67.

Happy Birthday Frank Zappa!

Happy Birthday Vampira!

Happy National Hamburge Day!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays

Well, my long and convoluted relations with these days continues.  We've got Christmas, Hannukah, New Year's, Boxing Day, Cthulhumas, Yule, Saturnalia, Wren Day, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Halcyon Days, Solstice, and I've undoubtedly missed a few.  Regardless, they are each an excuse to get together with family and friends, remember with fondness those who are no longer around, and maybe be a little gentler with everyone else.  Here are some tunes for the Season.  I know, not too many happy ones here.  Well, tis the Season...

Darlene Love - the ultimate Phil Spector production and song.  Pop Culture Bedrock.

Bruce - a former rarity, originally only released to a few favored DJ's back in '75.  One of my faves.

The Waitresses - a wonderful tune. Sometimes things work out.

Greg Lake - Beautifully forlorn.  Surprised this got any airplay back when it was released (I think it was '75)

Bowie & Bing - A pop gotterdamerung!  The meeting of the superstars of the 30's and the 70's.  Beautiful. 

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - For many of us, reality sharpens at this time of year.

Jethro Tull - another dose of reality.  A very pretty song and one of my faves.

John & Yoko - about as close to a prayer as I get

Bob Rivers - a little satire to round things out.

Happy Birthday Billy Bragg!

Happy Birthday to The Graduate!

Premiered on this date in '67.  Wonderful film.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some beautiful photos of the C&O Canal

Really gorgeous pictures of one of my fave spots in the region.


headline of the day

Hermie! Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Racial intolerance and bigotry is never pretty. 

Happy Birthday Phil Ochs

One of my faves.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Car Break-In, Well, maybe not...

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Worst Music Video, Ever

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Darwin Award Nominee

Please. Lord, don't let him breed....

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

headline of the day

Luke, I am your acorn....

TCM remembers those who've passed away this year in the film industry

Very classy.

Very nice article on how reactive armor works in modern tanks

Man VS Machine?

Hmmmm, I'm not so sure about this.  A lot of these type of contests seem to me to be comparing apples to oranges.  For one think, the nature of Jeopardy isn't just knowledge, but speed at accessing it.  Another is combing that with the speed and coordination to push your hand button before the other contestants can.  The process might not even be in that order - a contestant who felt themselves particularly gifted on a subject might well push the button before truly grasping the question - beating their opponents to the "punch" but gambling that they'll know the answer.  There are also the processes of voice recognition and being able to read the 'question' on the game board.  Without being any kind of computer engineer, I have to think that these processes are handled significantly different when comparing appliances to living beings.  I'd also be curious how one accounts for the distractions each would have, particularly the humans - lights, noises, the pressure of TV competition, having an upset stomach, etc.  Saying that a computer doesn't suffer from these things is a "so what" statement - neither does a hammer.  I'm just not sure what's being stated here, and what's being tested (what the competition is supposed to prove).  A hammer can push nails into a board better than almost any human, and a computer can swing around electronic impulses faster than a human could.  I don't need a game show to tell me that.

Surviving the Big One

The above link was posted on the site of my ol' penpal, Infdel753.  As someone born and raised inside the Beltway, with a serious interest in geopolitics, I always just sort of assumed that I'd die in a thermonuclear blast before I turned 30.  (You cannot imagine my delight and surprise when the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union occurred).  Such thoughts always gravitated to what would happen in DC if a nuclear bomb were to go off - even a small one, and not even "on target" at someplace like the Capitol, the Pentagon, White House, etc.  I'll tell you - absolute and total chaos and breakdown, for days.  The (continuing) talk of evacuation is and always has been ludicrous bordering on outright insane.  As I have said before - every weekday for decades there has been a major simulation of an evacuation of the city - it is called Rush Hour, and we fail it every time.  A flake of snow, a drop of rain, a fender bender on 66 or a broken bus on Route 7 mean near-gridlock.  The idea that an atomic blast won't create a thousand times the inconvenience and effect is silly.  Another thing to keep in mind is that a fair portion of this "test evacuation" relies on buses and subways moving out of the city, and then BACK INTO IT to pick up more people.  Two words:  NO WAY.  The drivers will go as far away as they can, and then abandon their vehicles.  Emergency services within the District barely function now, with everything relatively rosy.  They'll collapse before the mushroom cloud is fully formed.  Nope, it'll be a true mega disaster.  People might as well stay put, because the roads will be totally impassable.  Those who walk will get caught in the radiation cloud that the above article is talking about.  I'm afraid three things are certain - a lot of people are going to die, you'll need an armored bulldozer to get anywhere, and Fairfax County Public Schools will close two hours early. 

RIP Captain Beefheart

A new (to me) zine devoted to horror movies - Mad Scientist

Put the cowcatcher on STUN!

Scotty - we need more power! 

I canna do it, Cap'n, we've run out of coal!  And any faster and we'll jump the tracks!

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Laid Track Beofre.....

Happy Birthday Keith Richards!

Happy Birthday Michael Moorcock!

One of the great fanatasy and sword & sorcery writers.  Creator of Elric.

Happy Birthday Christopher Fry!

My all-time favorite playwright.  Creator of "The Lady's Not For Burning", (which features a wonderfully cynical and morose character named Thomas Mendip....)

Happy Birthday to For A Few Dollars More

My fave spaghetti western. Fun stuff!

Happy Birthday to The Grinch!

Premiered on this date in 1966.  An amazing show, one of my faves.

Friday, December 17, 2010

History Prints

These look cool!

a new collection of horror stories by Frank Belknap Long!

One of my faves.

Lunar Eclipse on the Winter's Solstice

Pretty neat!  Undoubtedly this will signal either the end of the world as we know it, or the dawning of the age of Aquarius.  Pick your tune....

When the UPS driver issues an order - YOU OBEY!

I guess there's just something about a guy in a brown uniform....

Let it Dough!


(Thanks for the link, Carol!)

headline of the day

I'm ready for the egg hunt!

Charity begins at Home...

multi track multi national Christmas tune on youtube!

This is pretty cute, and I think a nice example of how the Internet can be used creatively.

Our Valued Customers

Just discovered this site devoted to the conversations overheard at a comic book shop.

Wuss America

Wow!  What an astonishingly new and sinister process - companies using come-ons to get people to buy their product!  Who'd of thunk it?!?!  And Mommy is forced to repeatedly say "no" to her little snowflakes!!!  Shocking.  What torture!  Gee, I guess this means Cracker Jack can also be sued, and the breakfast cereal companies, and all those different sports and pop culture trading cards (luring you in with a Willie Mays card just to get you to chew on their cardboard-like gum...); and let's not forget all those old roadside diners of my youth who populated their tables with  cute little "think & do" place mats for kids to draw on as you choked down the meatloaf; and all the old Holiday Inns with those stupid vibrator beds that no sane adult would ever use, but which turned kids into quarter feeding junkies that would make a Vegas slot machine addict blanch in shame.  And what about the promotional cartoon drinking glasses that the jam companies would use: sticky sugar mud surrounded by images of the Flinstones?  And the various tiger-oriented toys you could get by nagging your parents into filling their gas tank at Esso stations.  Gosh, it must be tough to be a parent nowadays.  One actually is expected to work at it.  They actually have to say "no", and mean it.  Poor dears.  Now, you sue the company that forces you to be a responsible parent.  What a wuss world we now live in.  Can't say NO to Junior.  Of course, my folks did so effortlessly, but those were the days of iron men and wooden ships, I guess. 

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

And a new style of shark hunting is born!

(Thanks for the link, Jesse!)

Happy Birthday to The Simpsons!

Premiered on this date in 1989.

Happy Birthday to Night of the Demon!

One of my fave horror movies.  A Classic.  Premiered on this date in 1957.

Merry Christmas Paul Rodgers!

Happy Birthday Eddie Kendricks!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A new Firesign Theatre box set to be released!!!

So cool!


Face it dude, you're out of the closet, now. 

The Snowball Blaster Christmas Light Display

Very clever!

The grand mufti during WWII

I link to this article not because it's news, but for the opposite reason - how "not new" it really is.  There was nice historical analysis of the mufti going back over 35 years that I'm aware of, and I don't consider myself particularly scholarly on this aspect of the war.  And that brings me to my point - how much "new" historical data isn't new at all, at least when it comes to WWII.  For twenty years now, TV shows and books have been breathlessly advertising that they've pierced "secret Soviet archives" to present "never before seen" information.  And yet it has been known.  Oh, maybe not in all the gory details, but known nonetheless.  Sometimes I wonder if it's just some historian or TV producer trying to score some quick and easy points in the popular press, and sometimes I wonder if it's just propaganda.  (It's hardly to the disadvantage of the Jerusalem Post to remind people of the close ties that were attempting to be forged between the nazis and various Arabs and Moslems*.)

*One can argue as to how close these ties were or might have been.  But, as I have mentioned in previous postings, the war is full of great complexity.  Arabs in general, as well as Bosnian and Kosovan Moslems were colonized peoples, and a simple wish for independence certainly guided many of their actions, rather than some iron-clad ideological bond.  It should also be pointed out the cynicism and outright hypocrisy of the Germans, who would undoubtedly have themselves colonized many of these lands, (for example - the Egyptian Army was all ready to revolt against the British, given an Axis victory at El Alamein; not knowing that Italy had already been promised Egypt as a colony.  Nasser and his confederates would have been able to deliver Cairo, and then been shot themselves to secure Italy's position.

An oldie but goody: The X-Files Christmas Case


Bitch Stole My Car!

Tee hee!

One home, over easy

Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

Happy Birthday Billy Gibbons!

Happy Birthday Benny Andersson!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cashing In?

This'll be interesting.  My first guess, (remembering that I am totally ignorant on the ways of Vegas) is that the dude could trade the chips in to middlemen for a reduced rate.  And they'd then resell them, to gamblers who'd use 'em. 

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Neil Diamond & Alice Cooper - together at last!

Actually, I'm pretty pleased with these selections.   But I would, not so humbly, suggest the following should also be admitted:
The Shangri-Las
Joe Cocker
The Chiffons
Iggy Pop (Yes, I knw that the Stooges are already In)
The MC5
The Moody Blues
The Association
Phil Ochs
Spanky & Our Gang
Barry White
Leslie Gore
Carole King (as a performing artist)
Jim Croce
Roxy Music
Brian Eno
The Guess Who
The Cars
The J. Geils Band
Peter & Gordon
Seals & Crofts
Petula Clark
Bad Company
The Pointer Sisters
The Jam
Three Dog Night
Blue Oyster Cult
Dick Dale
Brook Benton
The Turtles
The Pogues
Tommy James & The Shondells
The Go Go's
Warren Zevon
Diana Ross (solo)
The Supremes (w/o Diana)
The Marvellettes
Joan Jett
Pat Benatar
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood
Sonny & Cher
The Troggs
Jethro Tull
Harry Nilsson
Jackie DeShannon

One gets so bored with the usual run of boy/girl moon/June pop song lyrics!

I predict #1 with a bullet!

Tis the Season to be Jolly....

The foot mystery

This keeps happening up along that coastline.  What the hell is going on up there?!?

Well, everybody needs a hobby...

The revenge of the Association

It is STILL windy outside the Manor, but not as bad as earlier this week.  The wind was positively howling yesterday afternoon.  It was like a banshee convention.  And now, our weathermen are predicting the possibility of snow.  Regularr readers will know that I consider our local meteorologists to be the most overpaid and equipped hacks in the history of mankind.  They're provided with hours of broadcast time on TV each day, they have mobile units, and aircraft, and satellites, and radar and dozens of data gathering centers and volunteers throughout the region - and they still can't tell me with any certainty in the morning if I'm going to need an umbrella by the late afternoon.  And today we're being told that sometime between Thursday and Monday there's a possibility of one or more precipitation events, which may or may not be snow, and if so, will either be a lot, or very little.  Gee, thanks "Accu"weather!  I can sit here in the middle of a blazing hot August afternoon and make the same prediction, (with the same amount of accuracy) for any given day in DC from mid November to mid March.  BFD.  And I don't need a billion dollars worth of equipment. 

The perfect stocking stuffer for that extra special someone this Holiday Season!

Happy Birthday Dave Clark!

Happy Birthday Young Frankenstein!

Premiered on this date in '74.  Great movie.

Happy Birthday "One, Two, Three"!

One of my fave movies.  Premiered on this date in 1961.

Happy Birthday Alan Freed!

Happy Birthday John Hammond, Sr.!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

headline of the day

nice article on frankincense

One of my favorite incenses.  If you've been to the Manor, you've probably smelled its smoke.

The disaster of digital recording

I see this getting worse and worse.

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

Festivus news


The beginning of Halcyon Days...

The answer, my friend.....

It was VERY windy here at the Manor, last night.  Whole house was rattling at some points, meaning that the gusts were at least 50mph.  Still too dark to see if there's any damage outside, but the roads are going to be a mess with fallen trees, etc. 
Am not sure if it's climate change, or not, but the last three to four years have seemed much windier around here than at any other time in my life.  It's become a real hassle taking down and/or securing outdoor decorations and flags, as it seems like every week there's some new wind storm blowing through. 

Happy Birthday Patty Duke!

Happy Birthday Spike Jones!

Genius.  Essential.

Happy Birthday to I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!

One of my faves.  Premiered on this date in 1988.

Happy Birthday Morey Amsterdam!

Monday, December 13, 2010


(Thanks for the link, Ed!)

I give this new tourist destination a glowing recommendation!

(Thanks for the link, Doug!)

Tradition Must Be Maintained

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

NORAD tracks Santa

Every year, I plug this site.  And I do think it's a cute idea, I just wish they'd upgrade the look.

Happy Birthday Dick Van Dyke!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rail Gun Tested

book review about Jim O'Donovan, the IRA & the nazis

Another interesting footnote to the War.  And another example of the many complexities and shadings that went on.  Almost all of the Allies had colonies and/or national minorities who hoped (sometimes quite stupidly) that a nazi victory would lead to national independence for them.  This would include (some) Irish, Frisians, Walloons, Bretons, Slovaks, Indians, Arabs, and literally dozens of minorities within the Soviet Union.  Ironically enough, if you look at the Waffen SS in 1945, it was at least as internationalist in its makeup as the Allies, combined, (although in much smaller numbers).  The politics gets pretty surreal.

New Liz Phair Album!

Happy Birthday Karl Wagner!

One of my faves, and one of the best sword and sorcery/horror authors, ever.

Happy Birthday to The Wolfman!

Premiered on this date in 1941.

Happy Birthday Edward G. Robinson!

Happy Birthday Dionne Warwick!

Happy Birthday Robin Tyner!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Scuffling back

Just spent a wonderful evening with old and dear friends.  Bedrock - we are talking decades of experiences shared.  The type of get together that is so comfortable that even the silences are like an old shoe, comfortable and warm. We've been through a lot, and one doesn't always need words...
But, like all good things, it's come to an end; it's pissing rain outside now, the fire is dying low, and our ending conversation was of those who were gone or going.  That's a part of growing up, as are these songs.  See ya tomorrow.

Don Kenn Gallery

just discovered this guy - wonderful illustrations!  Very Lovecraftian, with a strong Edward Gorey influence.

Wuss America

It' isn't the donkey who is being a jackass....

Scots, Rejoice!

Happy Birthday to V For Vendetta!

Fun moive!  Premiered on this date in 2005.

Happy Birthday George Mason!

Friday, December 10, 2010

the weirdest Beatles rumor

Ummm, how do I put this:  "No Way"...

Forget prsthetic arms - tentacles are in!,+College+of+Built+Environments&

A Christmas Carol - in the original Klingon

the cutting edge of Christmas spirit

Antikythera Mechanism - In Lego!

That is so cool!

"Yesterday" - the original....

(Thanks for the link, Mark!)

Happy Birthday CBGB'S!

Opened on this date in 1973.  Home of New York Punk.

Happy Birthday Emily Dickinson!

Happy National Lager Day!


Thursday, December 09, 2010

new webcast by Bruce in the works

Mr. Mojo's Christmas

I know that nothing says "Christmas" so much as the music of The Doors....

The release schedule for Dogfish has been posted!

Yum!  Probably my second favorite brewery.

The Ultimate Cooking Show - Thor's Kitchen

I love these guys...

A little Christmas imagery from Charles Addams

laser weapon update

Wuss America

Very nice article on the sordid Operation Paperclip

It's pretty interesting that the Feds continue to deny the obvious and well-documented (to serious historians) plan(s).  Kind of pathetic, too.  What I'd be curious is if the results really justified the crimes.  As I've mentioned in the past, the same efforts were put into preserving various nazi apparatchiks in the intelligence apparatus, in order to spy on and in the Warsaw Pact.  The general view is that all of these guys were virtually worthless.  I'd be curious if all of these German scientists were really all that productive, above and beyond what we and the British were already doing and preparing to do, (and yes, I include von Braun in this question/accusation).  Viewers of the History Channel are of course led to believe that Germany was one vast hi-tech machine, populated by eggheads, while America was stuck in the late Bronze Age.  I don't think so.  Especially by early 1945. 
I'm not qualified to judge, but I'd be curious if anyone has really done hard quantifiable analysis of what the Germans contributed to American technology from 1946 - 1966.  Just asking.  But at times, the whole "German scientist" proposition resembles the "Ancient Astronauts" story - that humans were virtually incapable of developing anything on their own.  That virtually all technology and learning was hand fed our copper age ancestors by benevolent "space brothers".  The same mythos seems to permeate nazi scientists - handing down their wisdom to the poor dolts of Britain and America...

Another French retreat....

Soap Opera = Reality

Forget about the train crash, I keep calling the Coast Guard to rescue those people off of Gilligan's Island!

just think of how many late night TV commercials this is going to spawn!

Ah, brings back memories...

O Tannenbaum

Some cool sundials

Of course, I'd recommend the ultimate timepiece:

The Pyrophone - My next musical instrument!

This is soooo cool!

Neat ad for a new steampunk book
It strikes me that there may be a little bit of a Jack Vance influence in here.  (And that's a good thing).

Neat Tables!

Needless to say, I call dibs on the H.R Giger one....

Tee hee!

The Gerbil Letters

This urban legend has been scampering about, (as it were), for at least 25+ years.  I laughed then, and am still snickering.  The combinations, permutations, testimonials, and denials I find endlessly fascinating.

A brilliant article "Against Mixology"

Here Here!
The only thing I admire about these people and places is that they are brilliant at relieving rich people of their money.  I want a god damned drink, not some fru-fru slurpee mixed by some over-priced snot.  That stuff is for people who are afraid of drink - and will do anything to hide, camouflage and drown it in something else.  Go back to Starbucks, ya wimps.  And, as further proof of the conning of rich dopes, look at what they're promoting - Rye!  If there's anything worse than that swill, I don't want to hear about it, much less put it in my mouth.  Only Canadians drink that crap, and that's because it's the only whiskey grain their climate allows them to grow/distill.  But now it's being pawned off on the swells as some Ooh-La-La concoction!  What a joke.  The stuff is vile.
Still, these places serve a function.  Like I said, they perform a Darwinian service by taking money from people too stupid to deserve it, and they keep the assholes penned up and away from the rest of us. 

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

Happy Anniversary to the a Charlie Brown Christmas!

One of the many contradictions in my life.  I love this show.  One of the best Christmas soundtracks -ever.  Premiered on this date in '65.

Happy Birthday Margaret Hamilton!

Happy Birthday Michael Dorn!

Happy Birthday Joan Armatrading!

Happy Birthday Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.!,_Jr.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A very nice article on The Pretenders

One of my fave bands.  I still remember the first time I heard that debut album.  It had just been released, (1/79), and was being played in a Kemp Mill Records store that I was visiting, looking for anything new and interesting to buy. I was immediately blown away by what I was hearing.   By the time "Stop Your Sobbing" was half way through, I was out the door with my purchase.  It's still a treasured album. 

Wuss America

Sheesh!  First of all, what adult VISITS FUCKING SANTA CLAUS IN THE MALL?  I mean, my last trip was age 5 - and here we have, if I am to believe this article, an "older woman and her husband" sitting in Santa's lap!?!?  THAT'S appropriate, but joking about it isn't???  Good grief!
And, of course, Macy's caves in at the slightest bleating from these ponces.  You'd think they'd have learned from Miracle on 34th Street - don't fire Santa over bullshit. 



Nauru drowns

Actually, this little speck used to be something of a favorite amongst geographers in the late 60's and early 70's.  As the article diplomatically points out, it's entire economy was based on bird shit.  Another thing not pointed out was that for a few years, that made the inhabitants fabulously wealthy.  The per capita income was the highest in the world!  People bought all sorts of junk - most of it unusable on an island with scant power, roads, etc.  It was always known that the good times couldn't last, and I'd heard (second hand) that the plan was to use some of that wealth to just buy a new island.  Apparently, that didn't happen, with predictable results....

Dysfunctional Family Bingo!

Neuroscience and stage magic

Fun stuff!  I'm very interested in reading this book.

The love that dares not speak its name

National Pinball Museum opening in Gtown!

Anniversary of the murder of John Lennon

Happy Birthday Jim Morrison!

Happy Birthday Sinead O'Connor!

Happy Birthday Flip Wilson!

Happy Birthday to The Iceman!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

How to deal with telemarketers

Tee hee!

headline of the day

It's always florida....

I almost never publish anything about florida, because if I started I couldn't stop.  It is BY FAR, the most batshit-crazy state.  Every day it vomits forth more and more of the most bizarre, ugly and insane stories - ever.  But this one is somewhat unique.  I've never heard of a judge ordering the state to spend money helping to disguise a defendant.

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

creepy robot "performer"

I love tools, machines and appliances, and am constantly puzzled and flabbergasted by the need some folks have to make them resemble us.  And is there anything more pathetic than being a background dancer to one of these toys?

RIP The Brickskeller?

Mecca for beer drinkers a local institution.  THE largest beer selection on earth.  Really. 

Rudolph - NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, The Humanity!  So, this is what the war against Christmas has come to! 

(Thanks for the link, Sarah!)

Flag Info

Just discovered this Virginia government site.  It lets you know when/why the flags are at half mast.

Tee Hee!

Sneezing Our Way To Energy Efficiency!

Actually, this is quite fascianting!

(Thanks for the link and title, Dennis!)

Tricking a nazi,7340,L-3995490,00.html
I knew a little of Frank's history, but not the whole story, and had assumed he'd died.  Too bad  that he's essentially escaped justice/revenge.

MTV's Christmas Commercial

Tee hee!

HI-YO, Enterprise!

This sounds neat!

Count Gore is now on Vimeo!

Highlt recommended!  One of my faves.

Happy Birthday Vlad Tepes - Mr. Excitement!

Happy Birthday Allan B. Calhamer!

Creator of the game, Diplomacy.

Happy Birthday Tom Waits!

Happy Birthday Harry Chapin!

Happy Birthday Eli Wallach!

Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Monday, December 06, 2010

more bullshit from Facebook

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

If you're of a certain age, this show may have some resonance with you.  It was really the first animated Christmas TV special, (before Charlie Brown, the Grinch, etc.).  And there's now a book and a blog devoted to it.  As a kid I loved the Despicables song.  In fact most of the music is pretty good, in an early 60's Broadway sort of way. Like I said, I think you have to be a certain age to really understand how fun this was at the time. 

Forget BP - What about the Jiffy Pop spill?!?

Russians VS The Quacker...

Interesting.  I know the the U.S. had all sorts of underwater listening devices scatterd throughout the North Atlantic.  I wonder if this phenomena is related to the signals they might have put out.

new documentary on hitler's family

This could be quite fascinating.  One of the mysteries of those times was exactly what information the nephew possessed that allowed him to successfully blackmail ol' adolf. 

Happy Birthday David Ossman!

Genius.  Essential.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Happy Repeal Day!

Happy Birthday Little Richard!

Happy birthday Alvy Moore!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

A new reprint of Elric stories

Fun stuff!

Happy Birthday Southside!

One of my faves.

Happy National Cookie Day!


Friday, December 03, 2010

Some Christmas Gift Suggestions From eHow

Grand Theft!

Just another day around the District

I believe METRO is no looking into applying this on their escalators...

a little something for parents...

for bacon lovers

new pulbicity photos from Iron Sky production

As I've said before, I'm really looking forward to this film, but am dreading all of the pseudo-hisotrical nonsense and bullshit that's going to follow in its wake on nazi super weapons, etc.  Yea, I'm lookin' at you, History Channel....

The spy school

Another interesting footnote to WWII.  I think several  operations are still classified by the British.

films designed to put you to sleep

I guess The Remains of the Day opened up a whole new genre....

Denver Police prevent The Matrix from starting up.

Thanks the gods!  I nearly choked on my red pill!

The next time I visit Seattle, I'm bringing Kryptonite...

Happy Birthday Ozzy!

Happy National Apple Pie Day!


Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Cornucopia'-surges-through-community-ob10-jpe_3665326

Hunting Season

Besides being an obvious sociopath, he's a wimpy one - who the hell needs a rifle of ANY kind to hunt pigeons?!?  You can kick them around here!

Happy Birthday Jonathan Frid!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

neat USB thumb drives

The Typo

Well, on the one hand, I am amused to see how all the twists and turns of the laws and rulings have gotten us here.  On the other hand, I'd hate to be that judge if a kid gets killed by someone "obeying the law".

Space Plane news

The bottom of the barrel on Youtube!

the royal nazi of Sweden

Long time readers of this blog will know that I feel this is the least of Sweden's WWII image problems.  Despite their denials, Sweden was an active ally of nazi Germany in WWII, contributing "volunteers" to the was machine, the use of its navy, valuable supplies and overland transport of troops.  It is fascinating how Bulgaria, (who contributed very little to the nazi's war effort, much to hitler's chagrin), is always considered an active member of the Axis, but Sweden, who contribulted much more, (along with fellow criminals Spain and Switzerland) is allowed the last of nazism's "big lies" - the peaceful neutral. 

Used aircraft carrier for sale

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

The most boring day in history

Ah, what to do on such a boring day?  My parents had an idea!  (I was born exactly nine months later).

My next car will be built of lungfish teeth

Well, sort of....

The cutting edge of crossing signs


nice photo of Old Town during the Holidays

Happy Birthday John Densmore!

Happy National Pie Day!