Friday, June 25, 2010

The Wussification of America

Pathetic. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of airline/aiport food can tell you that a turtle is the least of your problems when speaking of salmonella and/or poisoning....
It's almost as if the airlines and airports now make more money by delaying flights, than getting in or out of someplace on time. And any excuse will do. Now, we're reduced to quivering pools of jelly at the thought of this kid and her turtle, "Salmonella Mary". Interesting that this turtle is supposed to be capable of wiping out a planeload of people with a couple hours of sitting under a seat. Yet I've heard of no mass slaughter resulting from the hundreds of thousands of people who traipse through pet shops each year, some even going so far as to purchase these armored steeds of death. I myself owned doezens of turtles while growing up, both sliders and box turtles, and yet somehow managed to linger on, despite the apparent predictions of doom from the CDC, (who also predicted that by now we'd all be dead from swine flu). A nation of scaredy-cats....


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