Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A nice little article about Eddie Cochran

I remain a huge fan and am convinced that he was one of the great American rockers who would have continued successfully beyond his early years.

The Woman In Black...

Happy National Hot Dog Day!


The CUTTING Edge of Anglo-French Relations

Clearly, Thor is Cornish

I can see the made-for-TV movie, already

One small step for asshole, one giant leap for ignorance

The Afghan Curse of '39'

Ramtha has a drinking problem

Tee hee!  Superior Being, indeed.....

A nice article on tunnels from military history

Sam's Piano Is For Sale

Happy Birthday to Castle Keep!
Premiered on this date in 1969.  The weirdest war movie that I've ever viewed.

Happy Birthday Charisma Carpenter!

Happy Robert Anton Wilson Day!

Happy National Vanilla Ice Cream Day!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A new article on electronic voice phenomena
A fascinating subject, I am most intrigued by the final paragraph in the article, as that has been my assumption for that past 30 years, or so:  There is a real and currently unexplained phenomena going on, but it seems to be centered on the person(s) present at the recording session. Such would explain why EVP isn't more common, (there must be many thousands of hours of recordings taking place all over the world ever hour, and yet EVP remains confined to those folks specifically searching for it); and that the language spoken is always one that can be understood by the participants.  I'd also note, that over 40 years of research and recordings hasn't really advanced out understanding or communication with these supposed 'dead' folks.  Not much more is known now then in '74 when I first heard about it.

Happy Birthday to The Daily Show!

Premiered on this date in 1996.

Happy Birthday to My Aim Is True!

Elvis Costello's first album, and one of my faves.

Happy Birthday Vaughn Bode!

Happy Birthday George Clinton!

Happy Spooner's Day!

Happy National Rat Catchers Day!

100 Days Until Halloween!

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us Kickstarter Campaign
A plug - I really like these guys, and love their movies.  If you're into Kickstarter-type investing, I suggest that you check this out.

The 'Lucky Villages' of Britain
No losses from either World War.

A nice article about Johnny Appleseed

Happy Birthday Garry Trudeau!

Happy Birthday Kim Fowley!

Happy Birthday Robin Williams!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Ring.....


Fun stuff!

RIP Carl Romney

Like so many others, one of the nearly-unsung people who helped this country monitor/spy on the USSR during the Cold War, and an old acquaintance of my family's.

New John Keel books are out!

Essential for any student of Fortean phenomena.

My fave fashion accessory

The cutting edge of handbags

RIP James Garner

Anniversary of the release of Do Anything You Wanna Do by Eddie & The Hot Rods in 1977

One of my all-time favorite songs.

Anniversary of the 1st appearance of Bowman Body (as a Summer replacement) in 1970

A Virginia Ghost Host of great renown.

Happy Birthday John Lodge!

Happy Birthday Diana Rigg!

Happy Birthday Carlos Santana!

Happy Birthday to Pleasant Dreams by The Ramones!

Released on this date in 1981.  One of my faves.

Happy National Fortune Cookie Day!


Happy International Chess Day!

Happy Moon Day!

That was quite a day!

Happy National Lollipop Day!


Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Happy Sundae Sunday!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Britain's Cannibal Club

Sounds like a later version of the old hellfire clubs.

Forget about bitcoins - here's the ultimate pyramid scheme

Anniversary of UFOs over the White House in 1952

Happy Birthday John Martin!

Great painter.

Beginning of month of Thermidor in French revolutionary calendar

Friday, July 18, 2014

Unlucky Sword...

The Drunkard's Coat Of Arms

An army of the dead....

How to be a 17th century Witch

When Captain America Goes Bad

The Beer Thief

Passive Aggressive Watermelon Murder

Happy Birthday Hunter Thompson!

Happy Birthday Dion DiMucci!

Happy Birthday Red Skelton!

Happy Birthday Martha Reeves!

Happy National Caviar Day!


Happy Nelson Mandela Day!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A nice slam against the scientology fruitcakes

Stewart & Colbert & Star Wars

I'm not a big fan of the series, but this is pretty cool.

Possible outcomes of human cloning

An interesting article.  I am hardly an expert on the techniques involved, etc., but I suspect that the possibility of human cloning may be more than a little ways off.  At least with some folks that I know, there is a big difference between sheep, mice, and humans.  I would also note that the article misses what I consider to be a distinct possibility for the wealthy - cloning as a way to generate organ and tissue implants for replacement in their own bodies.  A (possible) farm for immortality.  I will invite you, gentle reader, to imagine secretive "spas" in places like Switzerland and the Bahamas, where vats containing some sort of cloned beings are kept sedated on life support, and unaware, while pieces are harvested from them to augment their owners/sources. 

The Moving Dead

True Weirdness.

Great Ads & Products from the Victorian Era

A man-eating sand dune?


Ten Stupid Duels

A spiritualist psychiatrist

Interesting little footnote to paranormal research.

Welsh Castles Filmed By Drones

Really beautiful.

I don't think that this is a good idea - it'll get them thinking...

I for one, welcome the stinking paws of our future dirty ape overlords. 

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

It was inevitable

The Reply

(Thanks for the link, Nancy!)

The cutting edge of aquariums

Fascinating article on morphic resonance

RIP Johnny Winter

Happy Birthday Yellow Submarine! (the film)

Premiered on this date in 1968.

Happy Birthday Vince Guaraldi!

Happy Birthday Janes Cagney!

One of my faves.

Happy Wrong Way Corrigan Day!