Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Patti Scialfa!

Happy Birthday Maria Ouspenskaya!

Happy Birthday William Powell!

Happy Birthday Thelma Todd!

Happy Birthday James Warren!

A corrupter of my youth....

Happy National Lasagna Day!


Monday, July 28, 2014

walmart's fake 'ice cream'

By my definition, there's no way that's ice cream, just some chemical glop.

Book Hoarder - Guilty As Charged

I would say that I do try to read every book that I've ever purchased or been given, or at least try to.  At this point, I will give a tome about 50 - 100 pages (depending on it's page count) to catch my attention.  If it hasn't done so by then, I know that it's probably best to pass it along - never throw it away.  But if it is of interest, I almost always keep it, and will often reread it, ten or fifteen years down the road.  

A new article about the moving coffins of Barbados
A great Fortean mystery, and one of the first Fortean situations that I ever discovered/read about as a young teen. 

The most nonchalant sheep of all time

Spider-Man wants his money!

I bet Satan owns an iPhone

The end of the Chesapeak Blue Crab?

If true, this would be a real ecological, culinary and cultural tragedy for the region.

Happy Birthday Phil Proctor!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

'96 Tears' is now official

My commute just got made into a movie

Agent Garbo
A nice article about probably the most successful bit of espionage double crossing in WWII.

My next calculator

A very nice article about the game of Go
I've always considered Go to be in the half dozen or so greatest and most important games ever made.  I am amazed that it didn't become more popular in this country.

Homes & Gardens magazine: The hitler issue
I've never heard of this!

The cutting edge of packing

Record Collectors

Fun stuff!

Strange (to some) collections

I firmly believe that almost every commodity has one or more collectors, at this point.

Cars with propellers

Some of these look so cool!

A documentary about the Seeds!

The oldest song!bmUugo

A (too) short article on lycanthropy

Do-It-Yourself WWI Fighter Plane


The solution to the 'mysterious' dolls

Yea, the initial storyline seemed a bit overly dramatic to me.

Robin Williams meets Koko

Very cute!

A haunted house in York, PA?

Sounds a little dramatic, to me.

Weirdness In A Case


The return of Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell!!!

Fun stuff!

Interesting article about the importance of the obscure battle at Bouvines
The battle led to the Magna Carta.

Happy Birthday Bugs!

Premiered in Wild Hare on this date in 1940.

Happy National Parents Day!

Happy Birthday Gary Gygax!

Happy National Scotch Day!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

MST3K Cocktails

I put this link here purely for educational purposes.  most of these concoctions sounds vomitous to me

The last European headhunters?

600 years of slang terms for sex

Happy Birthday to the Friendship Firehouse of Alexandria!

In my old stomping grounds of Old Town...

Happy National Bagelfest Day!


Happy Birthday Carl Jung!

Happy Birthday Kate Beckinsale!

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger!

Happy Birthday Darlene Love!

Happy Birthday Gracie Allen!

Genius.  Essential.

Happy National All Or Nothing Day!

Happy National Aunt & Uncle Day!

Happy National Day of the Cowboy!

Friday, July 25, 2014

It's nice to be Loved....

Interesting that a goon who is (supposedly) against reactionary authoritarians is so willing to behave like one...

Chinese Toads

Color photos from WWI

Rare - I've not seen these before at all!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

A small broadcast about the nazi weather station in Canada

A tiny footnote to the War.

Some hair tips for the Ladies...

Groucho and The Exorcist

A little bit of Marxian trivia.

The Dolls...

I'm not sure that I'd use the word "creepy", yet.  But it is pretty odd...

Dylan Goes Electric!

It occurred on this date in 1965 at Newport.

Happy Birthday Walter Brennan!

Happy Birthday Henry Knox!

A great Patriot.

Happy National Culinarians Day!

Happy National Merry Go Round Day!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Headline of the day

if you're a sexist asshole and accessory to rape you're allowed to retire on full pension

I am so glad that I live in the U.S., as opposed to some third world pest hole like Montana.....

Happy Birthday to Radio Free Oz!

Premiered on this date in 1966.  A precursor to the Firesign Theatre.

Happy Birthday Summer Glau!

Happy Birthday Amelia Earhart!

Happy Birthday Lord Dunsany!

Happy Cousins Day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A nice little article about Eddie Cochran

I remain a huge fan and am convinced that he was one of the great American rockers who would have continued successfully beyond his early years.

The Woman In Black...

Happy National Hot Dog Day!


The CUTTING Edge of Anglo-French Relations

Clearly, Thor is Cornish

I can see the made-for-TV movie, already

One small step for asshole, one giant leap for ignorance

The Afghan Curse of '39'

Ramtha has a drinking problem

Tee hee!  Superior Being, indeed.....

A nice article on tunnels from military history

Sam's Piano Is For Sale

Happy Birthday to Castle Keep!
Premiered on this date in 1969.  The weirdest war movie that I've ever viewed.

Happy Birthday Charisma Carpenter!

Happy Robert Anton Wilson Day!

Happy National Vanilla Ice Cream Day!