Saturday, March 31, 2007

Great Moments in Judicial Rulings

Well, I'm glad we've gotten that straightened out.

(thanks for the link, Nancy!)

Save Internet Radio!

Poisoned Pooch Paranoia

The current dog food holocaust got me to thinking. One bit of fallout from our cicada explosion a few years ago was that we got some rats in the Back 40 here at the Manor. I went down to an exterminator shop in Alexandria and picked up a pound or two of rat poison, and in a week or so the problem was resolved. Imagine my surprise to find that I could have saved time and money by hopping up to 7/11 and just purchasing some puppy chow!
Another thing that I find curious is that this little cocktail of death is found in, at last count, FIVE THOUSAND brands of dog and cat food, (in today's Post there's even a vague hint that it may be in HUMAN food!). Why am I reminded of my cynicism regarding such things as bottled water, military recruiters' promises, and North Korean press releases? I just think that somewhere near a place like De Kalb or Terre Haute there's this huge stadium-sized vat, fed mountains of goo by tractor trailers. After a sufficient amount of mixing, the resulting sludge is siphoned off through spigots the size of fire hydrants, to various canning and labelling lines. It's all the same crap, just different labels put on it. For the driven uber-achiever dog owners, it's called something like "Formula 14"; the New Age-y types get "Puppy Bliss", while the average family dog is fed "Fluffy Snacks with Cheese!". And we get soy burgers and rice cakes. It makes you wonder...


Friday, March 30, 2007

Gifford's Ice Cream!

When are they coming back to NoVa???? I'm hungry!

Quay Lude & the Tubes perform White Punks On Dope
Rock+Cabaret+Drugs+Noise+the Marx Brothers+Decadence+the Kitchen Sink. That was the Tubes. Their shows in the 70's were amazing.

Pentagram - Sign Of The Wolf

DC's legendary Black Metal Avatars. I always regret never catching them in concert - am told they were awesome.

Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him
Wonderful song. Captures the bitterness nicely.

The Temps - I'm Losing You


Sign of the End Times?
I thought it was supposed to be a rain of blood from Above, not a spray of blood from Below. Let's get with it people, we are waaay off script!

Yahoo group devoted to the old Colgems label
They include some MP3's in their files!

Son of Dracula available online!

A great big mess of rock'n'roll film history. Ringo, Nilsson, Keith Moon are in it. Wonderful music; horrible sound track quality, muddy filming, inane direction and plodding dialogue. Roger, Margrete and I went to see it at a midnight showing at the old Foxchase Theater and it was undoubtedly the most drunkenly/stoned/tripping and violent movie audience I've ever been a part of. And I don't know why. But the whole night had a feeling we were about six seconds away from a riot.

some neat billboards

robot lanterns and urns

Soylent Green Robot!!!

For True Gamesmen: Mobius Chess

nice expose of nazi antarctic base tales

and another German tidbit:

Keeps On Ticking!

the story of Princess Caraboo

the army's flying sacuers
If the video is true, it looks pretty lame to me...

Happy Birthday God!

Happy Birthday John Astin!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

nice article on Internet "radio"

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

a nice video compilation of the Beatles & I Want To Hold Your Hand
You were either around for it, or you weren't. You either understand it, or you never will. There is a little corner of space & time for many folks my age; we were young and we were naive and we were innocent and we were hopeful and we were happy. And every time I hear this tune or several others like it, I am reminded of that for a few moments. And now, back to Nine Inch Nails...

Stevie Wonder performs Ma Cherie Amour
Neat! Probably my fave song by him, (though Fingertips is a close second...).

"floating pyramids"
The article only touches on what I find most interesting about this little scheme - it will add to the various schemes/attempts/dreams/scams to create independent mini-countries and so-called micro-states. I'm sure a quick look through Google can provide a whole bunch of info on this topic that I've always been amused by and interested in. The Melchizedek Dominion Lives!

Happy Birthday Eric Idle!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

my next pair of sandals...

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Giant Child Molesting Robots Threaten Las Vegas!,,2044698,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=1

Gnome Kidnapper Caught!

Saturn's hexagonal anamoly

the dragon...

the snowboarder


(Thanks for the link, Rob!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Cool Photoshop Galleries!

(Thanks for the link, Infidel753!)

Happy Kite Flying Day!

Monday, March 26, 2007




THE Mouse From Hell....

the cutting edge of smuggling

Happy Birthday Diana Ross!

Happy Birthday Spock!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ziggy Stardust & Sister Morphine sing I Got You Babe

It doesn't get any stranger than this...

Joy Division performs Dead Souls
The chant of the Darkness. To paraphrase that great philosophe, Hassan-i-Sabbah - nothing matters...

sad anniversary

A case over thirty years old. Still one of the greatest myteries in the DC area. Very frightening, and very frustrating. I think one of the things about this, besides the obvious tragedy, is the peculiarity of "the secret". There are really very few secrets over the long run. Oh, there are many things hidden, and many others that are obscure; but usually they come out, sooner or later. People talk, or dedicated investigators/researchers/iconoclasts/hobbyists discover and expose them. The exceptions to this are almost always because no one cares about the subject to put the effort in. But the Lyon sisters are one of the great exceptions to this, the media coverage was extensive, even pervasive, and it's obvious that a lot people DID care. And yet the secret continues...

Happy Birthday to the Jesus of Cool!

Happy Birthday Elton!

Happy Birthday to the Queen!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Nigerian Scam, Monty Python, & The Dead Parrot Sketch...


Iggy performs Louie Louie

A top contender for the National Anthem...

The Foundations - Baby, Now That I've Found You
Karen and I were talking about these guys the other day. An amazing and under-rated band. Oh, they had a couple of hits, but just listen to their albums - there's no filler, there's not a weak cut on 'em. Really good two-tone Soul from Britain.

Marshall Crenshaw performs Mary Anne
A master of power pop, one of the finest songwriters of his generation. One of the last great composers of songs for AM radio. In a Just universe, he'd be a superstar.

ELO - Roll Over Beethoven!


Nick Lowe - I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock'N'Roll

Linda's and my wedding song....(Thank you Kendall and the Manly Men!)

Bowie - Changes

It was this very night that Rick, my future brother in law, had a birthday party up at Skyline in '74. I seem to remember this song playing then. I remember several things from that night, none of which I totally trust. But the fragments are vivid, even if untrue. An amazing party. Why no one died that evening is a matter for the gods to decide. Edmund and I shared some very good cigars with the doorman of the penthouse, though.

cute "robots"

What's your vampire name?

Buried Alive On Gibraltar

A strange little footnote to WWII.

Happy Birthday Houdini!

Friday, March 23, 2007

new book of Lovecraft inspired art

The San Juan Mountains, John Wayne, and True Grit
I've been in love with the San Juan range since I was a kid, and was thrilled when they filmed True Grit there, (one of my fave Westerns). Linda and I have been through and around Ridgway many times and eaten at the True Grit Cafe at least on three or four occasions; it's a lovely village. I consider the whole area a second home and am as comfortable on the streets of Durango, Dolores, Telluride, Ouray, Silverton and the rest as I would be in Old Town or DC. It's just so beautiful there; the film here only conveys a small part of it.
The heart of the region is Lizard Head Pass, and that is where my ashes will be scattered when the time comes.

Buffy Sainte-Marie - Universal Soldier

Another classic...

Jimi at Monterey - Wild Thing

Classic. Essential.

Nils Lofgren & Grin - Moontears!

DC in the early 70's...

The Hollies - Carrie Anne
Strange little film. But a wonderful power pop tune. Spring of '67. WPGC. Cousin Duffy...

Is It Blocked In China?

Neat test of the Great Firewall. Interesting how a billion people are afraid of a website...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lee & Nancy - Some Velvet Morning


a nice amateur trailer for Harold & Maude

A nice effort on a film I consider an influence on my life. If you've not seen it, let me know and we'll have a video night over at the Manor. Essential.

The Guess Who - No Time

Lulu - To Sir With Love

A cut from one of my fave movies. How innocent we all were!

Johnny Burnette - Lonesome Train!


more on DARPA's attempts to improve the troops with computers

Sex With The Deerly Departed...

Happy Birthday Colonel Klink!

Happy Birthday Captain Kirk!

Happy Birthday Chico!

Warren Zevon reissues on the way!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Carolyne Mas - Still Sane, and other tunes

No one was happier than I with the explosion of Punk Rock in the mid to late 70's. But like the British Invasion a decade earlier, it also overshadowed a lot of good music and caused the rock press and media to ignore performers and genres of music that didn't fit the new vibe. With the Brits it was Surf Rock, Doo Wop, Girl Groups and Rockabilly that took the hit. In the late 70's it was something that's occasionally been albelled Blue Collar Rock, though I'm not sure that's a particularly helpful or descriptive name. It almost all came out of the urban centers found in a triangle formed in the Northeast from Boston down to Richmond and across to Pittsburgh, (or maybe Detroit). It was the American equivalent of the British Pub Rock movement taking place at the same time, with an emphasis on a "back-to-basics" approach and a deep appreciation for American rock and R&B. Some of the practioners rode out the whole punk/new wave quite successfully, (Bob Seger and Bruce being the prime examples); but so many others got lost in the shuffle. Ellen Foley, Flame, John Cafferty, the Iron City Houserockers, John Eddie, Ellen Shipley, Edge City, Southside Johnny and Billy Price never made it beyond cult status, and that's too bad, because I really thought all of 'em were great and deserved better. And Carolyne Mas was one of my faves. She came from Jersey, (of course), and her first two albums in particular were great examples of American rock/pop. I caught her first tour at the old Bayou and she was wonderful! She still records occasionally, but let's face it, her time for any type of mass exposure has passed. At any rate, here's a nice sampling.

Tina - Proud Mary
Goddess from Nutbush...

The Who perform Baba O'Riley

The Firesign Theatre prepares us for Alien Invasion!

neat little article on the use of pigeons in WWII

The 40 Million Year Old Virgin

the cutting edge of "First Class" seating...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

THE cutting edge of consumerism...
I believe we have found this century's version of the Pet Rock. Gentlemen, I congratulate you...

the cutting edge of musical scores

Happy Birthday Carl Reiner!

It's Alive...

Just got our computer back from being repaired. Am still configuring stuff and trying to find out if everything is working properly, (and forging through about a thousand emails...).

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

Happy Birthday Douglas Adams

Happy Birthday James Taylor!

Happy Penny Loaf Day!

Happy Birthday Agent 99!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Some soft infested summer...

Probably my favorite song by my favorite artist. I had the pleasure of attending this show, (as close to a religious experience as this old atheist will ever experience). This is the second best performance of Backstreets that I'm aware of, (the best was done during this tour at the Roxy in LA). The additional lyrics were later crafted as their own tune, Sad Eyes, that appeared on The River album*, but it just ain't the same. What a performance - in a concert that was full of them! I have to believe this is based on a true experience, one that occurred in his late teens or early twenties. There's just no way he could have made it up. No way. It happened. That age - that's the time when it's all new, and it all matters, and it's all important, and it's all true, and it's all timeless. It's when the vows and sacrifices say it all and mean it all. And Backstreets captures that, (and if you don't know what I'm talking about, I pity you). We learn from our losses, I suppose, but each takes a bit from us as payment. Bruce expresses that here. I gotta get another bourbon, see you on the Backstreets...

*And the nod towards Manfred Mann's Pretty Flamingo in the song is a real bonus - a great song, and a quiet smile towards them covering, and having a hit with, Bruce's song, Blinded By The Light. Circles within circles...

Graham Parker - Fool's Gold

Another sadly under-appreciated rocker. Pub rock never made it to these shores the way it should have. Too many great people and songs lost in the shuffle.

Curtis Mayfield - Keep On Keeping On


The Doors perform Alabama Song/The Wasp/Love Me Two Times

I believe this was a performance for Danish TV.

I'm Klingon - And I Vote!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Glenn Campbell - Wichita Lineman

Hard to believe now, perhaps, but Campbell was considered one of THE top session men in LA and an up and coming pop/country superstar. This is my favorite song by him, written by the great Jimmy Webb, (who wrote many of Glenn's hits). This is another tune from '69, (if my remaining brain cells haven't failed me), and it really rings true to me - capturing the stark loneliness of Kansas, the plains, and the West in general. But its real greatness, to me, lies in its ability to subtly capture the quiet stoicism and needs of so many of the people who lived out West when I was a kid, regardless of their occupation or exact location. To me, the song speaks of people in places where you can see tens or even hundreds of square miles around you, where the work is never quite done, and where one's needs and perspective can be quite simple and direct. It always reminds me of my Uncle Harry, (who lived in Colorado), in some profound but underneath-the-radar way that I've not entirely figured out. But when I hear it, I am always treated to memories of him working around his place in the hot and lengthening shadows of a mid-summer late afternoon, tending to his horses and his garden. Harry and all of that are gone now, like so much else from those times, but Wichita Lineman keeps a little spark of that alive for me.

Fifth Dimension - Wedding Bell Blues

Nice harmonies and song, (written by the late great Laura Nyro). Another example of a rather sweet song becoming a hit amidst the cultural sturm und drang of the late 60's. (And yes, Billy DID end up marrying Marilyn!)

The Five Americans - Western Union

Another under-rated band that I always enjoyed. Their other hit, Sound Of Love, is one of my faves - it could've been an Everly Brothers hit...

The First Class - Beach Baby

Another guilty pleasure. Light power pop from the summer of '74. Ubiquitous pop vocalist Tony Burrows probably sang the lead on the recording (I don't think that's him in this performance), although even that is in dispute amongst bubblegum scholars. At any rate, I always enjoyed the pseudo Brian Wilson production and innocence of this tune, (which is ironic, given my apathy towards beach culture in general...).

The Ruttles - Piggy In The Middle


neat tanks!

new book on Conan being released

life in DC - The Idiotarod

RIP Bill Chinnock

Frozen Dead Guy Days Begin!

Happy Birthday John Cale!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Carole King - Locomotion

One of my fave songs as a kid. The hammering drums at the beginning of the original recording (by Carole's babysitter - Little Eva), are classic, and were later lifted by Bruce to open Born To Run.
That's her daughter, Louise Goffin, on backup vocals, and Slash on lead guitar.

Ronnie & Brian Wilson sing I Can Hear Music!

I know, they're older, and it's a little ragged. Well, so are we...

Jack Scott - The Way I Walk

Classic. Essential.

X-Ray Spex - Oh Bondage, Up Yours!

Nice angry little band. '79 was a good time to be angry...

Bob Marley - Redemption Song

My fave reggae song. I'm always moved by this, and it puts Marley right up there with folks like the great Curtis Mayfield in being able to fuse the spiritual and political. A really beautiful song.

"I'm delighted you've survived another night..." - My Kind of Alarm Clock!

The Navy's new Vomit Beam Weapon

This is a good example of the silliness going on in Defense Procurements: I can see a possible use of this for law enforcement, or Army occupation troops; but what's this got to do with the Navy and its assigned role in defense?

new Israeli hunter/killer robot

Great video interview with Jim Vance and Gordon Peterson

Essential for all you DC folks. A wonderful interview with two local legends talking about themselves, their jobs, and some of the folks they've worked with, including Warner Wolf, Sonny Jurgenson, Willard, Max Robinson, and the late, great, and much missed Glenn Brenner, (who I want to write about some day soon).

Duke Ellington Makes A Record

Very cool!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Chad Vader!!!!

This is great!!! For anyone who is, or is not, a fan of Star Wars.

Happy Birthday Skipper!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tee Hee!

The 5 Stairsteps - Ooh Child

And yet another fave. Summer of '70, canoeing on the C&O, picking up a copy of the Quicksilver Times in Gtown on the way back home, buying 45's at Giant Music up on Columbia Pike, playing Diplomacy and studying the I Ching. Fun stuff...

The Friends Of Distinction - Love Or Let Me Be Lonely

Always liked this tune...

the mother of invention...

Godless Dollars

more on Internet radio

the end of Internet radio?

Well, if true, that will be that: the end of pop culture. Thank goodness I got to grow up at a time before that happened. Have fun listening to corporate disco and ghetto nursery rhymes...

I Knew It! Jesus is a Dewar's man!

"Jesus drank wine because he didn't have Dewar's..."

(Thanks for the head's up on this, Peter!)

I guess they use the technical term, "Wee-wee", in New York?

for all you Germans...


NPR talks about Archie McPhee!

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

The Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life

Great tune...

Ellen Foley - We Belong To The Night

Another one that should have been a hit. Great pseudo-Spector production. Ellen's first solo album was wonderful - and ignored. She was also a fabulous backup singer. That's her on the album version of Paradise By The Dashboard Light with Meatloaf and also on Ian Hunter's We Gotta Get Out Of Here, (seen here: )

Dave Clark Five - Catch Us If You Can

I know the DC5 have some fanatical fans; I tend to view them as second tier British Invasion, but this song is great power pop.

Badfinger - No Matter What You Do

Such a cool band and song.

Happy Birthday Willard Scott!

A local boy who made good. A genuinely nice guy. One of the legendary Joy Boys, (along with Ed Walker) - back when radio was cool.

I'm Back, (maybe)...

Well, got my computer back, but there have been all sorts of problems with re-installing Office Pro; and that seems to have caused a variety of other problems, inlcuding not being able to log into the Blogger Dashboard (which I don't understand at all). But I downloaded Firefox to use as an Internet browser, and that seems to have done the trick for now.

As for news, there isn't much, though Linda and I went to see Lesley Gore in concert last weekend out at the McLean Community Center, (thanks for letting us know about it, Erik!). It was great! She's sounding and looking good; performed most of her hits, including my favorite - California Nights. Very cool.