Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Passive Aggressive notes

(Thanks for the link, Carol!)

The cutting edge of earache treatments

The return of the air-raid shelter

Some scams just never grow old...

Drive-Thru Sex

Wertham's papers available

A crackpot. But I'm looking forward to someone doing a comic book based on his life/papers!

Troll Hunter!

Did they look under a bridge?

The pilgrimage to Monty Python's castle

The House Call

Asian Carp

Strange behavior...

The end of the printed OED

I always wanted a set, this is kind of sad to me...

(Thanks for the link, Carol!)

The Bell Pepper of Cthulhu!!!

Ia! Ia! Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

RIP Charles S. Roberts,0,1072832.story

Founder of Avalon Hill. A giant in the wargaming hobby.

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

just another day in DC

Our Finest.

Nice listing of online goth shops

my kind of cupcakes....

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & Cthulhu Con coming up!

I envy you folks near L.A. and Portland....

Happy Birthday Van Morrison!

Happy Birthday Glenn Tilbrook!

Happy Birthday James Coburn!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Frankenstein Monster!

This man clearly needs an attorney. And I know just the man....

More on the total wussiness of Minnesota policemen

Judging by the photos, I'm surprised the cops could push themselves away from the donut shop counter to go out an arrest these dangerous zombies. Bullies, and like most bullies - total pussies.

Vagina Tree Hoax?

I've been living a lie....


don't give birth in Sicily

The cutting edge of cold cream testing

I plan on testing the newest toothpaste by introducing cholera into the mix and testing for that!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Gilbert O'Sullivan performing Get Down

Was a hit right around this time in '73. Perhaps the only Top 40 hit devoted to beastiality....

fanvid for Gene Chandler performing Groovy Situation

A beautiful example of early 70's summertime light soul. Great song.

God, Jack & Ginger perform Sunshine Of Your Love


Elton performs Saturday Night's Alright For Fightin'

An absurd venue for such a tune; but a classic performance. A wonderful reminder of the Winter/Spring of '74. A time of great friends, horrible wine, and even worse choices. But Nietzsche was right, that which does not kill us makes us stronger, (well, for the survivors....)

Tal Bachman's video for She's So High

Love this song.

Trains video for Drops of Jupiter

Neat tune.

The 50 Greatest Movie Trailers Of All Time ((maybe...))

I'm not familiar with all of these. I would have definetly added the trailers to A Hard Day's Night, The Exorcist, and perhaps Harold & Maude.

(Thanks for the link, Chip!)

The Futurist

Tee hee!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Shakespeare - in the original Klingon....

for office work

Hazy Dave

I always wondered who Bruce was referring to in that song...

Happy Birthday Lewis Black!

Happy Birthday Frank Conniff!

Happy Birthday John Phillips!

Happy Birthday Joan Blondell!

One of my faves.

Happy Birthday Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley!

The Real Bride of Frnakenstein....

Happy National Toasted Marshmallow Day!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

New book out on destroyer escorts during WWII

An under-reported aspect to the war.

future "car" from Fiat?

Circuit Board Art

And then there were Five...

On this date in 1958, George Harrison joined the Quarrymen.

Happy Birthday Elliott Gould!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eno's video for King's Lead Hat

Fun stuff!

The Groovie Ghoulies perform (She's My) Vampire Girl

Fun stuff!

Patti Smith performs Because The Night

One of my fave performers and songs.

fanvid for Nite City

A Ray Manzarek project after his solo work went nowhere. Always liked this band. Very good live show, too.

The Monkees video for Daily Nightly

Always loved this song.

The Soft Boys performs Only the Stones Remain

Pretty intimate little show, there. One of the great British neo-psychedelic bands.

restored version of Metropolis due in November!

Excellent news!

THE ultimate GPS...


I do hope there's room for another Arc on the Champs-Elysées!

Apparently, Monty Python now controls the British Government

It seems that the ruling is based on a combination of two different Python routines from the Holy Grail - the Black Knight, and "Bring Out Your Dead". I assume the wise councilors involved in this decision acquired their rank from strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords...

lamest headline, (and apparently, marriage) of all time

A new ghost for the ghost train....

new movie - aerial octopus VS teens in an airplane

So stupid...I gotta see this!

Happy Birthday Animal Crackers!

Premiered on this date in 1930. Great movie.

Happy Birthday Jack Vance!

One of my faves. Perhaps the greatest living writer of Fantasy fiction.

Happy Birthday J.S. LeFanu

One of the great gothic writers.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Fall-like day here at the Manor

A time of changes, some of you younger readers are already back in school, the leaves on some of the drier patches of trees are already starting to turn a light brown here, and those relationships and aspects of Summer are fading as I type. Hexagram 38. A few tunes:

Chad & Jeremy

Steely Dan

Fleetwood Mac

Joan Armatrading

Holly & The Italians

Dave Edmunds

See ya tomorrow...

Paul Westerberg's video for Dyslexic Heart

Paul is so under-rated. Should've been bigger.

fanvid for The Rain Parade performing This Can't Be Today

A wonderful neo-psychedelic band that almost no one outside of the record store subculture ever heard of. Pity, they were great.

fanvid for Catfish Hodge performing Boogie Man

A classic from the mid 70's. Hodge was regular feature in the DC clubs, and i had many pleasant evenings attending his performances. Fun stuff!

The way all us record collectors should go out....

This is tempting...

(Thanks for the link, Kevin!)

Great list of sites devoted to Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I don't consider myself a super-geek on this series, but it is one of my faves.

Underground Homes

Kinda cute...

That Old Time Religion's+Going+On+At+Uproxx)

Airline ticket codes

I had no idea, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Clearing house of hacked passwords


The 1-Bit Symphony

Interesting placement of buttons

Presumably, there are a variety of push buttons next to the public address system controls on planes. My suggestion is that the one for "We will now begin serving lunch" NOT be placed next to the one for "You are all about to fucking DIE!".

The Viking Menace!

Whiskey In The Jar

Sniffing Robots

Happy Meals

Electricity from the air!

Pretty neat, reminds me a bit of Tesla...

The Horserace & The Husband's Dilemma

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bruce. The Promise. November 16th.

Revenge of the Cat!
(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

We're gonna need a smaller boat

If it's used in the District there'll be an overload to the circuits

Marion Barry alone would use up several gigabytes of data....

Rotten Apple

I guess there's some sort of hi-tech competition going on nowadays as to who can be the most evil and sinister - Apple, Google, Verizon, MS, etc.

The Danish Rabbit Hopping Championships

You know what they say - The thrill of victory - The agony of da feet....

The Most Intense Owl

Hay Baling

It is getting difficult to tell where The Onion stops, and the real world begins

Russian "Numbers Station" Changes Its Recording

I've always found these type of stations mildly intriguing.

RIP Marcel Albert

A pretty extraordinary story from the War. I'm going to have to learn more about this air unit, as I was unaware of them until very recently.

Psychic Vagina Tree

Probably the first and only time you'll ever see that entry title....

Dry Water?

nice article on William Castle

I'm a total sucker for cheesy tricks like this!

New book out on Charlie Chan

This sounds pretty interesting, actually.

textbook psychopath...

Kermit Returns Home


Happy Birthday Shirley Manson!

Happy National Dog Day!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Harry Chapin performs W-O-L-D

Great song. I always wanted to be an underground radio DJ. Really. Back when there was an underground, and radio....

fanvid for Mary Wells performing You Beat Me To The Punch

Great song and artist. Mary is almost forgotten now, unfortunately. She was wonderful.

Bananarama performs I Heard A Rumor

Light, but Fun.

Funkadelic performs One Nation Under A Groove

So cool....

Dick Dale's video for Nitro

Master of the surf guitar....

How To Summon A Shuggoth

As I've always suspected....

PG County - doing what they do best

A light Summer's morning....

This tune is by an American group called the Jam, (not the British group - who are also excellent). It was apparently released in the early 70's, got nowhere, and remains one of the greatest (lost) power pop tunes of all time. I just can't believe how great this song is, and how unknown it and its performers are.

Top 10 Rants by The Kid From Brooklyn

Tee Hee!

One less fraud....

Anniversary of the release of Born To Run

On this date in '75...

Happy Birthday Elvis Costello!

Genius. Essential.

Happy Birthday Lord Dunsany!,_18th_Baron_of_Dunsany

One of my fave writers. Genius.

Happy Birthday Tim Burton!

Happy Birthday Sean Connery!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

fanvid for The Soft Boys performing I Wanna Destroy You

Probably my fave song by Robyn and the Boys. British neo-psychedelic mayhem. Beautiful. Am off to dance with the Green Fairy. See ya tomorrow....

Millie performs My Boy Lollipop

A guilty pleasure. I believe this was the first hit for a Jamaican outside of that country.

Alice Cooper performs Under My Wheels

Love it....

Eddie & The Hot Rods cover Gloria

One of my fave bands. Placed perfectly mdiway between pub and punk rock. Helped get me through '77.

Blondie performs Hanging On The Telephone

Great song from a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away....

The first kiss of Autumn

It was overcast and about 70 degrees today. The first day of Fall-like weather we've had. Oh, I know that there are plenty of hot days left - probably for another month. But this is the first hint of Summer's ending that we've had....

The Military and Second Life

I'm not quite sure what to make of this. Will have to think about it....

Anniversary of the Battle of Bladensburg

Probably the worst battle America has ever fought. Interesting that it was in defense of DC...

Happy Birthday Niagra!

Anti-Zombie feature in the new Prius

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Dogfish is releasing its Punkin Ale on 9/1...


Monday, August 23, 2010

working out

Stupid. Everyone knows that a dry riesling is the preferred drink for workouts....

The Creatures cover Wild Thing

An acquired taste, admittedly; but I've always liked this.

The Cramps performing Green Fuzz

One of the greatest rock bands performing one of the greatest rock songs.

Cannibal & The Headhunters perform Land Of 1000 Dances

Love it! This is one of those songs absolutely made for hearing on a little AM transistor radio.

Dionne performs Walk On By


Jackie Wilson performs Higher & Higher

One of my faves.

Joe Cocker performs Delta Lady

Classic Leon Russell song.

ELO performs Roll Over Beethoven

Fun stuff!

China - Doing What It Does Best

Stock up on batteries....

RIP Bill Millin

Quite a story, and quite a guy.

The Commonwealth Quest

An interesting little geography game/hobby. Can't do it myself, of course. About a quarter of these counties would shoot a guy like me on sight...

Zombie Rights, Preserved!

The continuing wussification of America - where cops think boom boxes are WMD, and "zombies" are terrorists. Fucking pathetic. The police are Minneapolis are gonna have a heart attack when they see the streets full of "terrorists" this Halloween....

Johnnie Walker Blue

I was able to try a glass of this last weekend. Wow! Fantastic! One of the smoothest tastes I've ever had. Wonderful aroma and flavor. Yes, it worth every penny.

(Thanks for the drink, Warren and Mary!)

The traffic jam

Wow! This is almost as bad as Route 7 at Baileys Crossroads!

Star Wars as a silent movie

I love this stuff! The first presentation here is my favorite.

new book on British bomb disposal units during the War

A dear old friend of my family's served in this capacity during the War. Nerves of steel.

The "Last Battle" on British Soil?

An interesting footnote to WWII.

Happy Birthday Mark Russell!

Happy Birthday to The Big Sleep!

One of my fave movies, despite a wreck of a plotline. Premiered on this date in 1946.

Happy Birthday Keith Moon!

Insane. Essential.

Happy Birthday Gene Kelly!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Spinners perform I'll Be Around

My fave song by one of the best soul bands, ever. This song is sooo 70's. Promises made that only could be made then...

The Slickee Boys perform The Brain That Refused to Die

A Classic by the DC Legends.

Amish romance!

Because nothing says "bodice ripper" like the Amish!

RIP Kenny Edwards

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)


Just got back from the Mt. Gretna Art Show in Pennsylvania. Went up with our friends Rick and Susan and had a fun time. The town is absolutely charming, an old Chautauqua-style village of vacation homes in the woods. Really neat.

Happy Birthday Dorothy Parker!

Brilliant. One of my faves.

Happy Birthday John Lee Hooker!

Genius. Essential. An American Treasure.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackie DeShannon!

Wonderful singer and songwriter. One of my faves.

Happy Birthday Joe Strummer!

One of the Greats.

Happy Birthday Fritz Freleng!

Genius. Essential.

Friday, August 20, 2010

my next t-shirt...,135752775

some songs for a late Summer evening

Tina Turner

John Fogerty

Booker T and the MG's

The Reivers

Crosty Stills & Nash

Patti Smith

The Dictators

The Undertones

Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross

Preston Epps

Harold Dorman

Marshall Crenshaw


fanvid for Joey Ramone & Holly Beth Vincent performing I Got You Babe

Love this song, and this version.

Not A True Gamesman


But I run out of fingers counting!

Dictionary of text messaging

Sigh... I'm so out of touch. On the other hand, I am huge fan of Mrs. Bryne's Dictionary, now sadly out of print.

"Tbe Few"

They really were amazing and it really was a very near thing.

(Thanks for the link, Ed!)

The Ultimate Ray Bradbury fan


(Of course, the Dead Alewives have another view: )

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

The Colorful Greeks!

This is pretty cool!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

for you freshmen


I believe this is the start of a new horror movie.

Calendar Concepts

Piranha 3D - Oscar material

Sure, why not...

The Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger

I can literally feel my arteries seizing up as I type this....

Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft!

One of my faves. The Master of Cosmic Horror.

Happy Birthday Isaac Hayes!

Happy Birthday Robert Plant!

Happy Birthday Phil Lynott!

Happy National Lemonade Day!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Fungi From Yuggoth Have Returned To The Manor!

The older I get, the more I enjoy the rhythm of the seasons; as we gently sway from the desolate bleakness of Winter to the steamy and foetid decay of Summer, and back again. And of course, each season brings its own inhabitants, and I am proud to claim an annual late Summer visit from the notorious Fungi From Yuggoth. How I look forward to their flesh-like membranes grasping towards me, both physically and psychically; And enjoy their threatening gibbering and shrieking in my dreams at night. All is right with the world. It's mid-August, and the Fungi have returned to the Manor...

The cutting Edge of Research!

Hell, I know guys who've been "researching" these very same phenomena for years...

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

video for General Johnson & Joey Ramone performing Rockaway Beach

I just discovered this, (Why wasn't I told?!?!?). Fun stuff!

Mellow bears - I wonder why....

Management/Labor problems with the witch

new evidence of hitler's life during WWI

Interesting. Some of it isn't particularly surprising - it's easy to assume that he was an obnoxious nut. But....I am not an expert on the dangers and duties of regimental runners in WWI, but am somewhat doubtful that they were not in danger. Barring evidence to the contrary, I'd strongly assume they'd be delivering many messages both to the front and to the rear, and that many of those messages to the front would be to the company level, which is to say: braving enemy fire. I look forward to further clarification on this and one final question - if adolf was always cowering in the rear, how did he get gassed? I ask these questions not because of any need to glorify the man, (I think anyone who knows me or regularly reads this little blog would have had more than ample evidence to the contrary), but because I believe in accuracy, even if it involves monsters.

The weather report...

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Happy Hot & Spicy Food Day!


Happy Birthday Ginger Baker!

Happy Birthday Gene Roddenberry!

Happy National Potato Day!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zombie Ants!

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)


Engrish Hats

Evil Google: The Cartoon

Lou Gehrig didn't have Lou Gehrig's?!


the continuing wussification of America

A bunch of whiny-assed crybabies....


Funny, I didn't know you could have a face-off in Rugby. (Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!)

The genius of the Scots

Actually, there's nothing new here. Whiskey has been fueling me for years...

Bobby Fischer - Check, But No Mate

The death of "Two-Tone"

The corkscrew death of seals

Pretty weird...

Happy Bad Poetry Day!

The pot calling the kettle...

Google attacks Facebook for doing what Google made a fortune doing....

Happy Birthday Criswell!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Four score & seven years ago, our Fathers brought forth an opportunity to WIN! WIN! WIN!

I know that nothing says "Sacred Ground" to me more than roulette and keno. I mean, history is okay,(in proper amounts), but the experience can only be enhanced by some black jack and slots...

Pencil tip micro-sculptures


(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

The Beloit College Mindset List For The Class of 2014

Human-electric powered "car"

Hmmm, this looks like a jazzed up version of the toy fire engine my brother toodled around in when he was 3 years old.

nice posting about The National Lampoon's Lemmings

Fun stuff!

Crowning Achievement

The Call Of Cthulhu In Under Two Minutes

Fun stuff!

Hoop Sails To Outer Space?

Pick Your Own - The New Trend

Alfred Hitchcock Tried To Warn Us...

Darwin Award Nominee

Tee hee!

Alabama VS The Wine Label

They drink wine in Alabama?

The invisible monkey...

Auto Hacking


Ouija Boards - The Proof

The other Abbey Roads...

Alert Captain Ahab!

Only 75 Days Until Halloween!

Happy Birthday Mae West!

Genius. Essential. An American Original. Absolutely impossible to overestimate her importance to pop culture.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Plastic Bertrand performs Ca Palne Pour Moi

Belgium's great entry into new wave. So silly it hurts, but I love this shit. Once I play it, this song sticks in my brain for days. Now it'll stick in yours. See ya tomorrow....

Neil Diamond performs Cracklin' Rosie

Well, it's certainly a Hot August Night here at the Manor - and that means some Neil is in order. Here's the National Anthem for winos.

Wanda Jackson performs Fujiyama Mama

The Queen of Rockabilly and one of the most under-rated artists of all time. Absolutely brilliant and essential.

video for The Doors performing LA Woman

I love this video. We must remember that there was always a murderous rage behind the song, (the original album sleeve was quite pointed about this). I'm very big on geographic orientation, (although it's getting slurred in our mass-market world). I've always been interested in how Morrison moved to the West Coast from the East, and embraced elements of the darkness,temptation and the forbidden from each. I remain an East Coast boy....

fanvid for Paul Roland perfroming Nosferatu

One of my fave artists.

AC/DC performs Highway To Hell


Blue Oyster Cult's video for Take Me Away

Fun stuff from a great band.

The Guess Who perform Rain Dance

I've always loved this song, despite having no idea what it's about.

The cutting edge of the welfare state

Ozzy's genetic mystery

Ozzy's providing health advice!?!?! Perhaps Keith Richards, MD, could assist....

(Thanks for the link, Nick!)

nice article on how Steve Van Zandt joined the E Street Band

Linda's Been Crocheting!

Anniversary fo the death of Bela Lugosi

The Ramones debut at CBGB's!

On this date in '74.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Undertones perform Teenage Kicks

The perfect pop song? I guess you'd have had to be there....
See ya tomorrow...

Fuji Minx's video for The Music Made Me Do It

I know I posted this just a few weeks ago, but she's so cool....

(Thanks again to Infidel 753 for turning me on to this artist!)

fanvid for Concrete Blonde performing bloodletting

Wonderful, dark, drifting....

fanvid for Grave 45 performing Party Time

Fun song and band.

The cutting edge of baby stroller accessories

Is there no end to the bad news???

Neat interview/article about Tommy James

Tool use a lot older than we thought?

It's been a long time since I read it, but I believe the book Forbidden Archeology made this argument.

a footnote to the nazis and Indian independence movements

It's possible, but it seems a bit premature for hitler to have been ruminating about the division of spoils after a war with Britain - especially putting anything down on paper. I'd like to see some documentation.

nice little article on the Soviet attack on Japan in WWII

This (partially) feeds into what I've written earlier. The Soviets were a valuable ally and necessary ally to the U.S. in the War. I happen to believe that both the Russian intervention and the bomb were the reasons for Japan's surrender. One factor that's never borught up is hirohito and the ruling circle's own cowardice in determining the end. I personally believe that private assurances were made that he wouldn't swing by a rope if he surrendered "unconditionally". I also personally believe we should then have gone ahead and done so, regardless - but as I've written before, geopolitics is always messy.
To add to my suspicion of personal cowardice being a factor, is the fact that recent research has detailed eleaborate plans for a huge underground bunker complex to house the emperor in late 1945 or early 1946, (safe from standard bombings). The plans I read about were impressive. I can't help but wonder if the A-bomb was pereceived as being effective enough to destroy even this redoubt, and so, facing a real chance of death, good ol' hirohito shit his pants and cashed in his chips. We'll never know, but the timing is tempting...

21 English Accents

Fun stuff! But I don't think she's quite got the Texas' accent quite right. I am reminded of what I call an Alexandria accent, now almost completely gone. It was a very light Southern accent, no twang, soft and almost hushed. It's virtually disappeared, I only know of one living person who still speaks that way, and a couple others with aspects of it in their speech.

Indian Forts

A very nice collection of photos.

The Automotive Family Tree

Beautiful photos of Bhutan's monasteries

Russians from the 1860's

A fascinating compendium of old photographs. Really quite good.


The Internet in 2025

Entertaining satire, and probably accurate.....

Junkyard photography

Pretty neat!

The Steampunk House

Needless to say, I want this....

The cutest crocodile

The Lost Skeleton Returns Again!

Just got my copy and really enjoyed it. The one thing is that it's a sequel - you'll find at least a few of the jokes are based on that and won't be understood by anyone without that familiarity. And much of the tempo, timing and dialogue is similiar to the first film, so it won't seem quite as fresh. But if you enjoyed the first, (and you should have), you'll have fun with this one.
If ordered from Shout! The Lost Skeleton Returns Again comes with a bonus disc - Tales From The Pub. If anything, I consider this even better than Returns Again! It consists of about a score of short satires of the type of horror story on the brilliant TV series, One Step Beyond, (yes, it influenced Rod Serling to do Twilight Zone...). Wonderful satire!

Kinky Friedman news!

Happy Birthday Jimmy Webb!

An American Original.

Happy Birthday Huntz Hall!

Anniversary of Woodstock

Happy VJ Day!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

fanvid for the theme to A Few Dollars More

One of my favorite westerns. Bodies piling up in mounds. Filled with violence, cynicism, and treachery. Reminds me of my high school...

Frankenstein and the Volcano

Neat. I love how one thing influences another, even seemingly unrelated.

(Thanks for the link, Karen!)

The Airplane performs High Flyin' Bird

So cool...

Tim Curry's video for I Do The Rock

Curry's attempt to become a true rock star. Covering some of the same ground as Klaus Nomi. I always liked it, but he couldn't (or wouldn't) follow through with equally good material.

fanvid for Marvin Gaye performing too Busy Thinking About My Baby

I've always thought this was one of the best Motown songs. Great performance, captures the innocense and intensity of "young love".

fanvid for Looking Glass performing Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne

This started getting airplay about this time in August in 1973. Thirty seven years ago. Gods...

Arthur Conley performs Sweet Soul Music


Voyage of the Rock Aliens

I was unaware of this movie, probably for good reason...

some super cool artificial jack-o-lanterns

The Ice Cream Lover

Michael Jackson's Beat It: the Chinese version

I'll take a double shot...

Kids, you don't need drugs to get high!

You just need Japan....


The return of Tear Bottles

Newly discovered Phil Ochs recording available!!!

Very nice listing of sites devoted to Horror

Happy Birthday Rocky Horror!

Premiered on this date in '75. It's Astounding....

Happy Birthday David Crosby!

Happy Birthday Dash Crofts!

Happy Birthday Gary Larson!

Happy National Navajo Code Talkers Day!

Happy Liberty Tree Day!

Friday, August 13, 2010

fanvid for the Chocolate Watchband performing I'm Not Like Everybody Else

One of the greatest garage psychedelic bands.

The Doors perform The Wasp & Love Me Two Times

Summer in DC - this is the land where the pharoah died.

Iggy & The Stooges perform 1969


The Paperweight

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Aerosmith's video for Sweet Emotion

Fun stuff!

I will never listen to Bach again....

Well, actually, I never listened to Bach before....

A plug: Partially Awesome

My friend Karl publishes this blog, and if you enjoy some of the things posted here, I'm sure you'd find his site to be fun too. Check it out.

THE speeding ticket

Stonehenge hits hard times.

Sad. In the States, we'd simply sell off the name to some big corporation. Welcome to Jiffy Lubehenge!

Fortunately, Foamhenge remains strong and prosperous.

Smart phones don't sound so smart to own anymore...

The Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine

nice commentary on Google's piggery!

A new documentary on the 442nd

One of the most amazing American units in WWII. Those guys were awesome - and in a complex and hateful period.

Morality tale...

Exascale Computers on the way

Theoretical discussion about vampires...

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Happy Birthday Southpark!

Premiered on this date in 1997.

Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock!

Happy National Fillet Mignon Day!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let The Raping And Pillage Begin!!!

I have just learned, (from my brother), that my old alma mater, T.C. Williams is scheduling a night football game for October 29th this year. I believe this makes it 39 years that Alexandria went without any sports being played at night, in an effort to cut down on the violence that always seemed to accompany them. But, a fine old tradition has returned, and I, for one, look forward to the tales of robbery and slaughter that will undoubtedly accompany it. For decades now, it's been difficult to predict where most of the thugs are hanging out on any given evening. But Alexandria has lit a flame to attract these deadly moths. Go Team! Remember The Titans!

The Corpse....

In areas of DC this wouldn't raise an eyebrow, of course...

So much for airline/airport safety and security

Sweden's nazified climbing routes

Anyone who is a regular reader fo this blog, (or a serious student of WWII), will not be surprised to hear of pro-nazi sentiments within "neutral" Sweden....

Neat Ice Trays

The Titanic one is a classic!

Super-Villain Homes

The Breakup

Casual Day In Gotham City

interesting article on the Dutch settlers of naziism

I was not aware of this group. I do know that there were huge plans to settle much of European Russia with Germanic farm settlements. The plans were for these to be fortified and militarized against slave revolts from the Slavs. From what I've read, it sounds like more of Himmler's fantasies - something out of the late Middle Ages or the 30 Years War.

Interesting debate on the Warsaw Uprising of WWII,0

The Pet

Turnabout is fair play...

Carson's Tonight Show digitized and more to be released,0,7443493.story


Happy Birthday to The Wizard of Oz!

Premiered on this date in 1939.

Happy Birthday Dan Curtis!

Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler!

Happy Vinyl Record Day!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tommy James performs Crystal Blue Persuasion

Ah, it was around this time of year in '69 that this song started getting airplay, though my brother had turned me onto it months before. Great song for hot and slow-moving evenings. A song with hints of hope, romance, and calm. Forty one years later one looks around and can be forgiven for wondering what the hell happened. Time for another bourbon, see ya tomorrow...

fanvid for the 1910 Fruitgum Company performing Indian Giver

My fave bubblegum tune.

Billy Ocean performs Love Really Hurts Without You

Probably the greatest Motown song that wasn't from Motown.

The Chairmen of the Board perform Pay To The Piper

Classic early 70's soul.

fanvid for It's A Beautiful Day performing White Bird

A great song.

Harvest Time

The Ultimate E-Reader

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Code Machines

DC's creepiest story just got creepier....

That's it - no more frozen mice for me!

(Thanks for the link, Susan!)

tee hee!

nice interview with Paul Roland

Virtually unknown in the States, but one of my fave musical performers.

The Zombies Of Lake Woebegotten

The Resignation

Great listing of horror literature resources on the web

Fun stuff!

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie being made into a full-length movie!

Happy Birthday to Solid Gold!

Premiered on this date in 1980.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Spinners perform I'll Be Around

Great song, probably their best; and so many memories of late and smokey Summer nights - with promises made and broken. See ya tomorrow...

fanvid for Neil Diamond performing If You Know What I Mean

One of his best songs. Very much the Summer of '76...


What happens when you get irony layered onto hypocricy underneath a thick slab of whatthefuck?

fanvid for the Mood Six performing Plastic Flowers

One of the best British neo-psychedelic bands that you've never heard of. Should've been bigger....

Minnie Riperton performs Loving You

I think Riperton was one of those artists who either charmed or repelled people. I always liked her.

Baby Sloths!

Unbelievably cute...

Kids, don't try this at home

This is pretty much a Darwin Awards collection...

Teddy Tour Berlin

a nice article about "neutral" Spain

A good article, but much too soft on Spain. There was a whole lot more cooperation and support for the nazis than what is detailed here.

Great article on Hendrix for the 40th anniversary of his death

(Thanks for the link, Perry & Peter!)

Star Trek and the iPad

Pretty neat article!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Danger Man in the comics!

One of my fave TV shows.

The Crash-Proof Motorbike

(Thanks for the link, Rob!)

Happy Birthday to Horse Feathers!

Premiered on this date in 1932. One of my faves.

Happy Birthday Bobby Hatfield!

Happy Birthday Ian Anderson!

Happy Birthday Ronnie Spector!


Happy National Banana Split Day!


Happy Puck Fair Day!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Eric & War mishandle drinks

Well, once again, it's hotter than a whore on nickel night here at the Manor. Sweltering. Humid. And I'm just sitting here daydreaming about lying in a big field of tall grass. See ya tomorrow....

Tom Waits performs Ol' 55


The Necromantix video for Gargoyles Over Copenhagen

Fun stuff!

The Ghastly Ones perform Haulin' Hearse

The return of horror surf rock! The Ghastlies have been around for a few years,and are nice purveyors of that odd little sub genre of surf rock.


Roald Dahl - Spy

This does not really surprise me. But I would advise caution as to the nobility and practicality. A lot of people do a lot of things for personal reasons, (that they would have done anyway) and then chalk it up to patriotism. I seem to remember tales of Noel Coward justifying his hanging out at American cocktail parties as part of spying and gauging American public opinion towards Britain, (or at least the opinion of a few cafe society types in Greenwich Village...). Orson Welles spent a huge amount of time with a film crew down in Brazil getting drunk and screwing everyone in sight, all with the claim of making a pro-American film to keep the Brazilians out of Germany's propaganda clutches, (I don't think the film was ever completed, I doubt there was even a serious effort to shoot it). A drunken Hemingway tried to get government funding to have him go out on his boat with Jai alai players supposedly lobbing grenades into U-boat snorkels!!! Just an excuse to try and get federal funding to fuel his liquor-laden fishing trips. I'm sure that there were thousands of similar scams. Dahl's womanzing sounds like a possible candidate....

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Google - OK, we are evil

From this old timer's perspective, it's kind of funny to hear of the kiddies at Google mewling about old ideas. Kowtowing to Chinese fascists for profits' sake, the behind-closed-doors attempts to profit from the destruction of net neutrality, the ham-fisted attempts to bland down places like youtube for the lowest common denominator, etc. All examples of good OLD FASHIONED gilded age capitalism. Sorry pups, you're not new and fresh and hip - you're just uneducated and arrogant - and don't know when you're re-inventing the wheel.

Alert Steve McQueen!

Happy Birthday David Steinberg!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Pumpkin Creep!

This is a great Halloween effect.

The Return Of Elvira!!!

The card trick....

news and evidence on Japan's Unit 731

Very sad and disturbing, and another example of the many ugly compromises made during the Cold War.

The Irishman who saved hitler?

Hmmm. Maybe, it is possible, but I would like to see some more documentation. There's just so much nonsense and even outright forgeries floating around out there abour hitler and the nazis that I think caution is in order when someone is going around claiming "I knew him when" and "I saved his life". The incident in question would have had to have taken place in the final quarter of 1919, if it occured - probably December. It would be interesting to see if there were any police records regarding this, etc.

a great list of online goth radio stations

The Horrors of Spider Island

This week, count Gore teams up with Dr. Sarcofiguy and Boo dePest!

Happy Birthday Dustin Hoffman!

Happy Birthday to The Edge!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

10/10/10 - Salem Zombie Walk!

The snow globe threat

Actually, given my experiences with the thugs at Dulles Airport, I suspect the real reason to forbid snow globes is that the TSA goons would be too easily mesmerized by the dancing flakes, and be unable to pefrom their normal harrassment and insults.

new book on the flight of Rudolf Hess

There are several (possibly intertwined) great mysteries of WWII, and I believe the whole story of Hess's rather mad flight is one of them. I've always believed what appears to be the underlining theme of this book - that he was lured to Britain. But, at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I've also wondered how much of that lure was based on actual and serious peace feelers that Churchill was rumored to have put out in late 1940 and into 1941. There are several tantalizing second-hand claims about this, (which I happen to believe), but no hard proof or documentation survived the war; and I'm sure none will ever be found at this point. (Winston most certainly would wipe out any suggestion that he ever wavered). I strongly suspect a lot of people took a lot of secrets to their graves.

What if Dark Side of the Moon were recorded for Nintendo

Fun stuff!

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

Rudolph - NOOOO!!!!!

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Nooks, crannies, and Bimbo

Self important dweebs. But I love the corporate name. Nothing says "fresh muffin" like Bimbo! In fact, I've deceided to get into the bakery biz. I shall call my company, "Slut".

(Thanks for the link, Larry!)

Happy Mead Day!


Happy Birthday Mata Hari!

Great dancer, lousy spy....

Happy Birthday B.J. Thomas!

Happy Birthday Nathanael Greene!

A great Patriot.

Friday, August 06, 2010

First they came for my Brontosaurus...

I was a total dinosaur fanatic around age 4-6. I read everything about them I could, and credit them, along with my parents, for being one of the reasons that I enjoy reading. But now my favorite creatures are being plucked from my mental grasp, one by one. If Tyrannosaurus goes, my whole life will have been a lie....

(Fortunately, the counter-revolution has begun! )

Headline of the day

The 911 Call

This reminds me of one of my fave comedy routines, (from '71), by the comedy team of Hudson & Landry:

The Dealer...

You know the type, a sleazy little man with a trenchcoat and a beeper, hanging around grungy alleyways or the darkened corners of school yards. His jacket full of waterlogged baggies...
Will nothing stop this scourge?!?

More on our storm:

the school bus

Hmmm, I'd say, 80mph - hardly 367. And it's sort of pompous and silly to argue that some dude spending a million dollars to goose up a bus is done in order to keep kids away from drugs. No - it's your hobby. Nothing more.

A documentary on the making of Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Google: "Okay, We ARE Evil..."

Thursday, August 05, 2010

August of '76

Ah, it was a strange Summer, but I guess most of 'em back then were. Tonight, my mind is dancing with the Green Fairy, and that space of time seems easier to remember than normal. It was a period when I was often a spectator, willing or not, through happiness and loss. August seemed to be the culmination of all of that. It was also tacos and Dos Equis at Speedy Gonzalez's in Parkington, concerts at the Cap Center, hikes at Great Falls, parties at my friend Cliff's apartment, the perpetual stumbling around Gtown at ungodly hours and states of mind, and always a radio playing. This is the soundtrack. See ya tomorrow, the Fairy demands another waltz....

Thunder & Lightning

A squall came through three hours ago. The noise was incredible. The Manor is fine, though trees are now down everywhere throughout NoVa. Many roads are blocked. The Fairlington neighbohood next to where I grew up clocked winds at 73mph. Impressive.

The ever-continuing wussification of America

Big Man Japan

I gotta see this...

mother of the year

jesus fucking christ....

Mongolian nazis?!?!?

Good grief. This reminds me of one of the more obscure tales of 20th century geopolitics - Baron Ungern-Sternberg. Fascinating, and bloody, story.

The resurrection of the oldest university?

Very nice article on the collapse of (boardgame) wargaming

Greg was definitely there. I used to enjoy his games and writings.

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Color photos of America from '39-'43

A great set. Includind a few of my old stomping grounds of D.C., Rutland, VT, and Camp Bird and Delta, CO!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Happy Birthday American Bandstand!

Premiered on this date in 1957. It's hard to over estimate how important this show was to pop culture.

Happy Birthday Neil Armstrong!

Happy National Oyster Day!


Happy National Mustard Day!


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

fanvid for John Stewart performing Midnight Wind

Always liked this song. It's unfortunate that there appears to be no live performance of it available online.

fanvid for The Beatles performing Yes It Is

A nice early rendition of one of their prettiest songs.

The Old Guard

I just thought I'd post their site. I'm actually one of the few people around willing to admit that I enjoy fife and drum music - a lot.

More on the Japanese version of life extension

Sorry, but they're going to have to do better than this if they want to impress me - We've got the Chicago Voter Rolls!

Down The Up Staircase?

That's It - No more swimming in vats full of eels for me!

the anti-terrorist Post Office

I suspect there's a whole comdey monologue in this...

the cutting edge of recycling

Dark Shadows Game commercial

Radioactive Boars!

I believe there's a sci-fi movie in here somewhere...

RIP Bobby Hebb

a listing of potential gizmos of the future

Cthulhu in Iraq!

Happy Birthday Rock'N'Roll High School!

One of my all-time fave movies. Premiered on this date in 1979.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

fanvid for Destroy All Monsters performing You're Gonna Die

One of the coolest bands you've never heard of.

Neil Diamond performs Kentucky Woman

Well, it's a hot August night here at the Manor, and that means it's time for Neil, (whom I will always argue is much cooler than you think he is).

Sopwith Camel performs Hello Hello

From around '67, almost forgotten now...

Stan Rogers performs The Mary Ellen Carter

My friend Nick reminded me of this tune a few days ago, (Thanks, Nick!). Stan was perhaps the greatest folk singer of his generation, as well as the best Canada has ever produced. And this, his most famous song, is one of the few inspirational songs of "can do" spirit that this old cynic can stomach listening to. Rogers was a genius and a treasure. Absolutely essential.

Richie Havens covers Just Like A Woman

In my view, Havens may be the ultimate cover artist. Each song he seems to make his own.

The Stories perform Brother Louie

Wow, hard to wrap my mind around the fact that this was released about this date in 1973 - 37 years ago.

fanvid for Hope Sandoval performing Wild Roses

Absolutely beautiful...

Razed In Black performs Share This Poison

Always have liked these guys.

All snack foods are half mast...

Cool ways to create sound!

Neat-o! The sound combinations can be quite interesting - almost Zen-like.

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

The last roll of Kodachrome


this lawyer and his arguments are a piece of work...

As for "incentive pay", I'd love to hear how that's justified...

the creepy marshmallow worm robot

Besides being unbelievably evil looking, it seems to be worthless junk...

Abbey Road Cam

As soon as I started watching, four tourists lined up for a photo. This must be a local nightmare, traffic-wise. We now need a Leaning Tower cam to take photos of all the tourists posing while "holding it up".

neat site devoted to atomic rockets!

(Thanks for the link, Bill!)

Happy National Watermelon Day!


Monday, August 02, 2010

fanvid for The Lords of the New Church covering Like A Virgin

Stiv Bators Rules!

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin video for Je T'Aime

Ah, unbelievably cool. This was the single that seperated the men from the boys on AM radio in '69. Either you played it - or wimped out. Beautiful song, and I could stare at Jane all day....

The grassroots perform Let's Live For Today

My fave song by them. Great tune.

Little Eva performs the Locomotion

One of the great dance songs, (which they had to invent a dance to go along with). The legend is that Eva was Carole King's babysitter, (Carole has somewhat discounted this idea, but it's too neat not to repeat!). The beginning sound blast on this song was imitated by Bruce in Born To Run...

Lita Ford's video for Kiss Me Deadly

Great pop song by an obviously shy and demure young lady.

Jackie DeShannon performs When You Walk In The Room

I couldn't give a rat's ass that she's a lousy lip-syncer. She's still wonderful!

fanvid for Crazy Elephant performing Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'

Bubblegum boogie at its finest.

Driving While Italian

Tee hee!

(Thanks for the link, Bill!)

fanvid for Aorta performing What's In My Mind's Eye

Always liked these guys. Now totally forgotten....

Canned Heat performs On The Road Again


Mott the Hoople performs Roll Away The Stone


When Horror Hosts Go Wild

Count Gore De Vol, Dr. Sarcofoguy and Boo dePest!

DC's semen sprayer caught!

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

Lunar Shotgunning

A tacky person would have titled this "lunar blowjobs", fortunately, I am above such base tactics...

The Vegetarian Menace

I order bacon on all of my flights - nothing else...


Better to have left them there to die and eliminate them from the gene pool....

My Hometown!

Happy Birthday Mojo Nixon!

An American original. One of my faves.

Happy Birthday Myrna Loy!

One of my all-time faves.

Happy Birthday Oliver Perry!

A Patriot.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

fanvid for NRBQ performing Ridin' In My Car

Ah, so much youth and innocence and love. And so long ago. And shot to hell...
See ya tomorrow...

Roxy Music performs Virginia Plain

Fun stuff!

The Theme for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The perfect theme to the perfect Western. A setting of dust and grit, shot through with violence, greed and no hesitation. Where life was cheap - but death had a price. Kinda like PG county, really....

Albert Hammond performs Free Electric Band

Another obscure pop song that I suspect I'm the only fan of....

fanvid for The Boys In The Band performing (How 'Bout A Little Hand For) The Boys In The Band

I loved this tune back in the Summer of '70. Does anyone remember it?

fanvid for Funkadelic performing One Nation Under A Groove

Laibach's video for their cover of Sympathy For The Devil

Something light....

Luka Bloom performs Gone To Pablo

A wonderful song of love, loyalty and loss.

Shadows are lengthening....

With the beginning of August, (and the passing of First Harvest/Lammas/Lughnasadh), we start to enter the Fall. Oh, I know we've still got weeks of Summer left - I'm sure we've got several good heat waves left around NoVa, but the Sun is setting sooner, there's a subtle desperation to the heat and the life around us. I'm already starting to get mail order catalogs featuring Halloween decorations, and the craft shops are starting to fill up as well. And any student will tell you that they can already feel the dead hands of school clawing away at the fringe of their consciousness....
To get you in the proper mood, I happily suggest the site for the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore, at Great stuff and lots of nice links!

I'd also, (humbly) recommend another little blog of mine called Magick Theatre. I don't post there as often as on Weirdness, but still try to maintain a stream of information appropriate to it. The concentration is on folklore, (particularly that of the greater DC area), parapsychology, Forteana, the occult, magick, ghost hunting and whatever catches my fancy.

a new Strindberg & Helium!!!!

One of my fave cartoons. Brilliant!

Scrabble as religion....

A True Gameswoman....

Starfish hitler

One of the oddest things I've ever seen. I gotta get this!

a fanvid tribute to drive-ins

Fond memories of the Star Drive-In in Montrose, Colorado....

Happy Anniversary to The Little Soldier Shop!

On this date in '78, Dennis Largesse purchased the Little Soldier gaming store, moved it to Alexandria, and began a renaissance in local gaming that continues to reverberate to this day. The store is gone, but the memories live on...

Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia!

Happy Colorado Day!

Happy First Harvest!

And so the Season begins to change....