Thursday, April 30, 2009

commercial camouflage

The Seven Plagues of D.C.

Ah, change! I've written several times before how our local news media gird their loins every year, awaiting Winter and the chance to panic the city into a frenzied blood lust of survivalist rapine and slaughter. But it's Spring now, and not even the slack-jawed yokels on the edge of our Byzantium would believe the reports of White Doom. And so we now have swine flu. A disease that is so malevolent, that it has killed almost as many people on earth in three weeks, as die in a DC rap club in one night.
The Post has led the charge, fully half of its ink is committed to huge headlines and breathless pronouncements about the end of the world. There is already talk of closing the schools, and if so much as one brat has the sniffles, I guarantee that they'll do so, ("Wussy" has become a badge of honor in our brave new world). The Vice President, (who is not an epidemiologist, but plays one on TV) has already told us that we shouldn't ride the Metro, thereby guaranteeing that our pathetic road network will become nothing more than the world's most violent parking lot. Thanks, Joe.
Despite the Post's attempts to ONLY show photos of people wearing breathing masks, I've not seen anyone resort to that, yet. And it's a good thing. Because I am quite capable of imitating someone in the final death-throes of leprosy/plague/creeping crud, and will run up to that person and give them the biggest and warmest hug they've ever gotten. You have been warmed.
Meanwhile, a real honest-to-god curse has hit us - oak pollen. Now, I love oaks. I love their looks, their shade, their symbolism/mythology; I even love their firewood, (I've got about two cords right now). But every great love has a flaw. Perhaps they snore loudly in their sleep, or eat with their mouth open, or never replace the empty toilet paper roll. Well, with oaks, it's pollen. And my gods, is it bad this year. Everything and everyone is covered by about an inch of yellow dust. My car looks like it's in a Shake'N'Bake commercial. Breathing has become something like vacuuming, there's so much dust. At times, my backyard looks like it's snowing. And when it rains, it forms a yellowish, snotty ooze. And then there's my keen sense of morality and decorum. All of this pollen, you know what it is - it's trees fucking. There, now I've ruined it for you too. Who wants to be outside in THAT!
So, for those of you in the desert, or some other inhospitable place - rejoice! You can escape our plagues. And for those of you who are nitpickers and are noticing that I promised seven plagues and only named three, I can only say that the flu has driven me mad

I've just got to vacuum more often...

great moments in religious persecution

Happy Birthday Wayne Kramer!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let the puns begin!

(Thanks for the link, Nick!)

The Ramones perform Do You Wanna Dance (from Rock & Roll high School)

One of my fave groups perform one of my fave songs in one of my fave movies.

The Animals perform It's My Life

A rare video. I've written about this song before - listened to it constantly while growing up. A part of my DNA. Essential.

The Music Explosion perform Little Bit O'Soul

One of my faves. Great song. The B-side was cool too, a little known tune called I See The Light...

Dolly Parton performs here You Come Again

I always liked this song. One of the bright spots of late '77...

The Supremes perform Baby Love

Classic Motown. Essential.

The Sisters of Mercy video for Temple of Love

icy cool....

The Eurythmics video for Would I Lie To You

Great song and video.

The New York Dolls perform Personality Crisis

Classic rock'n'roll....

Blues Image video for Ride Captain Ride

10 points if you figured out this is about the USS Pueblo!

If I were welathy, this is where you'd find me...

(Thanks for the link, Phil!)

Happy Birthday Tommy James!

Happy Birthday Tammi Terrell!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the reissue of Woodstock...

New Album from the Capitol Steps

Local faves and a DC institution.

Frankie Ford performs Sea Cruise

One of the great New Orleans pop songs. Great stuff!

The Association performs Windy

It's late Spring of '67 and the sun is shining and our family is loading up the trailer and getting ready to spend the Summer in Colorado and this song is #1 and constantly being played by WPGC on my little blue transistor radio and all is right with the world.

Joe Walsh & The Eagles perform In The City

I always liked this tune.

The Shirelles perform Will You Love Me Tomorrow

Great group and song, (one of Carole King's best). Another essential.

fanvid for Randy Alvey & The Green Fuzz performing Green Fuzz

One of the great garage band songs, almost legendary amongst the cognoscenti. Perhaps one of the muddiest recording in history, and somehow quite appropriate. Essential.

Happy Birthday Carolyn Jones!

Monday, April 27, 2009

my next shopping bag

the next stage of DVD & data storage?

I want to build one of these in my backyard

Be sure to watch the slow motion on this - pretty neat!

a little something for the ladies

My next plan to rule the world...

The Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency


Happy Birthday Frank Belknap Long!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

the cutting edge of Just Say No

cadaver scams...

neat gaming dice and pouch

Happy National Pretzel Day!

Happy Birthday Carol Burnett!

Happy Birthday Stevie Nicks!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to The Adventures of Robin Hood!

One of my all-time fave movies. Premiered on this date in 1938. Fantastic!

Happy Birthday Meadowlark Lemon!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Brain Orchestra

Zombie Spiders!


messaging for the parlyzed

Pretty neat!

A cosmic theory I dispute

If dark gulping caused black holes, there's be a huge one near the beer taps at the Vienna Inn...

Did they find the bones of a horse?

Cure For Asthma!

I plan on bathing in maggots regularly...

Hmmm, bear chases woman into a car and she thanks it

I suddenly realized all the things that might have killed me, but didn't. It's a shame I don't have children, as I would have looked forward to naming them Atom Bomb, Garrotte, and Baby Cholera.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tracy Chapman performs Fast Car


Savoy Brown performs Hellbound Train

Great song.

The Beat Farmers perform Gun Sale At The Church

One of the greatest pure rock'n'roll bands - ever.

nice collection of folk musician photos from the 60's

Azathoth Discovered!

the effort to save the Marx Brothers home/neighborhood

(Thanks for the link, Phil!)

Happy Birthday Ed Walker!

A local legend. One of the Joy Boys.

Happy Birthday Roy Orbison!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Linda!

Robyn Hitchcock video for Heaven

Fun song.

The Contours perform Do You Love Me


Smith performs Baby It's You

Great version of a great song.

Plankton Art

the cutting edge of musical scores

Bacon - Burns Steel & Is Delicious!

the last of the White Rose

I've written before about the atrocious lies perpetrated about von Stauffenberg and his fellow opportunistic and cowardly assholes. These kids, and a few others, were the real Resistance in Germany. The fact that it was so small and pathetic lets you know how much the Germans loved/feared/obeyed the nazis.

The Source of Disco Is Discovered!

Gnome Scandal!

the cutting edge of spell checker....;_ylt=Aul4_WEWZK4MJdGJWkbD4EbtiBIF

the cutting edge of home-grown...

the cutting edge of policital activism

nazi cows in the news

my tan is ruined

the paper cup trail...

Dixie must be very proud...

Alert David Byrne!

rise in divorces predicted...

Must...Not...Laugh....(choke), sniffle, grimace...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Peter Frampton!

Happy Birthday Glen Campbell!

Happy Birthday Rondo Hatton!

Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

so wrong....

I would be more than happy, (and capable), of pointing out the many fallacies, lies, misperceptions and evil found in the above article. But I just don't have the time. (And I feel that virtually all of you reading this would already be aware and/or in total agreement with what I'd write, regardless). But I will invest a few minutes into talking about the nonsense of hitler's management "skills", as that's supposedly the focus of this little boomlet in popularity and is a subject generally only dealt with in scholarly circles. So here it is: he was fucking god awful. You can go out and look it up. He was a horrible organizer and delegator; unable to change unsuccessful plans; undisciplined; incable of accepting criticism; mercurial and unpredictable in his personal behavior; hopelessly ignorant about budgeting and economics; immature; a "blame the messenger" addict; prone to micro-managing, and almost always wrong when doing so; etc., etc., ad infinitum. I've no doubt that he's popular, as he's a near perfect representative of all the business men I've dealt with or heard about, (all of the former are out of business, and all the latter are kept afloat by buying a government that taxes me and you to GIVE them trillions of dollars).
I will also leave schikelgruber's Indian friends with one final bit of historical trivia - he once referred to Indians as only being good for turning prayer wheels. Enjoy reading Mein Kampf, assholes...

the cutting edge of career choices

Snoopy Wins!

The Red Baron was shot down on this date in 1918.

Happy Birthday Iggy!

One of the best - ever. Essential.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mr. Loaf's video for Paradise By The Dashboard Light

One of the greatest videos - ever. That's the lovely Karla Devito with him, (although she wasn't on the album recording - that was the lovely Ellen Foley). Classic tune.

fanvid for Young Holt Unlimited's Soulful Strut

Great song, perfect for a Spring evening....

McCartney's video for Junior's Farm

Fun song, nice line about Nixon...

breakfast floss (from Archie McPhee, of course!)

Happy Birthday George Takei!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chainsaw Maid!

Fun stuff!

my next car...

Absolutely necessary for driving around Shirlington on Sundays...

a very British obituary

fire alarm

I love unreasonable force

the cutting edge of processed food


The Onion's chess game

tee hee!

Darwin Awards nominee...

the cutting edge of cremation urns

We're Ready - The Zombie Alien Defense Bill!


What Time Is It?

I always rely on my faithful pocket watch:

Alert Della Street!

Darth McVader

the highpoint of cricket...

Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep in claymation!

Happy Birthday Tim Curry!

Happy Birthday Dudley Moore!

Happy Birthday Phlorescent Leech!

Happy Patriot's Day!'s_Day

It really was an amazing event.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

nice article on the evolution of laptops

rare Roy Wood & Jeff Lynne recrodings

"Me & You" and "Get What You Want".

for all of you e-book readers out there...

the cutting edge of bunny slippers

the art of a grain of sand

Pretty neat!

Happy Record Store Day!

The Ride...

Today is the anniversary of Paul Revere's ride...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bacon AK-47

Before & After Photos

the security notice


cyber wargaming in DC

Happy Birthday Liz Phair!

One of my faves...

Happy Birthday Senor Wences!

A legend. A discordian marvel. A surreal genius.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elton performs Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters

Great song. People forget how really great Elton and Benie could be when they put their mind to it.

ELO perform Do Ya

One of those songs that it was always nice to drive to in the mid 70's.

The Beach Boys video for Wouldn't It Be Nice

Wonderful stuff.

Hall & Oates perfrom Wait For Me

I confess I was never a big fan of the boys, but I always thought this song was great. Ironically, it's probably one of their least popular releases.

The Rascals perform Good Lovin'

Classic blue-eyed soul.

"Mitch & Mickey" perform A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow

A Mighty Wind is one of my fave movies. Essential for anyone into folk music. Brilliant.

Dark Advenure Radio Theatre - Lovecraft Radio Dramas!

I'm a total sucker for radio programs. This is put out by the (in)famous HP Lovecraft Historical Society. Real pros. Wonderful stuff! Highly recommended!

a nice poster for the Navy

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Happy Birthday Dusty Springfield!

One of the greats.

Happy Birthday Gerry Rafferty!

I always like Gerry. It's a pity he's only known for one or two songs, as his other albums are actually quite good. But I will say that Baker Street is magnificent.

Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin!

Happy Emancipation Day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Playing For Change

Check out the video of "Stand By Me" on their website. It's really great, the vocalists are fantastic. It figures that the real talent is out begging for quarters while today's talentless corporate whores are making millions, (I'm looking at you, Britney...)

(Thanks for the link, Carol!)

O Tannenbaum!

Happy Birthday Hans Conried!

Great comedic actor, and one of the most unique and recognized voices of all time.

Happy Birthday Dave Edmunds!

One of my faves. The core of British rock'n'roll.

Happy Anniversary to In Living Color

Premiered on this date in 1990. Great, great comedy. The Wayans are geniuses. Essential.

Happy Birthday Leonardo da Vinci!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fanvid of Color Me Gone performing Hurting You

Another of those bands that I think you had to be working in a record store to have ever heard of. A pity - they were great.

fan video of Pousette Dart Band performing Amnesia

One of those songs that gets better with each bottle. A very minor hit in the 70's. Should've been bigger.

my next music purchase

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

the wannabe

Humph, an average household in Bristol, Virginia could match this - including the helicopter...

alien hand syndrome...

Happy John Hanson Day!

Happy Birthday Gerry Anderson!

I loved Anderson's puppets when I was a kid, and I still think his human series, UFO, is one of the best.

Happy Brithday Tony Burrows!

King of the one-hit wonders.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Phil Spector - Murderer

The stories of Spector's violence and weirdness have been the stuff of legend for decades. To have made such great music and have been such an asshole...

When Zombies Blog...

Tee Hee!

I believe we have a future Darwin Award nominee...

En Garde! My next grilling tool...

The Easter Bunny "Miracle"

I expect pilgrims to start lining up there any minute...

All Zippers Will Be At Half Mast

another boost for electric cars?

Lego Jesus

(Thanks for the link, Linda!)

Happy Dyngus Day!

Only 200 Days Till Halloween!

Happy Birthday Harold Stassen!

The only presidential candidate I ever really wanted to meet - and got to*! The Energizer Bunny of American politics.

*During his 1980 run.

Happy Birthday Al Green!

One of the greatest soul singers of all time. Genius. Essential.

Happy Birthday Mighty Max!

Happy Birthday Don Adams!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

for Monkees fans

the dangers of drinking Foster's

Peeps Show III


Happy Easter!

Rock Around The Clock!

Recorded by bill Haley & His Comets on this date in 1953. Amazing song - one of the Greats!

Happy Birthday John Kay!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Curtis Mayfield performs Gypsy Woman

Another beautiful tune. Curtis was an American Treasure.

Eddie & The Hot Rods perform Do Anything You Wanna Do

It was late '77 and school was awful, the economy had tanked and nothing was going right - and Eddie and the Hot Rods came from the pub rock scene and put out two albums of blistering rock attacking the whole mess. They were swept away by the even more chaotic punks and are now almost forgotten. Pity.

10,000 Maniacs performs These Are The Days


Albert Hammond performs Free Electric Band

Hammond was kind of a lightweight, and I suppose this tune is too, but I've always liked it.

The 5 Satins perform In The Still Of The Night

Great song - one of the best.

Halloween Hot Sauces

You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog

Set 'em up, bartender...

The Return (and upgrading) of a Classic

The Christmas Frog

Blueberry Waffle Mix - The Dangers

There's an old Smothers Brothers comedy routine that's quite similiar to this...

The Terror Film Festival in Philly

Blobfest 2009

HorrorFind Weekend in September

The Spooky Movie Film Festival in October

RavenCon in Richmond in two weeks

World Horror Convention

the robot suit

The Terrible Scourge Of Pornography

Happy Alferd Packer Day!

The Original Hamburger Helper!

Happy Birthday Richard Berry - and Happy Louie Louie Day!

I love this song. It is pure rock'n'roll. It is one of my contenders for what should be our National Anthem, (along with the theme song to Gilligan's Island and Yankee Doodle). As for the lyrics, you can follow the above references and see that it was all much ado about nothing. EXCEPT, as so often happens, people were right, but for the wrong reason. About a third of the way into the song, the drummer messed up somehow, (I believe he hit his sticks together), and he yelled out "Fuck!" in frustration. Listen carefully to the above YouTube (which is a lipsynch), you can hear it about 54 seconds in, in the background. The above recording is a little murkier than you'll get on the record - there, it's quite distinct and easily heard, once you know to listen for it. Just one more useless tidbit of knowledge from my mis-spent childhood....

Happy 8-Track Tape Day!

I know, the dumbest song medium of all time. But who can't smile at memories of that ridiculous chunking noise as the tape switched channels, the feel of the cheap plastic casings, the songs broken off in mid-tune, and the heaps of glistening tape in the street gutters by every traffic light - left where they'd been tossed by angry owners of broken and stuck cartridges.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Zappa on What's My Line

a nice tribute to Vincent Price

The Mayor

article on German "wonder weapons" of WWII

a new Mythos publication

Wedding Fashion!

The best news I've heard all week!

My all-time fave newspaper!

RIP Dave Arneson

watch your house being robbed on webcam!

(Thanks for the link, Linda!)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Phil Ochs performs The Highwayman

Hard to believe it's been 33 years....

The Cutting Edge! ;)

(Thanks for the link, Linda!)

my next license plate will read FUCK TOFU

(Thanks for the link, Linda!)

Happy Birthday Tom Lehrer!

Genius. Essential. One of the all-time great curmudgeons and a personal fave.

Happy Birthday Carl Perkins!

One of the Immortals. Essential.

Happy Birthday Avery Schreiber!

I always liked Burns & Schreiber. Fun stuff!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

the cutting edge of Hail To The Chief


(Thanks for the link, Linda!)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the toilet

I prefer my ivory billed woodpeckers fried...

exoskeleton for soldiers?

"Racetrack" computer memory

Babes & Bots

Mr. Tooth Decay is a suspect

Semper Gumby
I, of course, am more of a fan of Semper Pokey..

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)


At least the father had the good sense to try and get his daughter back when the Coronas weren't delivered....

(Thanks for the link, Linda!)

Leprechaun Sighting!

Oh yea, I certainly believe this crowd. The super-detailed sketchwork is also convincing...

(Thanks for the link, Missy!)

Happy Birthday Janis Ian!

I know she's only had a couple of hits over the decades, but I still think Ian is great. Society's Child was practically it's own little revolution on AM Top 40.

Happy Birthday Ravi Shankar!

Genius. Essential. I got to meet Shankar once backstage after a concert in Baltimore (I think it was the Spring of '75). I went to shake his hand and almost lurched back, afraid that I might have hurt him. The hand was as soft as wadded tissue paper! He was very gracious, I've always loved the above performance from Monterey.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Zep performs Misty Mountain Hop

My fave song by them. Wonderful cacophony. Works perfectly as a soundtrack to Nosferatu...

Greg Kihn performs The Breakup Song

Great power pop.

Jimmy Ruffin performs What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted

Great tune.

Barry White performs Can't Get Enough Of Your Love

The Walrus of Luv....

Cat Defense

the cosmic hand

Just as long as it doesn't flip us the bird....

the bus stop to nowhere...

Goth Steampunk rock

Peeps Racism!

After the march, I'm told they lit a cross on the front yard of some licorice...

Go to Youtube. Search for "Boozle"

His rendition of I Feel Good is a classic.

(Thanks for the head's up on this, Ed!)

Happy Tartan Day!

Happy Birthday Phil Austin!

I absolutely love Firesign, and the Nick Danger skits are my faves.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

well, I guess you CAN cry over spilled milk...

5 weeks until the Virginia Renfest!

Wuss America

I know that you, dear reader, will be as relieved as I am that the dread curse of shared cough drops is being met head-on here in the nation's wealthiest county. Clearly, the recession has just not worked - not tossing enough people out of jobs and onto heat grates that we are still paying bureaucrats and politicians money to worry about such earth-shaking challenges to our moral fiber. It is all the more amusing because the effects seem to be the opposite of what is proclaimed - as up and coming generations seem less and less educated and less prepared by their so-called educational experiences to meet the challenges that face them. Apparently, the absence of cough drops and birth control pills is not having the desired effect, (or perhaps it is - reducing the younger generations to quivering masses of ignorant and over-protected brats incapable of competing with the rest of us in a tight job market. Hmmm, maybe this isn't such a bad education system, after all....).
The final joke is that these policies are set up by parents, bureaucrats and politicians who are themselves almost all baby boomers and Gen Xers. Which is to say that they grew up with ten times the amount of freedom that they allow their own offspring; and were frequently surrounded in a haze of marijuana smoke, with purses and backpacks jingling with the sound of a hundred different pills, jars and bottles.
When and why did my contemporaries becomes such a mob of whiny, hypocritical snitches, 'fraidy-cats and wuss-ass nannies?

nice Spring day

Our morning was spend gathering soil and plants, Linda's now out planting spring beauties and butterfly bushes, goldfinches are loading down the thistle feeder, trees are blooming and it's another nice day here at the Manor. It's a day for strolling over at Great Falls, canoeing down the C&O, or bopping along M Street. Hope your day is as pleasant.

Happy Birthday Robert Bloch!

Master of horror and suspence. One of my fave writers.

Happy Birthday Roger Corman!

King of the B's!

Happy Birthday Nigel Hawthorne!

Great actor. Yes Minister/Prime Minister is required viewing for anyone hoping to understand Government - I'm serious.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


I keep getting these emails dealing with what one remembers, based upon their age. I’ve decided in a fit of boredom to come up with my own list. I suspect most of the items will be at least somewhat familiar to those of you over 55 years of age, with a decrease as we go down the years. Virtually everything here would date from at least 1955* to 1969. For those of you under 30, this might be an amusing test. And yes, everything here I remember and have witnessed or experienced. Feel free to suggest additions, as long as they're realistic for this time period.

(*To be fair, a couple of these things would have been going out by ’55…)

Have you ever used/owned/had knowledge of the following:
1. Dimmer switch on an auto
2. A party line
3. A dial telephone
4. A telephone exchange number
5. A manual typewriter
6. An electric typewriter
7. Carbon paper
8. Correction fluid
9. A mimeograph machine
10. Old Xerox paper (when it was waxy)
11. Anything powered by tubes
12. A transistor radio
13. Reel to reel tape recorder
14. 8-track player
15. Cassette recorder
16. Record player/vinyl records/45 spindles, etc.
17. Black and white TV
18. Avon Calling!
19. Any vehicle without automatic windows
20. Gas station attendants who fill your tank, check the oil and clean the windshield
21. An outhouse
22. Jacks, marbles, tiddly winks, hopscotch
23. Mr. Potatohead kits where you had to supply a real potato (no plastic body)
24. Frisbees molded to look like flying saucers (with planetary names on the rim)
25. The teaberry shuffle
26. Cigarette commercials on TV
27. Cars without seatbelts
28. A fuse box
29. Cars with real metal bumpers
30. Polaroid cameras
31. 8mm cameras and projectors
32. Milk and egg deliveries
33. Elevator operators
34. The Fuller Brush salesman
35. Encyclopedia salesmen
36. Playground equipment made out of iron and steel
37. Wind-up clocks
38. Car hops
39. Music broadcast on AM radio
40. Rabbit ear antennas
41. Car record turntables
42. Drive-ins
43. Duckpin bowling (only in the greater Maryland region…)
44. Telegrams
45. Penny candy
46. Polio scares
47. Clothes wringer
48. Car water bag (only out West)
49. Dime stores
50. Underground newspapers
51. Burma shave signs
52. Mah jong
53. Score sheets for bowling
54. Walking to school
55. Slot cars
56. Maypoles
57. Coffee can hair rollers
58. Pop top cans
59. Bottle caps with cork
60. Colas made with cane sugar
61. Screaming yellow zonkers
62. Inner tubes
63. Snow chains for tires
64. Greenie stickum caps
65. M-80’s & cherry bombs
66. Quad stereo
67. Skateboards made from roller skates
68. Slide rule
69. Air raid sirens
70. Blackout curtains at the school
71. Muscular dystrophy carnivals (in the greater DC area)
72. Caged go-go girls
73. Hootenannies
74. Pop guns
75. Poodle skirts, Beatle boots, go-go boots, collarless jackets, bleached jeans, Nehru jackets
76. Playing with mercury
77. Travelers checks
78. Soap box cars
79. Burning leaves in the autumn
80. A TV set without a remote
81. Fountain pens
82. Carrying pocket knives to school
83. Jarts (lawn darts)
84. Dictaphones
85. Boxed popcorn at movies
86. Savings passbooks
87. Chewing gum wrapper chains
88. Penny loafers (with pennies)
89. TV stamps (aka Trading Stamps)

(Thanks to Ed, Peter and Edmund for their suggestions!)

a little something for the infants...

Hubba hubba!

do-it-yourself exorcism

neat looking clocks

new Cthulhu anthology

I'll give you 3:1 that this makes poker legal...

David Frost interviews with George Burns & Groucho

new Renfest wear!

Happy Birthday Muddy Waters!

An American Treasure. Genius. Essential.

Friday, April 03, 2009

I need to re-edit my family genealogy...

Happy Birthday Washington Irving!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mazzy Star video for Flowers In December

And yet another great band with a wonderful sound that should've been much bigger. Absolutely beautiful. Whatever happened to these guys?

The Cramps cover Psychotic Reaction

Wonderful. One of the great rock'n'roll bands. Lux understood....

Fun boy Three perform Our Lips Are Sealed

Great version, (yes, that's Bananarama...)

Pete Shelley preforms Homosapien

Another great song.

X performs White Girl

Great song and band. Should've been bigger.

a nice little tribute to the 442nd

I stand in awe of those guys. Can't believe there's any objection to honoring them with a postage stamp.

and more crap comes to town

Great. Fucking great. More self-absorbed, talentless, ignorant, facile and egomaniacal morons coming to town....

Just Add Air

I love some of the comments for this...

did this "game" really exist?

I certainly don't remember it.

Save The Red Spot!

I never knew the Bible could be so interesting

Proof - baby chick smarter than DC high school graduates

Happy Birthday to the Master of Space & Time - Leon Russell!

Happy Birthday Marvin Gaye!

Genius. Essential.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Get A Life! (or a death...)

Happy St. Stupid's Day!

Happy Birthday Lon Chaney, Sr.!,_Sr.


Happy Birthday Ronnie Lane!

Criminally under-rated, especially in the States. Genius. Essential.

Happy April Fool's Day!'_Day