Sunday, February 28, 2010

neat artwork from Kathleen Lolly

for those of you from NoVA

It's been quite a while since I mentioned thse folks. It's simply a discussion board fro those of us who grew up in Nova, with an emphasis on boomers. Things have been a little slow recently, but the archives are a minor treasure-trove of history, nostalgia, folklore and personal memories about the region. Highly recommended.

a plug

One of the few things I enjoy about Winter is sitting around cracking and eating nuts (and pseudo nuts). I love 'em all - chestnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, peanuts, almonds, etc. And after year's of frustration I found the ultimate cracker - the Rocket. It is perfect for walnuts and brazil nuts - I've only had one brazil ever successfully defy me while using this thing. It will open virtually anthing easily, (be aware that it will not work on very small nuts - we're talking the medium to larger varieties, here).
Like any cracker, the one thing that one must be aware of is the strong possibility that the shell will go flying off. With this device, I've wintessed shell particles explode like grenades, sending shrapnel up to six feet away. The solution was simple, if not particularly elegant looking. I placed the rocker in one of those cheap plastic bags from the grocery store, and made sure it was coverd over when I applied pressure. All of the pieces are left in the bag for easy disposal, with no risk of some sort of Christmas Story "You'll shoot your eye out" situation.

rare Stones film clips being released

Including part of Cocksucker Blues.

Chinese quality in the news!

I'm still trying to find out if they manufacture anything that isn't actually murderous.

Alert Claude Rains!

I gotta get this - I just hope it works in concert with my x-ray specs....

not a True Gamesman

New book by David Ossman of Firesign Theatree!

nice interview with Nick Lowe

Happy Birthday Zero Mostel!

Wonderful performer.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wuss Britain

Apparently, we are now neck-and-neck with the Brits to see who can be the biggest pants wetters. GO USA! GO USA!

My petting zoo list

If you need a tank, come and get it!

the latest Iraqi demands

pencil sharpener of the damned

The "Alien" Baby Carrier!

interesting article on the state of solar power

(Thanks for the link, Infidel753!)

Make Believe

On a purely gut level, I suppose I have a certain amount of sympathy for the soldiers and their criticism. But they, and all of us, have to remember the simple facts pointed out in this article: Hollywood exists, and only exists, to entertain - nothing more. And they've (or most of 'em) been quite up front about it. They're paid liars and exaggerators. So are all other entertainers - jokesters, satirists, novelists, poets, songwriters, playwrights, etc.
I never watched Remember the Titans, because I knew it was a pack of lies and would just piss me off, (and I find sports movies catatonically dull). I ahd no interest in being entertained that way, and ignored it. So I gotta say to folks: relax. Remember, I don't think there was a single movie made about WWII for close to 20 years that was in any way accurate, (No blood, no severed limbs, all members of the Allies are super-intelligent and brave saints, etc.). And since then, the resulting crop has found new ways to be flawed, (we now live in the fantasy world of the entire German Army being made up of "Good Germans", just doing their job, and hating hitler - pardon me while I vomit).
It's just Hollywood, nothing more, (which is to say, not a lot). I guess the problem isn't so much with what the entertainment media puts out, so much as how much of it the populace seems eager to take as gospel truth. One is reminded of the (true) stories of people eagerly telephoning the Coast Guard, beseeching them to rescue Gilligan off that damn island. The soldiers of Iraq, and anyone else, should stop complaining about how stupid Hollywood is, and focus on how stupid WE are.

Baba O'Riley - the geek version

Kinda cute, if a little limited... This one's better:

more wuss America,0,7741753.story

Twilight Zone bobble heads!

So cute!

Happy National Strawberry Day!

Yum - probably my fave fruit, (but why is it celebrated in the dead of Winter?)

Happy Birthday Mary Jo Pehl!

Happy Open That Bottle Night!


Friday, February 26, 2010

D&D and Wuss America

Given the latest terror on stopping the dire hot dog threat, I think that all of the fears of professional nannies and ninnies be combined and that we require all sets of D&D sold to contain a choking warning, should you be tempted to chew through the rules manuals.

Animal Cams at the National Zoo!

Fun stuff - including an octopus cam!

The Old Ways Are The Best....


The Traditions of Virginia

I believe this is still maintained in the Southwest quadrant of the State...

David Geffen is so vain

Not that it's the least bit important, but I always assumed it was Beatty...

The Call Center

I am reasonably sure that this is a transcript from my last call there...

Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

Well, the latest snowstorm missed us, but now we have wind. It started about 24 hours ago and has been pretty steady with almost a constant 10-20mph blow, with gusts up to 50mph. But the last hour it seems to have gotten worse, and it sounds like an airpliner is taxiing around the house, with all the noise. So far, we have power, but I wouldn't place bets on that situation lasting. Stuff is blowing against the house, making it difficult to discern between debris or the neighbors objecting to my experiments to create life from robbed graves, (they're a rowdy and superstitious lot....).
The red oaks that tower around the manor are swaying violently back and forth, like some sort of Middle Earth Ent Pentecostal revival meeting. It's really something. Hopefully it'll calm down soon...

On the rocks...

Elizabeth II, explained

Happy is a suspect. No word on Doc or Dopey.

Do you hear what I hear?

Actually, I think a device that played Ramones tunes might also be able to alert you to a person's age...

Zombie Rights!

the cutting edge of PTA involvement

Colt 45, ugh.....

Steampunk computer mice


Classic Hi-Fi ads

When I was in high school I would drool over these things...

a little something for the Ladies...

Great moments in DNA research

Happy Birthday Johnny Cash!

Happy Birthday Fats Domino!

One of the Immortlas.

Happy Birthday Francis Marion!

His real date of birth is unknown, so his death date will have to do...
A patriot.

Happy Birthday Godfrey Cambridge!

One of my faves, and one of those folks who should've gotten a lot more attention and success than they did.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

fanvid for Roky Erickson performing Two Headed Dog

fanvid for the Pousette Dart Band performing Amnesia

Black Sabbath performs Paranoid

The Count V perform Psychotic Reaction


Nils Lofgren news

He announced that some acoustic shows will be coming up at the Birchmere around Labor Day....

fanvid for Jimi Hendrix performing Manic Depression


Craig Ferguson (just) Talks

Our friend Carol got us watching the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson about five months ago. And it's been fun. I like Craig and I think he does very well with humor, particularly the off-the-cuff variety. He's good at pointing out that the show isn't very important, just a piece of temporary pop culture fluff - which is true. Any good comedian has a style and Ferguson's is kind of interesting to me because it harkens back to Johnny Carson. Johnny's monologues weren't as notable for their jokes as for his reactions to them. When a joke failed - that's when Carson shown, with a wry comment or two. He was great.
Ferguson does the same thing, but on a wider canvas, criticising his whole show. It works and it's funny. But, like Carson, he's not a one-play performer. He's very good at ad libbing, and his facial expressions and the sly "naughty boy" look he shoots the camera are all first-rate entertainment for a late night show. The only thing I can fault the show for is something it acknowledges - that it is existing in a Hollywood culture that has grown increasingly uninteresting, (unless you're part of the mob who breathlessly awaits soap-opera news of who is fucking whom, and who went into rehab this morning). Now, there have always been entertainers who were ONLY entertaining when on a stage or in a film, etc. Get them on a show and they were as boring, inarticulate, and shallow as the most brainless bimbos of today. But there also seemed to be a greater number of true raconteurs and people that could "wing it" in a talk show environment. And the shows often booked these people - even if they didn't have a movie to shill for at the time, etc. Joe Flynn, Orson Beane and Jim Backus were, let's face it, not A List celebrities. But they were all great conversationalists and were regulars on shows like Merv Griffin in the 60's and 70's - and it worked. And there were A-List folks out there who were also great for some stories and interesting viewpoints - Judy Garland, Orson Welles, Woody Allen, and more - and they were allowed to talk. And that gets me back to Craig Ferguson and others (like Conan O'Brien). THEY are now expected to carry the show single-handedly. When a guest is on, the assumption seems to be that they have nothing interesting to say, (which is frequently true), and so the host simply continues the monologue, only now with a temporary celebrity sidekick/punching bag along for the ride. It bothers me a little, and in the long run just isn't my cup of tea.
Like I said, in some cases, this is absolutely necessary. God knows how some of these stoned drones found their way to their chair. But in other cases, it's a shame. Carl Reiner is a giant in American pop culture, and there's a whole bunch of questions I'd like answered and stories I'd like to hear from him on his life and career. But when he came on the Late Late Show, he sat there for a few short minutes, with Craig gagging away, and nothing was said. What a shame and what a pity. Apparently, Craig may have come to this conclusion himself. He's a smart guy and from little hints dropped, something of an autodidact. He may be looking for substance too. The show on Tuesday was done with no audience or comedic monologue, and was just him chatting with Stephen Fry. I loved it, even though Fry is of limited interest to me. It was nice that someone could get a story or an idea across without all the distractions and unnecessary hoopla. It was fun because you could see that Craig took it seriously. I think twice he almost fell prey to instinct and was about to go off on a little comedy tangent, but you could see in his eyes that he'd catch himself immediately and "turn it off" and continue with the conversation. The guys' s a pro and he wanted this to work.
I've no idea what this show meant in the long run, if anything. I'm not even going to try to pretend to understand ratings, network management, etc. But it worked for me, and if the show can ignore whoever is out there just because they've got a movie out that they need to flog, and concentrate on people who really are interesting, I think this would be great. And it doesn't have to be sombre. I like Craig's monologue and sense of humor, and his bouncing off of the audience. I'd miss them, but I think he's capable of adding onto that, and I think he demonstrated that the other night.

Soul Train box set coming out!

When the dead inhabit our movie screens

I too have been waiting for this. It will take time, more technology, and intelligent/sympathetic/knowledgeable directors and writers; but I think we're going to see the artificial resurrection of John Wayne, Kate Hepburn, W.C. Fields, etc. The debates will occur, (I think), when the production team isn't careful with the "actor". Then those of us who are familiar with them, (and fans), will be disparaging. But I suspect we're a dwindling number, the up and coming generations won't care. Of course that then would mean why do it at all. If the majority of the public don't know who Groucho Marx or Maureen O'Sullivan is, then there's no monetary reason to "resurrect" them.

Happy National Clam Chowder Day!


Happy Birthday George!

Happy Birthday to Yes, Minister!

One of my faves. Essential to understanding how government really works.

Happy Birthday to Your Show of Shows!

Premiered on this date in 1950. Absolutely brilliant and essential.

Happy Birthday Jim Backus!

Happy Birthday Zeppo!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jackie Wilson performs Baby Workout

Fantastic. It doesn't get any better than this.

fanvid for Dee Clark performing Raindrops

Always liked this song.

The Raspberries perform Go All The Way

Sounds like live vocals over a pre-recorced instrumental. Doesn't matter, it's still a great song.

David Ruffin performs My Whole World Ended

One of the great soul singers, in Motown, or anywhere else.

The Georgia Satellites perform Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Great song.

Elton John performs Kiss The Bride

Elton's cachet in rock'n'roll was already in the decline when he released it, which is too bad, as it's a wonderful power pop song.

men with small penises have their zippers at half mast today

Nothing Says "Ole Miss" Like Admiral Ackbar!

"worst" weapons of WWII

Actually, this shows the state of popular presentations on WWII. I am unfamiliar with the "flying jeep", but the rest of these systems/techniques showed real promise, as any serious research would show. Some were shelved due to the giggle factor, but that in and of itself is not a good reason for us to label them "worst". Militaries tend to be conservative, even hidebound at times, even if it's not in their best interest. (The Western Front during WWI is a very nice example of when innovation is ignored in favor of what is known and comforting, (or at least comforting to generals) - no giggles were allowed, and it bled Britain and France dry). Some of the other projects were shelved because the cost/benefit ratio didn't appear to be too good, especially by late '44 when a lot of Allied victories were at least partially being achieved through sheer quantity. But that does not make them "worst" by any means. Unusual, certainly - but not these were not bad ideas.
(For those of you in search of truly stupid WWII ideas, I'd suggest Ernest Hemingway - his plans to go out on fishing expeditions off of Cuba and take Jai Alai players to lob grenades at the hatches and snorkels of passing U-Boats gets my vote every time).

Rounder Records TV Special

This'll be fun - a great label.

shower gel

When mascots attack


There are various rumblings amongst our weathermen for more precipitation in our region tonight. The main part of the storm is supposed to miss us, but nobody knows for certain. Predictions are running from just a little rain to 5" of snow. The possibility of more white stuff is predictably and cruelly timed, as we're just getting things back to normal here. There's been a lot of melting in the past three days. Although the Manor is still heavily hit due to a Northern exposure and a copse of shade trees to our South, the ice dams that extended 4 inches OVER our rain gutters have gone, thus protecting us from any type of leakage or wicking into the house structure; in most neighborhoods there is now street parking and all major and secondary roads appear clear*. I even passed by two speed traps this morning. It was almost charming to once again see the polizei out and thwarting anyone getting anywhere with alacrity, as if trying to make up for the lack of ice and snow. Even the grocery stores have restocked, and no longer resemble some post-apocalyptic wasteland. But the gods are cruel. And I await their tricks - I now have enough chemical snowmelt to wipe clean Antarctica...Oh, I'm sure that the resulting yard will look like Death Valley, come Spring. But I figure the grinding glacier of ice on it now has probably wiped all life forms out all ready. We'll see.

*Of course there are the usual resulting potholes. But I zig-zagged around a small cluster on Braddock Road that were incredible! The surface areas weren't particularly wide, but my gods they were deep! I've never seen such holes! I swear, they were so deep that you could hear the cries of damned souls rising from their inky blackness, and smell brimstone.

Kraken Rum

I'm a sucker for marketing like this...

Washington In The 70's - a quick review

I thought it was okay, but I also think it was too brief for a show that is really menat to be broadcast just in this region. I'd prefer a whole series of 30-60 minute programs forcusing on different topics in each decade. I'd suggest shows devoted to local politics, neighborhood development, crime, traffic and transportation, TV, radio, local music, major public events, sports, and recreation & fads. That'd be fun, rather than jumping around from topic to topic every 3-4 minutes.

5 weeks till the National Halloween Convention!

I really would like to attend - maybe next year...

The Air Car

Very cool, (if true, I despise Pat Boone and wouldn't trust him for the right time).

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Happy National Tortilla Chip Day!


Happy Birthday George Thorogood!

Happy Birthday Michelle Shocked!

Brilliant. Wonderful singer and songwriter.

Happy Birthday Franz von Stuck!

One of my fave painters.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

fanvid for Slick, Kantner & Freiberg performing Sketches of China

An almost forgotten song and album - but I love both. One of those tunes that got me through the late 70's.

Gary U. S. Bonds performs This Little Girl

A minor classic.

Tracy Chapman video for New Beginning

Great song for a cloudy day.

Aerosmith performs Back In The Saddle

Probably my favorite song by them. Great example of mid-70's hard rock.

The Monkees' video for I'm A Believer

Great Neil Diamond song.

Scotch Tape Art

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Aspiral clocks

Pretty neat!

neat web comic!

A cute little science and tech oriented comic.

(Thanks for the link, Chris!)

a nice site devoted to guerrilla knitting

(Thanks for the link, Carol!)

Abbey Road is saved!

Thank goodness. I really do think it would make a lovely center for some sort of pop music museum or research center.

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

nice article and analysis on somewhat obscure Jefferson Airplane recordings

Review and analysis of the new Solomon Kane movie

Customer Hell

You know, I don't miss retail in the least...

nice article on the evil history of eugenics in America

the cutting edge of a pain in the neck

Man's Best Friend

Kirk needs to slow down

Happy National Chil Day!

Happy Birthday Majel Barrett!

Today is Iwo Jima Day

An unbelievably fierce battle in a war that was full of such.

Monday, February 22, 2010

DC in the 70's

It's being broadcast tonight:

Tweets From Space

On the one hand, I think this is pretty cool. But my one question would be if it was possible for something a little more substantial, like blog entries? Pithy little tweets just seem like ads, and I'd enjoy learning more about the details of these folks' lives and duties, etc.

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

The Serene Majesty of Mt. Chipotle in Charlottesville!

(Thanks for the link, Carol!)

Elephants' "secret" language

Elephants' "secret" language

Tee Hee!

Lego Crawler Town!


(Thanks for the link, Nick!)

Wuss America

Unfuckingbelievable.... Of course, the logical conclusion is to stop feeding your kids, thereby eliminating the danger in its entirety.

(Thanks for the link, Doug!)

a little something for the Ladies...

If Devo sold cocoa

Only 250 days until Halloween!

HappyBirthday Dwight Frye!

A great and under-appreciated actor. The archtype of the mad scientist's assistant.

Happy Birthday Edward Gorey!

Brilliant. And needless to say, one of my faves.

Happy Birthday George Washington!

A local boy who did well...

By the way, for those of you in the hinterlands. If/when you visit DC, I strongly recommend a visit to nearby Mt. Vernon. I think it's one of the most enjoyable and interesting sites in our region. It's one of those places that, (I think), really gives you a feel for what the man and his times were like.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

False promises

It was a nice day today. We actually got over fifty degrees and one could see/hear melting everywhere, (unfortunately, the Manor is heavily shaded with a Northern exposure and the thaw here was minimal - we will have snow till April). Those areas that were plowed and/or shovelled are now clear, (we're still left with quite a bit of snow, though, on the shoulders of streets, etc.). It was just pleasant to see the sun and not have to go outside bundled up like one of Peary's expedition members.
Oh, I know that the gods are a cruel and treacherous lot, and I am knowledgeable as to their ways. We've still got a good five weeks of Winter yet to go. This is but a tease to lull us into a sense of complacency. The more daring forecasts are already claiming a brutal March, perhaps as bad as February. But, at least for today, things were manageable. This time of year always reminds me of Buckingham & Nicks, and the later Fleetwood Mac recordings; perhaps because many of them were either released or promoted around now. Enjoy. (Very nice version...)

See ya tomorrow...

Iran is a Monty Python skit


new tribute album to the Velvet Underground

with cuts by Jane Wiedlin and Jonathan Richman!

new collection of Appalachian blues

My old workmate Jeff helped produce this, so I KNOW that this is a quality collection. Highly recommended.

a neat jack-o-lantern gallery

All right! Interesting diet plan!

A wonderful little article in today's Post Magazine. Check out the fourth and fifth sentences.

(Thanks for the link, Edie!)

armored golf carts for the military?

Noodling for 200 years

As many of you know/remember, I had the pleasure of working in a record store for many years. We had three differenct sound sytems in the building, and one was always playing classical music for that department. Now, for the most part, classical does little for me. Oh, it's okay, just not my cup of tea. That's probably a shame, because we had quite a few experts working in that department over the years, (some of you may well be reading this), and a person could probably get a first rate education in the classics just having sat around listening to the selections that were played. For me, it was just background. I didn't hate it, it just wasn't for me - with one exception. I absolutely hated Chopin and his endless piano noodlings. In fact, he's the only composer I have any opinion about at all. Until the louder and brasher forms of rap came along, his was the one (common) musical form I could stand the least. And we had one clerk who would play his irritating trilling on a regular basis. I'd retreat to the "rock room" and play the Clash or Neil Young as loud as possible to regain my sanity. One of my compatriots (a classical expert) one time entrered the room while it on the stereo and simply yelled out "It's Not Music", and walked out. I practically applauded.
Another time, a clerk there, (my dear departed friend, Charlotte), doubted the intensity of my feeling towards Freddie's noise. She knew of my complete ignorance of composers, etc. And set up a blind test, playing different but (to her) similiarly sounding works to see if I could pick out Chopin's from amongst them. But there was no fooling me, I'd know that swill anywhere, and to her utter amazement I was able to pick out the offending piece each time. The man is consistently irritating.
So happy birthday, Fred. You stink.

Happy Birthday Mary Chapin Carpenter!

DC's Finest. Great songwriter and performer, and a nice person. One of my faves.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

neat addition to Mt. Vernon

My only concern here is that the new building not mar the existing beauty around the estate. But this sounds cool. I've never attended the new visitor center because all of the announcements about it made it sound immature and stupid - hoping to make Washington "relevant for the kids' by turning him into some sort of action hero from TV. This new center will hopefully provide a counterbalance and a support for those of us still able to read and not needing worthless flash to learn something.

I think we can assume that whole tenure thing is a no go

Fortunately, she's still on salary....

What a pair of fruitcakes...

Indianapolis is #1 airport?

That's nice, I'm happy for them. Just one question - who flies to Indianopolis???

Mummy paper

I'd be curious as to how/why this was considered an economical alternative. Seems darned expensive to me.

Shatner My Dad Says

the cutting edge of First Aid!

(Thanks for the link, Infidel753!)

May I Take Your Order?

(Thanks to Infidel753 for the link!)

Happy Birthday Sydney Poitier!

Happy Birthday Joel Hodgson!

Genius. Essential.

Happy Hoodie Hoo Day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow Report - Sterling, Virginia

My brother in law lives about a mile from this Everest.

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

fanvid for Ananda Shankar performing Streets of Calcutta

He's tried, but never quite made it in the States, which is too bad. Shankar is pretty cool.

nice article on Burton's Alice In Wonderland

Gotta see this, always loved the book.

The LEGO Harpsichord


(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

nice little article about the mysterious numbers stations

Pick Temple & Ranger Hal interviews

If you grew up in DC, (as a baby boomer), you grew up with these guys.

more info needed by tourists to DC?

The sarcasm in this Fark link reminds me of a situation I was in about 35 years ago while taking a bus to my job at NASM. We passed by the Washington Monument, and the 30ish woman sitting besides me asked me in a perfect American accent what it was. She was very polite about it, and I tried to be to, and hopefully managed to mask my complete and utter surprise when answering her. More surprisingly, I resisted the many devilish temptations that are constantly running through my mind, and told her the truth, rather than making up some much more entertaining pack of lies.

Clubbing A Seal


the cutting edge of toys

I've posted a few of these in the past, but here's one big listing...

Pirate VS Legit

Stick bomb!


a little something for the Ladies...

Woe to one of horror's most interesting icons, the vampire - evolved to a state of wussiness...

new poetry collections by Lovecraft, REH and CAS being released!

Babies With Laser Eyes!

a new bangalore torpedo

sounds pretty neat

Anniversary of the Phonograph!

Edison patented the phonograph on this date in 1878.

Tandoor Terror!

I love tandoor cooking and have been after Linda for us to get one for years. This does not scare me off in the least. You'll get my naan when you pry it from my cold dead hand....

the five "smallest" languages

I assume we're referring to monoglots, here. I suspect there are a variety of American Indian languages form the smaller tribal groups that are near-dead, or only live on as a second tongue. And Cornish would be an example of the latter in Europe, (and maybe Breton?).

Airfields and Nike Missile Bases in NoVa

I think I posted this link a few years ago, but it's cool enough (for us locals) to do so again.

Happy Birthday Copernicus!

Happy Birthday Smokey Robinson!

Genius. Essential. An American Treasure.

Happy Birthday Bobby Hart!

Happy Pully Lug Day!

An unbelievably obscure Cumberland holiday that I am single-handedly reviving. Basically, you're allowed to pull folks' ears. Have fun...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What If Edward Gorey Illustrated Star Trek?


Alice Cooper performs Under My Wheels.

A great rock'n'roll song off of a great album by a great performer. One of those tunes that it's difficult to hear without tasting/smelling those sensations of 71-72...

Rare Earth performs Get Ready

Sigh. Rare Earth never got any respect. Hell, Gil Scott-Heron, (one of the coolest people on the planet), even insulted them in his most famous song, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. But I think they're an excellent example of that sort of late 60's early 70's progressive/hard rock band that so dominated then. And they did it well.

Azted Camera covers Jump

Brilliant. On the record release they acknowledge their debt to Lou by calling it the "Loaded" version.

The Flying Lizards perform Money

They were so cool. I still remember when I first heard this. The import had just been delivered to the little Penguin Feather record shop over in Annandale and the clerk, (who was a very hip and nice guy), put it on for me to hear and I bought it about 15 seconds into the song.

Dave Edmunds covers I Hear You Knockin'

I always loved his version.

Carl Perkins performs Matchbox


R.B. Greaves performs Take A Letter Maria

Great song. This was performed on the wonderful TV show called the Music Scene back in '69.

The Easybeats perform Friday On My Mind

Fun song.

Snowpocalypse - The Video

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

Williamsburg Rap,0,5814819.htmlstory

some more info on the film, "The Last Lovecraft"

Happy National Tick Bird Day!

Anniversary of "Hello, My Name Is Blotto"

Released in 1980. Fun EP. You had to be there...

Happy Birthday Gahan Wilson!

Brilliant. Essential.

Happy Birthday SONiA!

Baltimore's Finest. One of my faves. Absolutely brilliant songwriter and performer.

Happy Drink Wine Day!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

our guts form a second brain?

Neat! But, as a professional hedonist, I would argue against the statement "The second brain doesn't help with the great thought processes…religion, philosophy and poetry is left to the brain in the head," - clearly, you've never heard me wax eloquent over a Five Guys hamburger and the deeply spiritual dimensions to it....

A holographic universe?

Interesting, and totally beyond me...

Mosquito Laser!

This is soooo cool! I gotta get one! I wonder if they'll power it up to squirrel level?

(Thanks for the link, Chris!)

SPAM Attack!

Of course, Monty Python was ahead of the curve here:

the translator

Craig Ferguson would be amused, I'm sure...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Badfinger performs Baby Blue

Beautiful. Power Pop Gods...

The T.A.M.I. show is coming out on DVD!

Wonderful news!

Abbey Road For Sale?!?!?

I'd be quite stunned if the state didn't amke it into a museum.

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

The latest snow report

It took days, but we finally managed to break through to the street. The physical costs were immense, but we had to get out. We had less than two six packs of Tab left, and the chardonnay was running dangerously low – six bottles. I’ve had a variety of physical problems over the years, and all of them have now been reinforced. My back is now little more than a twisted source of throbbing pain. My chiropractor is already shopping for tropical islands to buy with what he’ll make off of me in the coming year. My left arm, (tennis elbow) is in distress while my right arm (golfer’s elbow*) is totally worthless and hangs listlessly swinging at my side. I’ve pretty much given up on Aleve and aspirin, etc. There’s too much pain – and they don’t seem to affect it in the least.

The snow that’s caused all of this mayhem is still with us of course - hell, it’ll be here in June there’s so much of the god damned stuff. Those areas that were plowed/dug to the pavement are now free and passable, but everything else has undergone numerous days of partial melt and refreezing, resulting in adamantine blocks that are almost impenetrable, (as I wrote in my last missive regarding this phenomena). I write “almost” because there is one tool at my disposal that will destroy ANY ice. With it, I am like a Conan of the Tundra, able to break down or through even the sturdiest blocks. It’s a huge pole-like staff, made from some sort of super-iron composite, (I strongly suspect it was forged in the pits of Mordor). It’s a rusty black color, about 66” long and an inch in diameter with a business end that looks like a rather large, crude flathead screw driver, about two inches across. Besides its absolute solidness, its main attribute is the weight – it must be about 35 pounds. This attribute is both a blessing and a curse, you can smash it through anything, but it’s a royal pain to use more than a few minutes, especially with a body as strained as mine now is. The thing is an indestructible monster, I swear I can see Sauron’s initials on the butt end of it, but Linda insists that’s just some scarring from the minute amount of rust that coats it. I don’t even really know what it was for originally, it’s not really a post hole digger, and not quite sharp enough for effective garden work, (not that I can see any gardener sweeping one of these things around the peonies). There’s even a debate as to where it came from, with Linda insisting that we bought it at a flea market in Alexandria while I seem to remember being the only one in our region who was capable of pulling it out of a huge block of ice, and thereafter being proclaimed “King Glacier Killer”, and “Yeti Bane”. Whatever, it gets the job done, but at the cost of my muscles and bones.

The other physical change I’ve undergone may also have a psychological component to it. Whenever there is a mention of the possibility of more snowfall in our area, one of my eyes and the corner of my mouth start twitching uncontrollably. I was out shopping briefly today and a few stray flakes started to fall. The results on my face were immediate, profound, and if I might say so – damned intimidating. Children now run from me, (an effect I’ve been trying to hone for years, and now it’s occurred!).

My physical predicament and gait have earned me the moniker of Quasimodo. I’ve decided to run with that, (well, stumble along, really) and have taken to speaking like Charles Laughton with a mouth full of marbles; and have applied to Notre Dame Cathedral for the position of chief bell ringer. And my prospects look good! Management already acknowledges that I have all of the correct physical attributes, but there is a sticking point in negotiations, as I am a traditionalist and demand the right to pour vats of hot melted lead on anyone I should choose. They are balking at this, a sure sign of the spiritual slough that modern France has fallen prey to. Nevertheless, I feel on the verge of a capitulation on their part towards this, my eye is twitching….

(*It is one of the many ironies in my life to suffer from an ailment named after a game I have so little regard for)

Great moments in Maryland legislation

I think that it should be Edgar Allan Poe's dust, but then I'm a romantic..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prince rehearsal videos from 1984

Watch fast, because these won't be available for long...

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Jabba The Cake

Eric Brace & Peter Cooper cover Karl Straub's "Drinking From A Swimming Pool"

A great song written by my old record store compandre, Karl. One of my faves.

A quotation for all of you parents out there

THE Ultimate Hitler Video

The New People

This is where the guys from "Lost" stole their premise, (they deny it, of course, I couldn't care less, I was reading/watching the same crap they were when growing up, except more so - I know...). It had its moments and was, I believe, the last show put out by Rod Serling.

I will live forever

Anyone who ahs been to The Manor knows that frankincense is one of my fave incenses, and I burn through close to a pound a year. Now, they need ro research jasmine and sandalwood...

Captain Kirk sells frozen vegetables

My next homebuilder

Dracula returning to Broadway

Splendid! I saw the road show around 77 after Langela had left and been replaced by Raul Julia, who did wonderfully. The set design was by Edward Gorey, and it was brilliant.

Just seen online:

Arkham’s Razor: A theory which suggests that the simplest explanation tends to lead to Cthulhu.

think of what this'll do with popcorn!

I think someone missed that class in medical school

the cutting edge of charging an Iphone

The Tatar version of We Are The Champions

Actually, this is pretty neat. Great costumes!

Wuss America (and its costs)

I never would have made it out of grade school....

Wait till the pimps get ahold of this...

The hannibal Lector Hello Kitty Tattoo

50 Impressions In 50 Seconds


Blobfish VS Crabzilla!

I'm upgrading from aluminum foil:

I'm a slave to fashion...

neuron inspired computers

Could be neat.

Weird Harrogate

Neat drawings!

an oldie but goody: Cthulhu Perfume!

a blog just devoted to skull art

a working model of the Nautilus!

This is so cool! You could go out to the lake, hide in the shadows while a bunch of kids mess around with their little toy boats, then send this beastie out at ramming speed like something from Jaws!

Victorian-era bowling alley

I want one...

neat site devoted to Halloween-type scarecrows


One step closer to the "death ray"...

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Hubba Hubba!

Well I, for one, can hardly wait to see "Miss Torso" on my handy dandy "Movie Vuer".
(Doesn't Miss Torso sound like the name they'd give to a teacher/character in Welcome Back, Kotter?)

Happy Birthday Sonny Bono!

Sonny had MANY faults, but I always liked his songwriting;(and he was a snazzy dresser!).

Happy Mardi Gras Day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Vatican's Top Ten

There are about 500 replies running through my head about this, all of them rude in the extreme. The kindest thing this old iconoclast can bring himself to say si that if the Vatican is now recommending rock'n'roll, then the genre is indeed is as dead as one of Monty Python's parrots...

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Suicide performs Ghost Rider

Wonderfully disturbing. I always thought Suicide was the best of the New York No Wave boomlet.

Laibach cover Sympathy For The Devil

A neat take on a classic.

Bruce performs For You

Great tune, one of my faves by him. Some of his best imagery. "Bar room eyes shine vacancy" - tell me about it; this is pure mid 70's street poetry. Truth.

Traffic's video for Paper Sun

Wonderful example of British psychedlia. Always wanted to play the sitar on this song.

Chubby Checker performs The Twist

Silly - and Essential.

RIP Dale Hawkins

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)


I can literally feel my arteries seizing up as I peruse their website. Yum!

Enlist Today!

I've got my aluminum foil helmet all ready. All I need now is some sort of ultra-long range weapon. I wonder if InterArms is still down there in Old Town? They'd have something in their warehouse, I'm sure of it.
If there's anything cooler than killing off terrestrial nazis, it's gotta be hunting down SPACE NAZIS! Cool!

I think we've glimpsed Internet Hell...

collection of Soviet photos from WWII

Interesting. Too bad there's not more background about them.

possible new info on Unit 731

It'll be interesting to see how much the Japanese government investigates and then releases on this. My guess: nada.

Hitler painting for Freud?!?

I suppose anything is possible. But it all seems awfully super-ironic; and I keep hearing a little voice in my head whispering "fraud"...
As for the statement "It is known that Hitler was popular amongst the Jewish community of Vienna in those days." I can only question further: says who? I've never heard this. In fact, it seems pretty preposterous to me. Hitler was virtually living in the gutter in Vienna. It is difficult to imagine him being popular in ANY community. I'd note that no proof is offered for such an astounding statement and once again smell fraud from people making such claims.

heating water until it's frozen...


Hunter Thompson calls tech support

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

RIP Fredrick Morrison - Inventor of the Firsbee

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

RIP Doug Feiger of The Knack

Happy Birthday Matt Groening!

An American Original. Genius, Essential, (and a very nice guy).

Happy Birthday Harvey Korman!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

steam powered vibrator

An interesting collection of early sex machines. I don't care how tacky it is, that steam powered one looks cool! Of course one can't mention sex machines without a nod to our own:

Remidner - Count Gore is showing Plan 9 this week on his web show


Happy Birthday Robert Shea!

Happy Birthday Norton I - Emperor of the United States!

And Protector of Mexico...

One of my heroes. An American Original.

Happy Birthday Ray Teller!

Happy Birthday Jack Benny!

One of my all-time fave performers. Genius. essential.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The film, Metropolis - Restored!

This is so cool! The DVD is supposed to be released in April. Neat-o!

a new Lovecraftian anthology on the way

the most irritating laugh in the history of the universe

(From one of the most irritating people...)

a collection of neat Japanese monster illustrations

great moments in spelling

Dental hygiene is so important...

the joys of texting....

the Swiss Army Knife

clearly, I need more fish oil...

A Brief Guide To Pretty Much Everything

Pretty cute!

Betty White for hosting SNL

A very nice article/pitch.


A Wiki devoted to Firesign Theatre!

a Polish/British spy in the nazi high command

Hmmm, interesting, it true. I think it's also possible that the British would have "created" this spy from their signals intelligence, (ULTRA, etc.), to see if word got back to Germany, thus exposing an agent in their own ranks. It would also be useful in causing paranoia and perhaps purges in Hitler's inner circle, (rumors are that the CIA was able to do something similar to this in Bulgaria during the Cold War). "The spy who wasn't there"...
Or it could have been one of Canaris' men, they were all over the place, politically. It'd be interesting to learn more.
I should also point out that I've always been a bit cynical about the last 30-40 years' worth of bragging about how much Britain "knew" of German war efforts through ULTRA, etc. In my opinion, much of the war in the West went on about as one would expect with out super code-breaking or super agents - both the successes and the failures. When one looks at situations like Arnhem, the Battle of the Bulge, Anzio,the destruction of the entire Dutch intelligence network, and the belief in the Tyrolian "Final Redoubt", it's difficult to mesh that with the near-perfect strategic intelligence that's often trumpeted.
I've often wondered if the claims on all of this weren't in some way meant to influence the Russians during the cold war. By claiming that we'd broken Ultra, etc, we were attempting to influence them away from a form of cryptography that we were having problems with, to one that we could break. One wonders. It's circles in circles...

MY kind of home protection!

The Power Of Christ Compels You!

Anniversary of the release of Black Sabbath

One of my fave albums.

Happy Birthday Peter Gabriel!

Friday, February 12, 2010

fanvid for Lene Lovich performing It's You, Only You

A dub version. Still cool.

fanvid for Frederick Knight performing I've Been Lonely For So Long

Love this song, almost forgotten now.

H.R. Giger Cake!


The Dead perform Uncle John's Band

Another timeless classic.

It's a buck dancer's choice my friend; better take my advice.
You know all the rules by now and the fire from ice.

Fight Smack In The Orphanage!

I believe we've found the Black equivalent of the Landover Baptist Church...

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

The Return of Blaxploitation!

About time!

fanvid - Leon Russell performs Queen of the Roller Derby & Roll Away The Stone


snow update

There have been many great fortifications throughout human history - The Great Wall of Chine, the Belgian fortress of Eben-Emael, the Maginot Line, the Assassin's castle at Alamut, etc. But today they are eclipsed. For the past twenty four hours, snowplows have been periodically running up and down our street, each time piling the snow higher and deeper onto our driveway entrance. Combined with the inevitable thawing and refreezing, it now is a solid block of jagged and jumbled ice approximately three feet high, seven feet deep and blocking the entire ten foot wide entrance. It is impenetrable, and it will not melt until mid-August. For once, I am hoping for a nuclear strike against DC, as I believe that may be what's necessary to break through, certainly conventional weaponry would be worthless against this White Monolith of Defiance.
Now, we all know about crime around here. Well, for the ONLY time in my life, I can leave my cars unlocked and know that they will be here in the morning. Hell, I can leave the doors open, the keys in the ignition, the engine on, and place a huge flashing neon sign on top saying "Free! Come & Get It!", and it wouldn't make any difference. No one can get them out. They might as well be parked on the Moon. Attila's horde couldn't get close to me. It's ridiculous...

a plug

Upton Tea's new catalog is out and available as a pdf file at their website. We've been dealing with Upton for about twenty years and HIGHLY recommend them, both for the selection of their teas, as well as the quality and the the efficiency of their service. They've really spoiled us over the years. If you're seriously into tea, they're the place to go, as far as I'm concerned.

the hitch-hiker

getting off on the wrong foot

the toughest vole

Happy Birthday Dracula (the film)

Premiered on this date in 1931. One of my faves.

Happy Birthday Ray Manzarek!

Happy Birthday Abe!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

fanvid for Gong performing Floating Anarchy

I think this is another one of those bands you pretty much had to be hanging around a record store to have heard of.

Blue Oyster Cult's video for Take Me Away


The Toys perform Lover's Concerto

Love this tune. A classic example of 60's girl group sound.

The Dovells perform Bristol Stomp

Always liked this little doo wop number.

Deep Purple performs Smoke On The Water

Dinosaur Stomp!

fanvid for Sam Cooke performing Chain Gang

Perfect song to shovel snow to...

anatomical bed linen

They hid the bar! The WHOLE FUCKING BAR!,0,5187801.story

Sigh. I am reminded of this scene from Animal House:

when vampires turn to armed robbery

The snow has affected us all....

Pizza and the Occult...

Dr. Frankenstein, I presume?

Germany's surrender for sale?!?!?

I'd be extremely curious as to how such a document came into private hands. My first guess is that it's simply a forgery.

dogs VS cats

75 years of gator legends

An update

Well, the snow stopped sometime last night, and the sun is now shining brightly. It's about 30 degrees. While it's still quite breezy, the winds do seem to have died down. Everything is covered under at least two feet of snow. I'm not sure how much fell yesterday because the winds were so fierce* blowing everything around, but I'd guess we got 6-8" here, maybe more. the drifts are as high as four feet in our neighborhood. Personally, I'm prepared to say that this is probably the snowiest Winter that I've lived through here - and the weathermen are now predicting another snowfall on Monday (!).
As you can imagine, just about everything is shut down, and I have no idea how we're going to tunnel out without the benefit of at least three 50+ degree days in a row. It's really something.

*Gusts of up to 50mph were recorded and the Manor was buffetted for hours by blows that were easily 25-35 mph - hurling chunks of ice and snow off of nearby trees and power lines against the house. We were lucky not to lose one or more windows with some of the hits we took, and luckier still that we didn't lose power, (many thousands did).

Happy birthday Bobby "Boris" Pickett!

The Guy Lombardo of Halloween.

Happy Birthday Sheryl Crow!

Happy Birthday Gene Vincent!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RIP Charlotte Lund

Most of you won't know her. Char passed away this afternoon. She was an old friend and comrade from my days at the record store. She was generous, smart, caring, and honorable. And she didn't suffer fools - whether they were customers, staff, or management. An Original in a store chock-full of Originals. She will be missed.

Me First! Me First!

eva braun - still a worthless bimbo

I'm beginning to wonder about the Brits and their sympathy to nazism. Despite the claims within this book review, there's not the slightest evidence that eva was anything ovether than what she has been accureately portrayed as from the beginning - a hole for hitler to stuff. The article itself offers NO proof as to the Olympic intelligence they assign to her except a single out-of-context quote from goebbels - a man whose name is synonomous with lies. And there are many quotes and witnesses to hitler's dismissal of her and her unimportance. This romanticising of mediocrity is just pathetic. I am reminded that the quick and dirty way to get noticed in academia is to take something well accepted and to propose the exact opposite of it, regardless of the evidence or ridiculousness of it. There is no "other side" to eva, she's as shallow as they come.

Henry Lamond - one of the great escapists of WII

What a history!

the mix-up

Alert David Janssen!

Don't leave home without it!

the "hide-and-seek" survival strategy

Pretty interesting.

The Olympic Pedobear...

Wonderful collection of American Civil War photographs

Was not familiar with this site. Looks like an excellent resource for Civil War buffs if one goes to the main page.

(Thanks for the link, Marcy!)

Happy Birthday Bertholt Brecht!

Happy Birthday Jimmy Durante!

Happy Birthday Lon Chaney, Jr.!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Wolftrap just announced their lineup for this year

Looks pretty good!

postings of Tom Lehrer appearing on That Was The Week That Was

Frankenstein Valentine Stickers,01.html

I miss stuff like this...

Self Help

some unbelievably good model cars and town

Really incredible.

office camouflage...

Octopus VS Mom

the cutting edge of cosmetics

revenge of the nerds

the ultimate wireless notebook

The cutting edge of hauntings...

I somehow doubt we'll be seing this explored on any of the myriad of ghost hunting TV shows out there...

Anniversary of The Beatles appearance on Ed Sullivan

Happy National Bagel & Lox Day!


Happy Birthday Barbara Lewis!

One of the most under-rated talents in pop music. Beautiful voice.

Happy Birthday Frank Frazetta!

The all-time master of illustration for fantasy and sword & sorcery. Genius. Essential.

Happy Birthday Wizards!

It has its flaws - but I love this movie!

Happy Birthday Carole King!

An American Treasure. Genius, and absolutely Essential.

Monday, February 08, 2010

review of Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter

The razzle Dazzle Effect in the Great War

Very nice site devoted to the efforts to confuse u-boats attacking Allied shipping in WWI.

(Thanks for the link, John!)

a curious ledger offers clues to Delmarva's 18th century history

nice article on the problems of long-term data storage

military research into cellular development, immortality and synthetic life

I believe this is how the next remake of "The Blob" will start out....

I shall live forever - with bones of adamantine purity

(Thanks for the link, Doug! (And thanks for the IPA, Stone!)

Happy Birthday England Dan!

I know, they were never cool - but I liked Dan & John.

Happy Birthday Jules Verne!

The Father of Steampunk. Genius. Essential.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Lord Ha-Ha broadcasts available online

I know some of his stuff is avaialble commercially, but this is a nice, if too brief, collection of historical broadcasts by one of the more infamous traitors of WWII.

Alien Sex fiend's video for I Walk The Line

they were so cool...

Razed In Black perform Share This Poison

One of my fave electro-goth bands.

The Dells perform Oh What A Night

A classic.

fanvid for The Cookies performing Don't Say Nothing Bad About My Baby

Always loved this tune.

Curtis Mayfield performs Gypsy Woman


Ugly furniture

the escape plan...

the day update

Well, after several hours of digging, I'd ugess we're no more than 30% done here. The good news is that the snow plows have been coming down our street regularly and it looks passable, if icy. The bad news is that the piles of snow they put in front of our driveway are about 50" high and maybe 13 feet wide. This is going to be painful...

a little something for the Ladies...

I Killed Them...Myyyyy Waaaay!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

nice interview with Patrick Stewart

Aliens Rap

Very cute!

(Thanks for the link, Chris!)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Count Gore is showing Plan 9 online!

snow update

It's difficult to be completely accurate due to the drifting, but I believe we just hit two feet of snow here at the Manor. And it's still expected to come down for another seven hours or so. Preliminary shoveling has demonstrated that there's almost no where to pile the much snow. It'll be interesting to see if/when we get out....

My theme song of the day:

very cool mechanical calculator!

something for the little ones

Hello Chainsaw

Chinese Quality

It would be interesting to discover if anything made in that country isn't poisonous, defective or otherwise dangerous.

DVD Classifications

the slow death of Centralia

for all of you Super Bowl fans - The Snack Stadium - with instructions

Mother Knows Best

It's time for Holland to get off of its High Horse


Wuss America

A nation of worthless pants-wetters.

great advances in technology

odd little article on Operation Catapult in WWII

I've noticed a disturbing pro-nazi trend in some British articles on the War, and this appears to be one, with it's ambivalent attitude towards a perfectly logical and inevitable course of military action by Britain. I won't bore you with details, but people whining about "poor ol' Vichy" deserve little but contempt. Vichy was an active, if mildly secret, ally of the nazis. Britain did the right thing, no question. Making it out like it was some gesture to get Roosevelt to smile is just being silly.

homesite for the new Wolfman movie

Shatterproof pint glasses in Britain

The Brits really are tumbling downhill. I can't believe anyone would waste a drinking vessel using it as weaponry. Barbarians....

just another day around DC

Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

Genius. Essential.

Happy Birthday Patrick MacNee!

One of my faves.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Tull performs My God


Funkadelic performs One Nation Under A Groove

George is an insane genius.

Al Stewart performs Year of the Cat

I've written about this before, a snowy evening always reminds me of this time of year back in '77, shuffling along in Gtown from one bar to the next with my friends. It was wet and cold and depressing and none of us knew where the hell we were really headed. Don't bother asking for explanations...

fanvid for The Chambers Brothers performing Time Has Come Today

Fantastic song...

The Commodores perform Sail On

Was never a huge fan of theirs, but always liked this rather retro song.

a little something for the secret agent ladies...

a cute, nsfw, ad about HIV and AIDS

(Thanks for the link, Ed!)

teleporting energy



tee hee!

I am about as removed from frat life as one can be, (and always have been - I don't have to buy my friends); and all involved sound so charming. Thanks for making my day, kids!


(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)


It started snowing here about two hours ago and immediately started sticking to the lawns, trees, etc. It is now just beginning to stick to the streets with that icy wetness that this region is known for. The weather reports are still all over the place on accumulation, but seems to be narrowing down to 18-24" over the next 36 hours. Another snowfall of perhaps 3-6" is now being predicted for Wednesday; and yet ANOTHER one is being called for next weekend. This will pretty much destroy DC, (perhaps not a bad thing), and the end of any life within 100 miles of the Capitol dome. If all of this comes to pass, it will probably be one for the record books, at least in my lifetime here. I believe I'll have a beer...

Slang City

Fun site! And it's not just modern slang. Ignoring this post makes you a slubberdegullion...

just another zoning issue around DC

the cutting edge of moisturizing

Wargaming in the military

As the article points out, this has been going on for some time. My own hope would be that they would allow the players to lose. Back in the 70's I heard horror stories about commanding officers changing the rules in mid-game to allow the trainees to "win" and not ruin the poor dears' self-confidence. Such childishness is contemptable and results in horrible leadership. Two of the biggest brats I knew in wargaming in the 70's were both junior officers who'd obviously been brought up in this type of environment and simply couldn't believe when they (inevitably) started to lose a game and the rules weren't changed to assure them victory. The gods only know how effective they'd of been in a real-life situation, bawling at the heavens that the "rules" should be changed to stop the enemy. This is what causes fragging....

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

I'm Saved!


Shackleton's Whiskey Found!

Anniversary of the release of The Urban Verbs in 1980

Great band and album.

Happy Birthday H.R. Giger!

Illustrator of the Damned....

Happy Birthday John Carradine!

Happy Birthday to The Smothers Brothers Ccomedy Hour!

Premiered on this date in 1967. Great show, one of the best, and one of the most mistreated.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I think I need to find this film

New Emoticons

a nice collection of strange festivals and celebrations

Vampire Bad-Ass-Ness

I completely agree. It's disgusting...

The cutting edge of dating services

But Mom, all the cool snakes are doing it!

How to hide an airplane facotry

Pretty neat! I wouldn't be surprised if more than a few Hollywood set and scene designers were employed this way during the War.

that special bond between a mother and her child

Beer paraphernalia show in Fredericksburg next week

a new procedure for transplanting lungs

A life saver - and delicious!


For the last 36 hours we here in DC have been inundated with increasingly shrill warnings that the End Times are due to arrive in the form of snow, starting tomorrow morning. My disdain for our weathermen's abilities is by now well known to you. All I can say is, "We'll see...". The current predictions are all over the place ranging from one to three FEET. Although there's been some significant melting, there is still about 2-3 inches of snow left on most grassy areas around here - so I suppose you can add that in too. I went to my local Costco today for normal shopping and, (unfortunately predictably), was caught up in a scene out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting. A few years ago, there was that popular movie, Gladiator. I never saw it, but I can now make a fair claim to having lived it. Imagine trying to shop and maneuver a large shopping cart through a warehouse full of rabid dogs. That was my morning, with a little more degradation thrown in. At any rate, we were well stocked before, and are now more so. I've got enough bourbon and Tab to last through the month. The fireplace is loaded and ready and I've been purchasing CD's of old radio shows like Lights Out, The Shadow, and The Witch's Tale. The Manor is ready for siege.

To them its a terror. For me - it's a main course

New journal - Of Seredipitous & Unexpected Results

ironic justice...

Happy National Stuffed Mushroom Day!


Happy Birthday Alice Cooper!

One of my faves.

Happy Birthday Tadeusz Kosciuszko!

A Patriot.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I never played with dolls - until now....

fanvid for Kaleidoscope performing The Sky Children

This is the UK band - not the USA one (who were also quite good)...

The Byrds perform 8 Miles High


The Five Stairsteps perform O-o-h Child


The Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose perform It's Too Late To Turn Back Now

Great group, and one of my all-time fave light soul songs. These guys should've been bigger.

The Chi-Lites perform Oh Girl

always liked these guys...

The Stylistics perform You Make Me Feel Brand New


Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes perform The Love I Lost

I know it's not Teddy, but it's still a great performance.

just another day in the District

I can't get all hot and bothered over the supposed drama in this article. It is just one more in a long list of criticisms I have of the pups now running the Post that they simply have no clue what this town is really like - and obviously aren't from here. The fact of the matter is that this place was, is, and always will be filled with secrets and people working on them. And it's not just the CIA (who are hardly the most secret of the bunch, just more arrogant about it - nice try guys). It is not ususual, and it is not dramatic. I had NO idea what my father did for a living until my late teens, and most of the information I've gained since then was as programs and details became declassified and part of history books and articles - and that was/is not unusual. DC is a company town, that company is the government, and some of that work is secret. No big deal. The pups at the Post need to grow up.


Um, now maybe it's just me, but how could anyone or anything interrupt one "hearing" a race on TV? I mean, isn't the whole thing visual? Exactly what scintillating dialogue was this guy missing out on?

"Every Other Day Is Halloween" DVD being released in April

A documentary about that Ghost Host With The Most: Count Gore DeVol!

I had no idea that Herb Tarlek was the fashion editor at Playboy!


Needless to say, I'm prepared:

The Hapi Drum

Great sound! Reminds me a little of some of the bigger African thumb pianos.

the tentacled snake

Pretty neat!

neat little lsiting of animals in warfare

I'm familiar with all of these but the "war pigs". Am not sure how successful one could be in herding pigs (aflame or not) towards an armed enemy with elephants.

Hitler - Irish music fan?!?

A strange little footnote to history. I wonder how that ss schmuck felt!

Nine year old mother

Sheesh! Sly Stone was ahead of the curve on this:

the divorce settlement

The Banana Car

My eyes like the snow - my back does not

Well, it snowed another 3-4 inches here at the Manor. And it looks quite pretty out there with the tree branches all covered. But that long driveway will be the death of me. We just finished digging out, and out weathermen are now calling for 1-2 FEET this weekend. I'm choking down Aleve like it was candy. By Monday I expect to be a cripple....

Cthulhu & Hobbes!

The Day The Music Died

Happy Birthday Norman Rockwell!

I know he's considered quite passe and low-brow. I don't care, I've always loved Rockwell's illustrations.

Happy Birthday Melanie!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Billie Jean - literally

the second weirdest posting of the day,,26665625-3102,00.html

I thought we were past the full moon...

The Strangest Story of the Year?

Ultra tres weird....

The Great Flydini!

new arguments for panspermia

The Spokesbird

the death cat

Happy Birthday Talleyrand!

Patron Saint of Diplomacy players. Genius.

My brother just sent me a new weather report for this weekend - one to two feet of snow...

the world's strongest beers,2933,584247,00.html

Bravo! Dogish is in the running!

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

Happy Birthday Wilbur Whateley!

According to H.P. Lovecraft, Wilbur (and his charming brother) was born on this date in 1913. Yog Sothoth!

Happy Birthday Graham Nash!

Happy Birthday Tom Smothers!

Happy Groundhog Day!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Timmy Thomas performs Why Can't We Live Together

So cool, almost forgotten now.

Big Daddy covers Dancing In The Dark

Great band and idea. They've released a bunhc of albums over the past 20-25 years, covering contemporary songs in a variety of styles from the 50's and early 60's. Fun stuff!

Paul Roland performs Lon Chaney

One of my all-time fave singer/songwriters. Brilliant. And a very nice guy.

Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul perform Lyin' In A Bed Of Fire

Always loved Miami Steve and the Disciples. Great sound.

Bill Watterson interview

The creator of Calvin & Hobbes

the Romans beat the Swiss!


pillow pumpkin patch


the cutting edge of Super Bowl ticket offers

Interesting series of articles, postings and debates about technology and the Internet

I confess I've not had time to digest all of this, yet. I remain somewhere between neutral and optimistic about most technology, (how could one have a blog and not be at least a little comfortable about the Internet). It is society's use of such that I remain deeply cynical about. As always, any advance seems to me to often be a mixed bag. One just deals with it and tries to create a society that will use any given advances in ways that are to one's benefit. Since opinions and views on what a "benefit" is can range widely and wildly, therein lies one of the great difficulties.
For a somewhat more optimistic view, with a nice list of associated links, I recommend folks go over to my old penpal, Infidel753 for a much deeper and broader analysis.

Whiskey Ads Predict The Future!

Fun stuff!

(Thanks for the link, Nick!)

neat (and spooky) icicle

wuss America

someone forgot to tell the parking garage that hitler lost

One wonders if any software testing takes place at these devlopment companies...

more on Canada's mystery rocket

The Virginia Wine Expo is coming up

Happy Birthday Bill Mumy!

Happy Birthday Clark Gable!

Happy Birthday Terry Jones!

Happy Birthday Don Everly!

Happy National Freedom Day!