Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A new IPA from Stone!

Gotta try to find this...

A nice slam at DC's biggest asshole

The End of the House Pages

I am a bit surprised by this, and suspect that the scandals, (and trying to avoid future scandals) was a bigger motivation than Congress is willing to admit. 

Dare you face the horror of the UnBread!?!?

"When there's no more room in plastic bags, the bread shall walk the earth!"

Fun stuff!

We're #1! We're #1!

Right On!  And we're going to be even wimpier and more pathetic this Winter, I guarantee it.  In fact, I know that just by putting the word "snow" in this blog entry, there's now a 50/50 chance that Fairfax County will close their schools for the day - and tomorrow.  You're welcome, Students!

A new documentary about Dracula

I've not seen this.  I don't mean to be churlish, but I'd be very surprised if there was anything new to say on the subject.  Drac, Vlad, and Bram have been done and gone over again and again in the last 40 years - in books and film documentaries. 

A wonderful interview with Eddie Floyd about himself, Stax, and Soul

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)


The Latvian Milk Carton Regatta!

For me, this is MUCH more interesting than that stupid America's Cup nonsense. 

Darwin Award Nominee

Whenever my car is showing signs of fire, I always try to get it as close to a gas pump as I can, as quickly as I can.  Otherwise, where's the fun?

Honey, Don't!

Happy Birthday James Coburn!

Happy Birthday Van Morrison!

Happy Birthday Glenn Tilbrook!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gilbert O'Sullivan performs Get Down

A doubly guilty pleasure.  Gil's ode to bestiality was a hit right around this time of year in '73.  I remember driving to and from school listening to this perverted little gem. 

Simon & Garfunkel perform Mrs. Robinson


Why, I Can Walk Again!

Mr. Barnum, call for you on Line 1.

No Clown Shoes

Very sad.  Of course, Smokey dealt with this issue decades ago:

fanivd for the Sandpipers performing Come Saturday Morning

And in keeping with my last posting...I consider this movie (The Sterile Cuckoo) and song the ultimate expression of college-age romances.  It's fine if you disagree, you just have no soul...

The Sterile Cuckoo has never been released on DVD, (that I know of), which just shows how pathetic the suits can be when trying to satisfy their market, (I guarantee that this film has a fanatical following amongst those WHO KNOW...).  At any rate, someone has seen fit to at least post it online.  If you've ever been in a serious relationship in college, and you're around my age, you'll recognize this instantly.

(Liza deserved an Oscar for this)

Steely Dan performs My Old School

It is a credit to Dr. Pavlov that even now, decades later, I still get antsy around Labor Day, fearing (subconsciously) that I need to gird myself for the 'dark satanic mills' of school. If you're from the DC area, this is the ultimate "Back To School" song.  Although they've explained/denied that is had anything to do with Virginia, or my generation, I'll never believe it.  I KNOW this plot line - intimately. Several of you reading this blog are headin' back to academia, I wish you good times and the best of luck.  This one's for you!

White Plains performs My Baby Loves Lovin'

A guilty pleasure, and one more in a long line of Tony Burrows front groups. 

A new film version of The Dunwich Horror

A Man of the People!

Clearly, he's one of Us!

An interview with goebbels' secretary

A minor footnote.  She doesn't sound very interesting, and frankly it's too late to tell if she was as naive as she claims. 

The SMiLE Sessions are being released

Star Wars Bike Helmet

The Onion captures The Future,17966/

(Thanks for the link, Larry!)

Happy Birthday Lewis Black!

Happy Birthday Frank Conniff!

Happy Birthday John Phillips!

A deeply troubled genius.

Happy Birthday Joan Blondell!

One of my faves.

Happy Birthday Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley!

Happy National Toasted Marshmallow Day!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Or are you happy to see me?

RIP Honeyboy Edwards,0,6146726.story

fanvid for The Ventures performing Wild Thing

I loved this album, an embarrassing number of decades ago. Oh, the Troggs' and Jimi Hendrix's version are my faves, but I love the whole Peter Lorre schtick they have going with this. Brilliant!

And then there were Five....

On this date in 1958, George Harrison joined Lennon, McCartney, Best and Sutcliffe in the Quarrymen...

Happy Birthday Elliott Gould!

One of my faves.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Moody's perform Are You Sitting Comfortably

One of my all-time fave bands. A great song for a laid back end-of-Summer evening. Linda and I are spending a calm evening after last night's storm, and it's time for me to rejoin her, watching the Sun's rays melting away. See ya tomorrow.

Blondie performs In The Sun

So cool. Before that stupid hit of theirs, Heart of Glass, Blondie was only known to the cognoscenti on the East Coast, putting out brilliant pop punk. Then it all became flash...

Bio-warfare in the American Revolution?

Hmmm, an interesting theory, but I am doubtful.  The Quebec operation cited was essentially a sneak attack, strategically, and I'd be surprised if sending a mob of diseased prostitutes out would be the type of response one comes up with under such circumstances.  The fact is, that whenever one gathered together an army, between the regular troops and the camp followers you were guaranteed to have one or more communicable diseases.  And within a short time, they'd be running rampant through your camp, disabling or killing a fair amount of your strength.  After 30-90 days, the various plagues would have run their course, killing off most of the people they were likely to, and THEN you could march off to war, (praying that you didn't have to add replacements later on, which would start the whole process all over).  The British didn't need to infect newly formed American armies, (like at the siege of Boston).  Drawing troops and those who accompany them from every town and field in New England would guarantee that culling would happen, regardless.  This is one of those examples of how we live in a totally different world now. 

The secrets of Building 640 - revealed

And yet another ignored chapter of the War being brought to light. 

The Fungi From Yuggoth return to the Manor!

It's nice to have such dependability!  Capistrano has its swallows, the Manor has its ichorous damnations...

Before we were so rudely interrupted

The storm hit about like I thought.  Loads of trees down, knocking off power, (we lost it here at the Manor for about 9 hours).  With the exception of a poor neighbor who has lost about a third of his house to a downed oak, damage was minimal, and we ourselves were untouched. 

Happy Birthday J.S. LeFanu!

Another great writer and master of horror.

Happy Birthday Animal Crackers!

Premiered on this date in 1930. Great Marx Brothers movie.

Happy Birthday Jack Vance!

One of my faves. Although known primarily for his science fiction and fantasy, I consider him the best fiction writer alive that I know of. His Dying Earth series of books are classics.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

9:00PM Update

The wind has picked up a little bit, but nothing serious, yet.  The rain is continuing somewhat haphazardly.  Some lightning is now starting up nearby, and I think it's about time to turn off the computer.  I continue to think that, for our area, this thing has been overblown, (and continues to be, based on the panic stricken emails that the local governments are Thanks to the friends who have called and emailed.  The Manor is (so far) quite safe and dry.  Sooner or later we're almost certain to lose power, just because a single tree falling down can cause that.  But so far, so good.  Time for another bourbon.  See ya tomorrow....

My Drunk Kitchen - Hurri-Can

As always, perfectly charming, except I would never allow the (polluted) rain to dilute my Cabernet. 

The Dead perform Box of Rain

It depends on my mood, but this may be my fave song by them.

Eddie Rabbitt performs I Love A Rainy Night

An interesting listing of upcoming scientific research

Some of these seem quite promising.  I'm sorry, but I have no faith in contemporary Chinese (confucian/fascist/authoritarian) abilities to truly advance science or technology.  Manipulate - yes.  But advance - no way, not if the last 500 years is any guide.  Keep stealing the West's guys, it's been working for you great.


Alert Krispy Kreme!

The Classics IV perform Stormy

The Fortunes perform Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again

The Guess Who perform Rain Dance

Creedence Clearwater Revival's video for Have You Ever Seen The Rain

The Beatles' video for Rain

Jimi Hendrix performs The Wind Cries Mary

Eric Burdon & The Animals perform Winds of Change

Mr. Zimmerman performs Blowin' In The Wind

An update...

As of 6:30, the wind and rain have definitely picked up.  I'd guess that the (occasional) gusts are up to about 25mph - tops.  A few trees are falling in the area and the usual resulting power outages are being reported, but no great numbers - yet.  (The Manor remains unaffected and fully powered).  From the reports that we're getting up here, Norfolk and the rest of the coastline and Southeast Virginia are getting the shit kicked out of them, but that was expected.  I still feel we're not getting hit all that bad here in NoVa, as long as you didn't choose to live in a floodplain.  We'll see if our luck holds over the next 6-8 hours.

On the other hand, some people enjoy hurricanes....

Farewell to Good Eats

Despite not being a cook, I am a big fan of this show and will definitely miss it and Alton.  I think his mini-series on food within history will be great!

Headline of the Day

Cool Photo! (I don't care if it is fake)


Taxi! Taxi!

A chilling story from the War.

And so it begins...

The local weatherwimps continue to bleat about the total destruction of DC. For the past two hours we've had a gentle rain and robust breeze here at the Manor. While I wouldn't want to live near the coastline or on a flood plain, I remain skeptical that things are going to get that bad here. Irene has a long way to travel before hitting here, and seems more aimed to glide to our East and up towards New Jersey. Our problem will be if the winds pick up enough to knock down trees, (which seems to be a frighteningly regular occurrence with any type of bad weather these days). That'll mean power outages, and in August, that's no fun.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Melanie performs Ruby Tuesday

Another artist almost forgotten now. I always liked her voice, if not the material (her biggest hit, Brand New Key, is wretched). This is a beautiful rendition.

fanvid for Humble Pie performing Rolling Stone

I absolutely love this song, used to listen to it constantly back in the early 70's. I'm not positive, but believe that's Peter Frampton on lead guitar for this performance.

Crow performs Evil Woman

Fun stuff! If I remember correctly, this was actually a cover of a Black Sabbath song (that wasn't released in the States, at least at that time). But I could be wrong on that, twas a long time ago....

Rank & File perform Amanda Ruth

Cow Punk never seemed to get much past Southern California, which is a pity, I loved it. And R&N was one of the best. The first and second albums were just about perfect.

An excellent article on Five Guys hamburgers

My fave burger place. And these guys are real. The shop mentioned in the article is one I went to for years, (and the second one they set up), run by one of the sons - and I do mean that he was right there, taking orders and directing the staff, etc. Every day. These guys are not a bunch of corporate suits who've never done an honest day's work in their lives, (I'm looking at you, Borders executives...). And I love the food, the simplicity that they mention in the article and the whole non-bullshit attitude.

RIP Esther Gordy

Christine Lavin takes on Hurricane Irene

She's always charming. I just love Christine.

(Thanks for the link, Linda!)

Happy Birthday Shirley Manson!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Neil - For Hurricane Irene

Our weathermen are already foaming at the mouth over the end of all life in Virginia starting sometime tomorrow, supposedly. We are being urged to collect enough supplies to last through a Nuclear Winter and I assume that the grocery stores have already been denuded of anything useful. As a professional hedonist and dedicated materialist, I am in no need of such panic mongering - always keeping a large supply of whatever I should need at hand. The Manor is ready to withstand whatever....

Uriah Heep performs Easy Livin'

A minor classic of early 70's hard rock.

fanvid for Nite City performing Summer Eyes

Not totally forgotten, Nite City were a band formed by Ray Manzarek around '75, (after The Doors and a couple of solo albums).  They never got much respect, but I liked 'em, even saw them perform at the Warner Theater.  Another nice song for late August.

Tommy James performs Crystal Blue Persuasion

It was originally a hit around this time of year in '69.  And since then, it's always reminded me of the tag end of Summer, with it's laid back feel.  Probably now my favorite song by Tommy.

Baby Super Nova!

How cute!  What does one bring to the Shower?

The Aleutian Bunkers

Another little footnote to the war.  I had an Uncle in the Army Corps of Engineers stationed in the Aleutians for the better part of the war.  I suspect he had a small hand in these buildings.

Das Barge

Strange man.  Having visited onboard one WWII era sub, (The Drum), I can't imagine why anyone would choose to live like that as a hobby.  "Cramped" doesn't begin to cover it.

Solar Storm Film

Pretty neat!

Irene, Goodnight....

And now we have to worry about Hurricane Irene, and the panic is already setting in here.  The above article is yet one more mewling piece from the Post about the complete lack of any type of plan or coordination around DC in case of a large emergency, (To be read: terrorist setting off a nuclear device on the Mall). Their solution is to create yet another office/agency/bureaucracy to somehow make everything better, because lord knows there just don't seem to be enough offices/agencies/bureaucracies crammed in here already.
As I have stated in the past: All of this jawing is doomed to failure. Every day we have a practice mass evacuation around here. It is done calmly, it is done with everyone knowing the time, where they are going, and how they are going to try and get there. And we fail - EVERY time.  It is called 'Rush Hour'.  A real emergency with the resulting panic will be twenty times worse.  The fact of the matter is that this area grew up, (exploded, really) over the past 40 years with little thought to things like urban planning, transportation needs, and particularly - evacuation plans.  Depending how you want to count it, the DC area now includes between three and five million people scattered over at least a couple thousand square miles.  The road and rail systems were built to accommodate, at best, a third of that number.  In addition, the center of gravity has splintered.  Not everyone works and shops within about 3 square miles of DC like they did when I was a child.  Everybody goes everywhere, now.  The road network was built to where we were around 1980.  The Metro was built for 1965.  YOU SIMPLY CANNOT MOVE PEOPLE AROUND HERE QUICKLY - talking like you can is just wasting time and (eventually) money.  We are stuck.  There are no solutions, unless and until you start moving vast swathes of the Federal government (and the Beltway Bandits that go with it) elsewhere and set up draconian centralized planning for development - neither of which are even fever dreams on the horizon.  So, give up.  Stop fantasizing.  Recognize reality - we are fucking doomed if anything really happens here.  We will just have to sit tight, and stick it out, come hell or high water - just like what happened during the Air Florida accident, or this earthquake, or 9/11, or every single time someone reports a god damned snowflake falling somewhere.  We fall apart, and that's not going to change.  As for needing to pay government employees to tell us which roads are blocked (a childishly simple job, since most of them always are) - we've already got such an agency - it's the small army and air force of traffic reporters for all the news stations in town, including radio, TV and Internet; all rushing out to gleefully tell us how colossally miserable we're going to be for the next 2-24 hours, and why.  This is all just silly talk from the Post, (who probably wants to get the government contract to supply the 'emergency coordinator' with traffic info....)

IKEA founder's nazism,7340,L-4113201,00.html

Not surprising. Long-time readers of this blog will note my continuing disdain for the idea of "neutral" Sweden during the war. It was a somewhat passive ally of hitler's, semi-secretly contributing its navy, its territory and some troops to the nazi cause. The cooperation is ignored in most 'pop' histories of the period. Add in the usual geopolitical machinations of the war and post war periods, and you have a nice whitewash of the whole thing.
The politics of the War was much more complicated than is generally presented, and sometime people luck out because of that. The "Three S's" are an example, (Sweden, Switzerland, & Spain).

Happy Birthday Born To Run!

My all-time favorite album.  Released on this date in 1975.

Happy Birthday Tim Burton!

Genius.  Essential.

Happy Birthday Sean Connery!

Happy Birthday Elvis Costello!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Isn't this how the perfect murder is committed?

(Thanks for the link, Nick!)

In honor of the Quake

Carole King

Big Joe Turner

Jerry Lee Lewis

Eddie Money

K.C. & The Sunshine Band

Flamin' Groovies


Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

Roky Erickson

Pandas - Still cute, and still stupid

Inflatable Church (And Balloon Bounce!)

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

the most tasteless American wine - ever

Grand Theft!


Leave the baby behind, eh?

Headline of the Day

The Bionic Dophin

Pretty neat!

Balanced Rocks

Fun stuff - and beautiful pictures.

Neuro News!

I'm becoming increasingly interested in this stuff.  Wish I had a better background in it to understand the details.

Bed & Breakfast?

A nice tribute to Jerry Leiber

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

The Dophin Boat

Amazing.  I can see DARPA and the Navy's SEALS getting interested in something like this.

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Myth Punchers take on zombies!!

I love these guys.

The 2011 Earthquake Song

(Thanks for the link, Jeff!)

Anniverary of the Battle of Bladensburg

The one that's never talked about in history books. The one they don't want you to know about. Probably the worst "fought" (and I put that in quotation marks) battle in the history of this country. It was in the defense of D.C., of course. It was just a total mess. And it occurred on this date in 1814.

Happy Birthday Niagara!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cats With Owl Faces

Vaguely disturbing, combining two predators like that....

(Thank for the link, Mathew!)

The Beloit Mindset List is out - What today's College Freshman Know (or don't)

I always find this mildly disturbing. 

Earthquake At The Manor!

Just happened about twenty minutes ago, lasted about 30-40 seconds. My first real earthquake - scared the hell out of me, as I couldn't figure out what was happening. It sounded like a huge truck was driving through my house. Fortunately, there doesn't appear to be any damage. (I consider it a small miracle that all of the knick-knacks and pictures around here didn't fall and break.)   DC seems to have survived with little to no damage, at least according to initial reports.

Murder By Red Ryder BB Gun?,0,692152.story?track=rss

RIP Jerry Leiber,0,6666381.story

Monsterfest is coming to Chesapeake in October

Happy Birthday to The Big Sleep!

One of my fave films. Premiered on this date in 1946.

Happy Birthday Keith Moon!

Happy Birthday Mark Russell!

Happy Birthday Gene Kelly!

Happy Birthday Oliver Perry!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Hollies perform Carrie Anne

Probably my favorite song by them. This is a nice stripped down version.

The Boulder House

I just think that this looks so cool!

Air Force Pilots with Anti-Freeze in their Blood?!?

More Facebook Misspellings...

Some of these are very funny.

Next month - the Poe Haunted Homecoming Tour, in Richmond

Alert Somerset Maugham!

Happy birthday John Lee Hooker!

Happy Birthday Dorothy Parker!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

B.J. Thomas performs Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

A classic.

fanvid for Trent Reznor & 1000 Homo DJ's performing Supernaut

One of THE coolest songs of All Time.

The Cult's video for She Sells Sactuary

So cool....

The Stranglers' video for No More Heroes

They were never really a punk rock group, but rode that little wave to a certain amount of stardom. I always loved these guys.

fanivd for The Doors performing Summer's Almost Gone

And so we enter The Decline. In my misspent youth, the parties at this time of year always had a certain sad desperation undercurrent to them. We knew that the Season was coming to a close. Time to go home from vacations, time to trudge back to the school mills, etc.

Grand Funk performs We're An American Band

I believe it was close to 38 years ago to the day that I first heard this song, (over a radio station in good ol' Madison, Wisconsin). One of those songs that reminds one of dark rooms and cheap wine....

fanivd for Spirit performing Dark Eyed Woman

I've posted this a few times, but it seems appropriate for this evening.

The Speeding Ticket

Mazzy Star performs Disappear


The General on DVD

This will be of great interest to your older wargamers out there. In the beginning (of board game wargames, at least) there was the Avalon Hill Company - a legend in the hobby. And their magazine, The General, was the house organ that slowly but surely nurtured the hobby, allowing folks to make contact with one another,etc., realizing that one wasn't alone in their love of these games. If this collection is as complete as it claims, this is a wonderful reference.

Wow! Prince Valiant & The Cthulhu Mythos Meet!

The cutting edge of liquor store signs

Great moments in Entrepreneurship

 (Thanks for the link, Infidel753!)

Happy Poets Day!

An Epic Rap Battle - billy Mays VS Ben Franklin

Fun stuff!

(Thanks for the link, Bill!)

Happy Birthday Friz Freleng!

Happy Birthday Joe Strummer!

Happy Birthday Jackie DeShannon!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Spinners perform I'll Be Around

My fave song by them. The Spinners were one of those groups that just radiated quality and style. They were wonderful. I've written about this song in the past, (forgive me); When one is young, there are people, places, and things that form an importance beyond anything else that happens in one's lifetime. And you make promises, and commitments to them, that you will or would never do again. This tune captures that, (at least to me). A brilliant encapsulation of that rare combination of innocence,seriousness and romanticism that can only exist for a few all too brief years in one's life.  Some of you reading this were here for that, (We had some fun, didn't we?); This one's for you.  See ya tomorrow...

fanvid for Alien Sex Fiend performing I Walk The Line

Tell me about it....

The Psychedelic furs perform India

One of the best bands from the early 80's. Criminally ignored in the States.

fanivd for Ann Peebles performing I Can't Stand The Rain

Wonderful R&B ballad from the 70's.

The Bay City Rollers perform Saturday Night

Perhaps the last great bubblegum hit. And one of the genre's finest examples.

Info and the trailer for Underworld IV

On the one hand, it's probably not particularly original or even interesting. On the other hand, it's got Kate Beckinsale...

The Shade Illusion


(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Happy Birthday Isaac Hayes!

Happy Birthday Phil Lynott!

Happy Birthday Robert Plant!

Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft!

The Master....

Happy National Lemonade Day!


Lego 3D Milling Machine


(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Is Dinochicken on the way?

Best Wedding Pictures - Ever

Is there any difference between Reality and an issue of The Onion?

I demand a dust cover and heavy duty binding....

I demand a dust cover and heavy duty binding....


Yum, let me put my bib on...

The return of June & Jean Millington of Fanny!

I always liked Fanny - very under rated early 70's rock band. 

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

Happy Birthday Ginger Baker!

Happy Birthday Gene Roddenberry!

Happy National Hot & Spicy Food Day!


Happy National Potato Day!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Loggins & Messina perform House At Pooh Corner

I suppose I should list this as a Guilty Pleasure, but I don't think so.  Oh, it reeks of innocence, I know, perhaps the most innocent pop song of the baby boomers, but there's a sincerity too it also, and I like it.  A near perfect exposition of childhood.  Sometimes I miss that.  And sometimes I miss my Virginia Gentleman.  See ya tomorrow....

Harry Chapin performs W.O.L.D.

I've mentioned before that as a callow youth I'd had a fantasy of being an 'underground' radio DJ. This song is a nice example of the dark side of that dream, (the commercial radio jock). I still harbor hopes, (perhaps naively), that Internet radio will allow a renaissance in the type of formatting, (or non formatting) that I loved so well.

I know that Harry was not always personally or professionally acclaimed.  But he was a great idealist and humanitarian, who put his time, and his money, on the line - not always in ways that were promoted or publicly known.  He didn't need to talk the talk, the Man walked the walk.

Cream performs White Room

We are not worthy....

A Night Of Danger

It's been thundering away here at the Manor off and on for the past two hours. It's hot, it's humid, and it's dangerous. there have been several high-profile murders around the District. It's that time of year, it's that type of climate. Reminds me of nights 40 years ago, when this was the soundtrack to mischief, danger and exploration....

Zombie Sandals

The Disguise....

Darwin Award Nominees...

Happy Birthday Jerome Criswell!

Happy Bad Poetry Day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dark Destinations

A very cool travel site for those interested in macabre and/or dark themed places to visit.

The Taiwanese take up Zombie movies

"Glow Stick" now takes on a new meaning....

Interesting article on how the American way of war has changed over the past 70 years

Some great street sign editing...

Would you like fries with that island?


"Suicide Bomber' Bacteria


Buffy would take care of this in about 10 seconds...

Coco Chanel - nazi

I'd need to get deeper into the documentation, but suspect that most of this is true. A lot of French 'cafe society' and its elites weren't particularly nice, nor enlightened, nor smart, when it comes down to brass knuckle politics and ideology. And they wanted to keep playing after occupation, and that meant dancing to a nazi tune. More such stories will come out in the future, (I'm looking at you, Jacques Cousteau....)

Bob Seger reissues on the way

Wuss America

As someone who makes their own bed, I am unaware of how a fitted sheet is either more or less dangerous than an unfitted one...

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

The Trekkie Proposal

Sheesh, being a Captain of a ship, I thought he could marry 'em...

When toy blimps attack!

This is a wonderful story. And after reading it, I know that I gotta get one of these suckers!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Only 75 Days Until Halloween!

Needless to say, I am already getting stoked for the Holiday. Been checking out the local craft shops for decorations and ideas. And the wolfsbane patch is coming along nicely.

Happy Birthday Mae West!

Genius.  Essential.

Happy National Rum Day!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Glenn Strange!

Black Sabbath Reunion

Nice article on the film Cast A Deadly Spell

I was able to view it about ten years ago at a Cthulhu convention. It's an amusing take on the Mythos.

Alert Jor-El!

A Hair Raising Sound System!


(Thanks for the link, Chris!)

Once in a while, the road just calls to you...

It's a really nice afternoon here at the Manor.  Puts me in the mood for a long drive.  Unfortunately, there's no longer any open roads around here.  Sigh - I wanna go a few hundred miles.  Well, here are some tunes.

Golden Earring

Steve Miller Band


Vanity Fare

Canned Heat



David Lindley

Tom Robinson

Ronny &The Daytonas

Jo Dee Messina

Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen

Jackson Browne

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

And you knew you wouldn't get out of here without some Bruce...

AC/DC - Vintners

Anti-Zombie Prejudice Is Never Pretty

I Have A Dream...

The cutting edge of birthday presents

Sounds like a rocky relationship to me....

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

My next set of clothespins

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival coming to L.A.

A live album by Rockpile is being issued

A new Halloween tradition starting up

I love it!

Bugs Bunny -- the only cartoon character in the Marines

A fun little tidbit to WWII.

The "Soldier-Bear" gets a statue

An interesting little footnote to the war.

Anniversary of the death of Bela Lugosi

Anniversary of the debut of the Ramones!

They first played at CBGB's on this date in '74.  One of the greatest rock'n'roll bands of all time.

Monday, August 15, 2011

For All Fans Of Pee-Wee Herman

(Thanks for the link, Missy!)

Anniversary of the Beatles playing Shea Stadium in 1965

And, at the same time, The Rutles were playing at Che Stadium:

Beer Week In DC

Little Eva performs Locomotion

Fun stuff!  Classic Brill Building.

Fontella Bass performs Rescue Me

One of the great vocals.  This used to get way too much airplay on the local oldies stations, but it's still a great song. 

True West performs Lucifer Sam

They were a wonderful band....

Nick Lowe & Rockpile's video for Cruel To Be Kind

The Jesus Of Cool.  My fave song by one of my fave performers, as well as one of the best rock'n'roll bands of all time.

LA Light

Beautiful film of Los Angelas.

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Metropolis II


(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Muppets: The Green Album

Dracula Airlines!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Dogs shaking off water

Some fun pics!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

A t-shirt for my fellow Alexandrians,254374725

A cooking blog devoted to the recipes of Vincent Price!

Vinny was quite a gourmet.  Very cool.

Our local art critic

Awkward Pregnancy Photos

You gotta love the Internet...

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

Interesting article on the "Ritchie Boys" of WWII

I knew that German Jews were used as interrogators,etc., but did know it was organized in this fashion.  Pretty interesting. 


Great moments on Facebook

Lon Chaney Sr. is on TCM this month!

Brain Eating Amoeba in Virginia...

Hmmm, hot weather and stagnant water.  That pretty much covers all of Tidewater....

Trailers From Hell is taking on The Legend of Hell House

A wonderful site that I've mentioned in the past - highly recommended.  They take famous folks in the film business and allow them to do a commentary over the trailer to some of their favorite movies.  Some of these are very cool, and Hell House I consider an absolute classic in the horror genre.

The cutting EDGE of environmental news!

(Thanks for the link and title, Mike!)

No more Spock at conventions

A nice site devoted to The Twilight Zone

Happy Birthday Huntz Hall!

Happy birthday Jimmy Webb!

Happy National Lemon Meringue Pie Day!


Happy Birthday Woodstock!

Happy VJ Day!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh my gods....

Of course, I own this* along with about the first 15 years' worth of issues.  It replaced a zine called Thunder Road, (which I also have a complete set of, having subscribed from the beginning....).  I wonder how much those are going for?

(*Missy - It's fabulously rare!)

I'm going to my haberdasher immediately!


I love seeing the wealthy relieved of their money!

Why I never play Yahtzee|htmlws-sb-n|dl1|sec1_lnk3|219018

Harrison Ford settles an old score

For very small D&D players

Anti-zombie slingshot

Some neat weapons of the 19th century

A real Batmobile

Japan's 300 year old "robots"

Peter Cannon's Forever Azathoth being reissued

A fun little collection of parodies.

Stained Glass Cthulhu


Miss hitler?!?

Hmmm, I suppose it's possible, but would want to read the good Professor's book to check on documentation and what context this little revelation involves.  There were hundreds of schemes going on in WWII - there are in any major conflict.  Just because someone writes something down on a cocktail napkin during a get-together, it doesn't mean that there's a serious plan afoot.  And the whole sex change thing sounds ludicrous to me, it really doesn't solve anything for the Allies, if you think about it carefully.

As for the Panjamdrum, I think the author is being a little harsh.  Yes, it was a disaster.  But it wasn't put into actual use, that's what the testing was for.  And the problem it was trying to solve was a very real one for Allied planners - how to breach the Atlantic Wall fortifications during D-Day, (a procedure that needed accuracy and lots of explosive power with (hopefully) a minimum exposure to the men using it).  Desperate times call for some desperate research and development.  And not everything works out.  I'm inclined to have a kinder view of the folks engaged in it.

A touch of things to come

Was working out in the yard this past week.  And for a day or two, the humidity dropped.  In addition, there was a feeling to the breeze that wasn't Summer-y, and the yellow jackets were out and more aggressive.  The first, slight, touch of Fall.  Oh, we've got at least four more weeks of the hot stuff, maybe even double that - but Change is on the way....

I'm sure that this is a marriage for love - not money

Jesus Christ!  Kill it with fire!!!!!!!!

Not a good year for her....

An FW 190 and ME 109 flying together


(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Happy Birthday Rocky Horror!

Premiered on this date in 1975. Ow!

Happy Birthday David Crosby!

Happy Birthday Dash Crofts!

Happy Birthday Gary Larson!

Genius. Essential.

Happy National Navajo Code Talkers Day!


Happy Liberty Tree Day!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Iron Boy Warriors of the Future!

A great gift idea for the little jedi in your life


Neat Halloween-style clock

Gary Gygax - The Movie!!!!?????

a nice site for jack o lantern ideas and equipment

Jazz Church

Headline of the day

The coolest bookmobile?

Guerrilla Checkers

Neat idea.

But how does it taste with steak?

Phones for Knitters....

Ten interesting restaurants

Steampunk goggles!

Van Halen and M&M's

Neat story. For another neat story about concert riders, check out Iggy Pop's.

Neat office

Interesting article about entombed cats

Another remake of The Thing

Hopefully it'll be fine, but the original was great and I remain unconvinced that great movies need to be re-interpreted.

Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock!

Happy National Filet Mignon Day!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Ronny & The Daytonas performing GTO

One of the great hot rod songs, and one the first 45's I ever owned, so this is a personal fave.

David Lindley performs Mercury Blues

Love this!  David's first album was one of the best of the 80's - and totally ignored by the public.

fanvid for David Bromberg peforming Mr. Bojangles

One of those songs that it's difficult to do a bad version of.  Jerry Jeff Walker (genius) wrote it, and performed a great version of it, of course.  And the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band  covered it and had a hit with it, (that I also love).  And Sammy Davis Jr. took it and made it his theme, which really does work, and his version is absolutely reeking of truth by a guy who has been there.  And because of that, it might be, objectively,  the best version.  But I think Bromberg may beat him out, at least for me.  The song's perspective is from a sympathetic observer, and he captures that perfectly.

fanvid for George performing If Not For You

One of the Gods, singing one of the greatest love songs ever written. 

John Denver with Bill & Taffy Danoff performing Country Roads

Sigh.  Bare with me. 
There was a brief period of time circa the Summer of '71 when Denver was cool.  And Bill & Taffy were legitimate local DC stars.  And yes, the whole song is geographically challenged, (the Blue Ridge are NOT in West Virginia, and the Shenandoah River's mark there is minimal, to be charitable).  But just give me a moment to enjoy a period of relaxed innocence that occurred around this time in August forty years ago....

Well Hung Heart performs I Can't Dance

Rapidly becoming my fave new group.

Lulu and Neil perform The Boat That I Row

I've always loved this song, Neil is much cooler than you think, (Yes, I can hear the snickers...).  And Lulu is beautiful.

Tee Hee!

electronic skin patch

I await the articles proclaiming this to be the End Times....

a remake of the Munsters?

The cutting edge of motorcycle helmets

BWAHAHAHAHA - the Walk Score Scam

This will only be of interest to DC folks, but what a fucking joke this all is. Tysons Corner is walkable?!?!?  SINCE WHEN??????????  Maybe, 1979...  It's amusing to see the explanation for this scam - that it merely measures distance to a grocery store or two, and nothing else.  The fact that there are NO sidewalks, and eight lanes of gut wrenching 24-hour-a-day-traffic* to cross to get anywhere in town are not factored in.  Nor the Mordor-like construction that has created a landscape that looks more like the Verdun battlefield, (and with about the same rate of survivability).   And then the old bromide about walking reducing weight.  So does terror, and you're going to be experiencing it in great gobs if you try to walk anywhere but inside the god-damned malls.  And then they have the absolute audacity to claim that this hyper-limited criteria can be used to assess real estate value. Great!  In fact, I suggest folks invest in Dachau Real Estate.  The 'walkability' should be just about a perfect 100 - EVERYTHING you're allowed access to is within a few yards of where you sleep, and I guarantee that you'll lose weight while there.  Check with our sales manager, Adolf, tell him that Walk Score sent ya....

(*Claiming that traffic density is factored in is yet one more joke.  The place is a river of cars.  It's not dense, it's fucking solid. Electrons fear Tysons...

Great Headlines

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

Weddings From Hell

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

An Interview with Billy Bragg

(Thanks for the link, Peter!)

Happy Birthday to The Wizard of Oz!

Premiered on this date in '39. Great film, one of the best. But the plot is a little sinister: A teen runaway accidentally kills a little old lady whom she's never met before. She than gathers a gang of social outcasts and goes on a rampage to murder her victim's sister. On the way, she's serenaded by dwarves.

Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler!

Happy Birthday Dan Curtis!

Happy Vinyl Record Day!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

That'll cost you two Luke Skywalkers

Ha! Baseball is proven superior to Cricket!

How not to succeed in kidnapping

sigh, we've just got to get smarter criminals...

RIP Steve Popovich

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

Happy Birthday Solid Gold!

Premiered on this date in 1980.  Never really got the respect that it deserved.  I know that it contained a mixed bag of performers, but that's inevitable on TV.  It did host some great acts.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fanvid for Lobo performing Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend

A guilty pleasure.  The cognoscente never considered Lobo anything more than a Top 40 bit of fluff.  Fair enough.  But I always like him, considering him one of the best of the early 70's soft rock stars.  His first album is still one of my faves.  This is a great song about breaking up. 

Chocolate city - DC's newest brewery

Peanuts - The Lost Characters

This article is absolutely essential to students of pop culture.

Headline, and story, of the day

RIP Nancy Wake

A True, larger than life, Hero.

The Maryland RenFest starts in two weeks!

My next book purchase in political science


(Thanks for the link, Pete!)

The latest on "brain cap" technology

Fascinating. I always love stuff like this.

Cleaning Up

MST version of Manor coming out on DVD!!!

This is absolutely essential.

Insert insensitive and crude quadriplegic joke here....

A public memorial for the Big Man

Dorothy meets Billy & Pet

New documentary on the Cowsills on the way!

I know they're corny.  But I always like those guys.  Some very good pop music.

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

The Isle of Man - Juggernaut of Finance and Industry

I don't even pretend to understand how contemporary economics now works.  I suspect that it doesn't - and that would explain a lot right there.

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Happy Birthday Horsefeathers!

A great film by the Marx Brothers. Premiered on this date in 1932.

Happy Birthday Ian Anderson!

One of my faves. Genius.

Happy Birthday Bobby Hatfield!

Happy Birthday Ronnie!

One of my fave.  Sigh, Ronnie....

Happy Puck Fair Day!

Happy National Banana Split Day!

Yum!  I used to be seriously addicted to these things as a kid.  I doubt that three days went by that I didn't manage to gobble one down, back when I was about 9-14 years old.  In the Summers, when my folks would take us traveling across country, each evening after stopping for the night, my Dad and I would stroll off to find a local ice cream parlor or drive in to sample that region's wares.  Nice memories.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Eric Burdon and War perform Spill The Wine

This is so Summer of '70 that it hurts.  Pure decadence.  I love this song.

Grand Funk performs I'm Your Captain (cut short, unfortunately)

A classic of early 70's 'hard rock'.  I've always loved this song. 

fanvid for the Mood Six performing Plastic Flowers

One of the best British neo-psychedelic bands of the early 80's.

Lothar & the Hand People perform Machines

Does anyone besides me remember these late psychedelia/early moog folks?

fanvid for Jimi peforming Manic Depression

Fun stuff!

Billy Stewart performs Summertime

A classic of the Season.

Great Pie Charts

The way to a man's heart is through YOUR stomach....

Job opening in Alexandria

Nice interview with Tommy Ramone

The cutting edge of the ADA

Hmmm, I guess 'Body Language' isn't good enough for him.....

My next bolwing ball - Zombie Head!

Tee hee!  I love it!

(Thanks for the link, John!)

Happy Birthday David Steinberg!


Monday, August 08, 2011

fanvid for The Stones performing Wild Horses

It is alternatively incredible, amusing and depressing to me that this lovely tune is now 40 years old.  I still remember listening to it at my Uncle Harry's house in Colorado with my cousins, just around this time of year, and at this time of mid-evening - With the lengthening shadows stretching across his front lawn as they now drip down on the Manor.  "Childhood living is easy to do", Mick sings.  Sigh...tell me about it.
And wild horses couldn't drag me away, but that old bastard, Time, and his four decades surely have. I hope you have friends and situations you can remember with fondness 40 years from now. As for me, one more bourbon. See ya tomorrow.

fanivd for Donovan performing Wear Your Love Like Heaven

My fave song by him. One of the finest examples of British Flower Power Pop. Such innocence...

fanvid for Marshall Crenshaw performing Whenever You're On My Mind

Power Pop God.

Nine Inch Nails performs The Hand That Feeds

So cool....

Weird Al performs Spy Hard

As usual, brilliant...

Forget the Great Wall of China - Now there's the Chain Link Fence of Alexandria

 I guess that there were no kids' lemonade stands to bust this week, and local bureaucrats had to find something to justify their parasitism.  And so, cheap-ass chain link fences have now entered the canon of architectural glory.  I, for one, am glad - and think that much more must be done.  I believe that whole armies of Alexandria bureaucrats should be employed making sure that all of the living room furniture in these houses is covered in thick sticky plastic 'protective' sheets - just like they were in the now famous "Chain Link Era".    And that each home be forced to install a TV antenna on the roof, as befitting their oh-so-important history.  Of course, to preserve that history, the city might be expected to some things it no longer does - like having trashmen who actually go into your yard, pick up the trashcan, and then return it after it's emptied; or teaching children how to read in school; but perhaps I ask too much of government, particularly when chain link fences face extinction!  We have to prioritize, after all. 
But there is one thing I would demand, in keeping with Alexandria's penchant for the historical, and that's the replacement of the current water and sewer systems with the good ol' fashioned open pits of yore!  How I've delighted in reading of past outbreaks of cholera (the last major one was around 1901), and I think it's a shame that such a pillar of our history should so casually be cast aside.  "Make It Murky!" should be our battle cry, and the city workers out to preserve our fair history should be required to sample the water often, to make sure that its historical quality is being maintained. 
Welcome to Alexandria - Smell Our Pride!

(Thanks for the link, Chris!)

Brilliant Street Flyers!


Klingon Monopoly in October

Happy Birthday Dustin Hoffman!

Happy Birthday to The Edge!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

130 Interesting Albums

It is an interesting, at times even intriguing list that Wire has come up with.  I'm only familiar with about 15-20% of it, primarily because my tastes tend to run bit more mainstream, (some of the more avante guard artists here leave me pretty cold).  But well worth checking out.

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

Worst Beatles Tribute

Hitchcock's first film rediscovered

Happy Birthday Mata Hari!

Like James Bond once said - "Great dancer, lousy spy..."

Happy Birthday B. J. Thomas!

Happy Birthday Nathaniel Greene!

A great Patriot.

Happy National Mead Day!


Saturday, August 06, 2011

fanvid for Little Richard performing Keep A Knockin'

Wonderful!  One of the Immortals.

Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon performs Palisades Park

Fun stuff!

Neil performs Sugar Mountain


fanvid for The Guess Who performing No Time

Always loved this song, reminds me of happy Summers.

Worst kid's movie song - Ever

I highly recommend my old workmate Karl's blog for funny and intelligent discussions on pop culture, politics, and our society.

Gary Gygax Statue

The most expensive vote in Virginia

I'm glad that the state government is so flush with money that it can play games like this...

The Pyrophone


Bella In The Wych Elm

An intriguing little mystery.

Nostalgia Con is in one month in Jersey

site for the new Conan movie

We'll see....

Friday, August 05, 2011

America performs Sister Golden Hair

Ah, 'Twas a situation like Star Wars, a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away....
See ya tomorrow....

The Reivers perform It'a About Time

The greatest band that you've never heard about. I love these guys.

The Last Witness to the Lincoln Assassination

This is pretty incredible.

(Thanks for the link, Ed!)

Wanda Jackson performs Let's Have A Party

The Goddess of Rockabilly. OW!

The Pointer Sisters perform Fire

A nice cover. Fun stuff!

Joan Jett performs Bad Reputation

So Cool....

Aretha performs Respect

American Bedrock.

Loreena McKennit performs Dante's Prayer


One more reason I hate/fear Florida,0,7726294.story

Interesting to have a situation where it's not only fine and dandy to receive stolen property, but profitable, as well. As I've stated in the past, I almost never post stories about Florida, for the simple reason that it would quickly dominate the entire blog. When I was growing up, there were all sorts of jokes about California being full of weirdos, and New York being dangerous etc. I'm not sure that that was ever true, but these days, California and New York can't hold a candle to Florida when it comes to stories that are cruel, sick, disgusting, bizarre, twisted, and just batshit crazy. In fact, no three states combined equal Florida for the torrent of stories that vomits forth from its swamps every day. I'm not kidding. It's really incredible.

Fucked Over

Stupidest headline of the day

My next garden plant

Welcome To The Jungle - On Cello

Fun stuff!

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Happy Birthday American Bandstand!

Premiered on this date in 1957. An American Institution.

Happy Birthday Neil Armstrong!

Happy National Mustard Day!

Yum! We just visited the Mustard Museum two weeks ago - Highly Recommended!

Happy National Oyster Day!


Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hauling Ass - The State Sport of Colorado?

I have to admit, this sounds pretty cool to this student of Colorado history, the only competitor I can think of would be the famous coffin races...

(Thanks for the link, Karen!)

Bad Company performs Bad Company

My fave song by them.

Paul Roland performs Madame Guillotine

One of my fave performers. The unacknowledged child of Syd Barrett and Al Stewart.

The Bee Gees perform How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

A big radio hit around this time in '71. I was traveling with my family across country at the time. This reminds me of long rides over Kansas and Missouri. It's weird how things like that work out.

ELO performs Telephone Line

Yea, it's overblown, but I like this song.

Chuck Berry performs Johnny B. Goode with John Lennon

Bedrock. I'd note the comments section, that the worthless tick bird yoko's mic was turned off so as not to ruin the song.

Coolest Dog In The World?


(Thanks for the link, Gail!)

Cruel But True - A Little GenCon Humor

DIY anti-terrorist tactics!

Happy International IPA Day!


Happy Birthday Rock'N'Roll High School!

One of my faves. Premiered on this date in '79.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

fanvid for Grace Slick & The Great Society performing Somebody to Love

The (great) original version. A perfect waltz for dancing with the Green Fairy; in fact, I think I'll get a refill. See ya tomorrow...

fanvid for the Door performing The Wasp

Ah, the Summer of '71. Heat, death, and music. We were soft drivin', slow and mad... I am positive the imagery in this song refers to the DC area, (where Jim grew up - about 6 blocks from me).

fanvid for the Pousette-Dart Band performing Amnesia

A wonderful example of country rock from the mid 70's. Perfect for a hot outdoor Summer party, circa 75-76. A great drinking song.

fanvid for Mel & Tim performing Good Guys Only Win In The Movies

If I remember correctly, this song was released around this time in 1969. I may be its only fan, I never hear it on so-called oldies stations. But I've always enjoyed it. A nice example of late 60's non-Motown soul.

Arthur Conley performs Sweet Soul Music

A fun little R&B tune.

CCR performs Born On The Bayou


And even more on my fave pizza parlor - Crozet Pizza!

The return of Eerie Comics!

Very cool.  One of my faves.

Mariachi Beluga


(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Jerry Garcia loved Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

A wonderful clip. Jerry shows a real enthusiasm and sophistication about it. The movie is one of my faves, too.

Awww, all you kids with your iPods and fancy pants devices. Now THIS is technology!

(Thanks for the link, Infidel753!)

The cutting edge of cross stitch

I will never tan

Product Placement

A 2nd Moon!?!

And Velikovsky's catastrophism smiles....

(part of) Boris Karloff's Tales Of The Frightened Online!

RIP Gene McDaniels,0,4376070.story

Sad, I always liked his songs.

WFMU - Where Records Go Live

And with Robert Crumb:

What a wonderful station!

(Thanks for the links, Erik!)

Tee Hee! A Little Internet Hoax

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Happy National Watermelon Day!


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Sweet perform Fox On The Run

Another in a long line of guilty pleasures....

Nick Gilder performs Hot Child In The City

Kinda silly, but this song was so appropriate when it was a hit around this time in '78....

Procol Harum performs Conquistador

Classic prog rock.

Curtis Mayfield performs Superfly

So cool...

ELO performs Nightrider

Ah, perfect mid-70's rock'n'roll. Racing down the GW Parkway at 75mph with the windows down and the radio blasting away.

Edwin Starr performs 25 Miles


A wonderful deleted scene from the film, Pirate Radio

When I was a teenager, there was the phenomena of "underground radio", something I've never quite gotten over.  I always harbored a secret desire to be a DJ on one of those stations.  And I perhaps flatter myself into still thinking that I would have been a great one. The idea of your voice and thoughts with a stack of records, weaving a story into the night is a powerful one to me.  This humble little blog is a rather mediocre attempt to do the same thing, (at least at times).
This film came out a few years ago, and I always intended on watching it, but the usual mixture of sloth, laziness and Virginia Gentleman got in the way - until last week.  My niece and her boyfriend had us over to their apartment for a viewing - and I loved every second of it, (Thanks, Rachel and Josh!).  What a fun movie!  This was put together by people that know, understand and love rock'n'roll with all of its dangers, charms, challenges, and delights.  Oh, I know that it's only a movie, with the typical exaggerations - but not by much.  It's music as religion..and survival....  A beautiful  example of what it must have been like out on the boats in '66, or on WHFS in '68 or WGTB in '75.

Bruce's Dancing In The Dark - the Original Concept

One of my fave songs by Bruce. It's amusing to see this video test finally out in general circulation, (amongst the True Tramps, it's been available for about 25 years). Now, if you're really serious, take a look at the rehearsals for this performance filmed in his living room.....

And yet more accolades for Crozet Pizza!

(Thanks for the link, Tom!)

Cherpumple - Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid....

Little Girl In The Kitchen

A great food blog from a young lady whom we're going to be seeing/hearing a lot more from in the future.

Near article about Monster Madhouse & Jerry Moore

A local horror host whom I really enjoy!

Crozet Pizza In The News!

My fave pizza parlor!

The Biggest Douche Bag in DC

The author of this article is an old work mate of mine.  Well done, Andrew!

Run for Your Lives in Baltimore!

The first (?) marathon/obstacle course involving zombies....
I must admit, this sounds pretty neat!

Horrorfind Weekend in Gettysburg in September!

Monster-Mania Con coming to Maryland in September!

White Wine

Tee hee!  Almost made me spill my perfectly chilled chard...

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

Grapes With The Apes

A cute name and a good cause, I suppose.  But I really hate zoos.  The last time I went (I think) was back in college days, and I was quietly saddened seeing all of the great mammals locked up in cages and pens.  The whole thing just depresses me and seems very Victorian and hopelessly out of date.  I suppose the larger game parks would be okay, or at least a compromise with some folks' desire to see wild animals as nothing more than circus attractions to throw peanuts at.

The Ultimate Blood Donation

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

The following will only be of real interest to a small circle of friends, but here goes…
We travelled up to Wisconsin for our vacation this Summer in order to attend Linda’s niece’s wedding, and to do some sightseeing and catching up with relatives along the way. We first drove up to Naperville, Illinois, to visit Linda’s sister and her family. Had a very nice get-together, and then drove on to Madison, (we didn’t have time to sight see in nearby Chicago).
Now, Madison is where my Father grew up, and I have a lot of pleasant memories of visiting there virtually every Summer while growing up, and visiting his family. All are now gone, and I confess to a certain bittersweet feeling going back to the old stomping grounds. But State Street, (the main drag there) is still vibrant and fun. Got to visit the world famous Ian’s Pizza, and had fun rummaging through several great bookstores, including Avol’s and Paul’s – two of the best used books stores that I’ve ever been in for political and historical titles. And of course, I had to eat some pizza from Rocky Rococo’s, (a must for any Firesign Theatre fans).
While in Madison, we got to hang out with Linda’s nieces, and took some wonderful day trips. The first was to the little town of New Glarus, to tour and sample the New Glarus Brewery, (Yum!).  And the other was at the one and only House On The Rock. We’ve visited before, and it is a Must See. Fun stuff!
After a few days, we meandered up to Lacrosse for the wedding, which was wonderful. And then back home. The ride was one of the easiest we’ve ever taken – only two traffic jams, one of them quite short-lived. This is the first time we’ve taken our one year old Hyundai on any type of long-ish trip, and I was impressed: we averaged about 36mpg and it handled near-constant speeds of between 65-85 mph beautifully. And now it’s time to get back into the daily grind. But I would like to thank Gail, David, Julie, Rachel, Josh, Hannah, Susan and James for a wonderful time. And particularly thank Katie and Jesse for the invitation to their delightful wedding – CONGRATULATIONS!

Happy Birthday Myrna Loy!

Happy Birthday Mojo Nixon!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Let All TRUE GAMESMEN Rejoice!

Today is the anniversary of when Dennis Largesse purchased The Little Soldier game shop in 1978, moved it to Alexandria, and began a wonderful chapter in the history of Gaming in the DC region, (and spawned dozens of close and long lasting friendships). The Little Soldier is no longer with us, but the Legend Lives On!

Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia!

Happy Colorado Day!

RIP Dan Peek

Very sad. I know that they were never considered all that hip, but I always liked America.

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

Best headlines of the week!

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

A hundred years before texting...

This is wonderful!!!! This'll show you young whipper snappers that there's little new under the sun!

(Thanks for the link, Chris!)

Cats - The Song

well Done!

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

Wanna Buy A Record?

A wonderful bit of pop music history

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

Great Moments In NoVa Criminal History

(Thanks for the link, Ed!)

Workers Comp

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Home - Safe & Sound


     Well, Linda and I just got back from our little vacation trip.  We went out to visit relatives in Wisconsin and the Chicago area.  Will write up a full report later, but there are about a hundred things to catch up on, here.  Will get back to posting soon, but things'll be a little slow and disjointed for a day or two in regards to that.  Cheers!