Friday, August 31, 2007

Dr. Strangelove Lives?
Interesting and scary. I can certainly sympathize with the author's concerns about this country's technology and leadership. But I personally would worry more about the Russians. Those folks are capable of amazing things and great perseverance. But their track record on technology and its implementation, as well as issues of sobriety, competence and corruption in their government over the past 25 years really frightens me. I simply don't trust them with any process or mechanism that requires hair-trigger accuracy of judgement and/or technology. Mistakes happen. Just ask the crew of the Kursk, (you'll need a Ouija Board...). The same dudes are running this show too...

Et Tu, Brutus?

RIP Michael Jackson (no, not THAT one)
I've read several of Jackson's books and articles and found him an excellent teacher. Although best known for his beer reviews, I found him most informative and helpful with whiskeys.

CSN&Y perform Chicago

Ah, memories....

Jerry Lee Lewis performs Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On

He may be a first rate asshole, but he's still The Killer...

The Psychedelic Furs perform India
Very cool....

I prefer my aluminum foil hat....

Microsoft spies a secret propeller!

20 Experiments
The article calls them bizarre, but some were quite valuable, if unethical, (Milgram's...). I'd label them dramatic .

You Are Here...

robotic art


and the horror movie begins!

Happy Birthday James Coburn!

One of my faves. The President's Analyst and the Magnificent Seven are two of my all-time favorite movies. Coburn shines in both.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Rose By Any Other Name...

The Shakespearean Insult Generator!


Dave Clark 5 perform Catch Us If You Can

My fave DC5 song. A lot of fun, especially blasting over an old AM radio while the car's going over 70...

The Everly Brothers perform Bowling Green
Not one of their biggest hits, but it, along with Dream, is my fave by them. Perfect performance and harmonies. A nice reminder of Summers long gone.

Quicksilver Messenger Service perform Fresh Air
Lousy video, great song from 'Frisco.

Madness video for Our House

I always thought this was a cute little song and video.

a nation of wussies

That special bond between a boy and his mother...

Love Will Find A Way!,,2159095,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront

Awwww! Yarn Cthulhu!!!

update on the Chinese and "cyberwarfare"

Happy Birthday Joan Blondell!

Smart, sexy, worldly, wisecracking, with a soft spot for a sad story, Blondell always ended up in movies playing the lead's best friend, or a saloon keeper. She's like your favorite Aunt. A wonderful actress.

Happy Birthday Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley!

Authoress of Frankenstein....

Happy National Toasted Marshmallow Day!

One of my most cherished memories is of picnics with my family up on Log Hill, (just North of the town of Ouray, Colorado). The festivities would always include toasting marshmallows over a campfire. A very Zen-like activity.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

RIP Hilly Krystal of CBGB's

The Next "Pet Rock"

Wow! What a deal! ONLY $25 for 40 BEANS....... And I love the "Starter Pack", because, you know, you don't want to jump into something like bean wrangling full-bore. Best to just get a few to see if you're man enogh for the real job.
By the way, I'll soon be starting up my new business of pet lawn clippings - $1 per blade. They'll come with a neat instruction booklet and for an extra $10 I'll include a book of matches for when you tire of them. Order soon!

Excellent For Strawberries! Yum!

So Strange, So Wrong...

Cool Halloween Charm Bracelets

Super RV's!

Japan creams us on Internet speeds

We are pathetic...

messages in a bottle...

Spider Man Suit On The Way!


Jethro Tull perform The Teacher
I've always loved Tull and this is one of faves by them. Wonderful sound.

Talking Heads perform Psycho Killer
Perfect tune for late '77. Darkness, fear, failure, like throwing a very bad Hexagram. Things fall apart...

Roy Orbison performs Pretty Woman

Classic. Essential.

The Pretenders perform Message Of Love
Wonderful band and song. One of my faves.

And then there were Three...

On this date in 1963 George Harrison joined Lennon and McCartney in the Quarrymen...

Happy Birthday Elliott Gould!

One of my faves.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Beach Boys video for California Dreamin'
I love this video - great cameos!

John Prine performs Hello In There
Brilliant songwriter. One of the saddest and truest tunes I know.

The Kinks perform Waterloo Sunset
I just think this is one of the prettiest songs.

Neil Young performs Mr. Soul (acoustic)
Neat version.

Richie Valnes - Ooh My Head


Radiers of the Lost Lake

strange pencil sculptures

Hi-Tech Sport

old news
I seem to remember one of the earlier slasher films from around 1971 had theatres handing out sick bags to patrons. But I can't remember which one it was, now.

Bruce & The E Streeters will be at the Verizon Center on November 11th

Tickets go on sale, 9/21.

Happy Birthday Jack Vance!

One of the great fantasy authors. The Dying Earth series is one of my faves.

Happy Birthday C. Wright Mills!

March on Washington

Today is the anniversary of the famous 1963 March On Washington. King's speech may be the best ever delivered by an American.

Happy Birthday Sheridan LeFanu!
Master of Gothic literature; author of Carmilla, the story that launched a thousand lesbian vampire films!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Country Joe & The Fish perform Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine

From Monterey. One of the great "Frisco bands. This song is one of two (the other is Zappa's Camarillo Brillo), that will let you know what it was like hanging around with occultists. It's too accurate not to have been based on a real experience. A very wry little tune, and a nice example of '67 psychedelia.

SONiA & Disappear Fear perform Gangsters of Love
Baltimore's Finest. They'll never make it big, which is a damn shame. Excellent singer-songwriter tunes.

Mary Chapin Carpenter performs This Shirt

DC's Finest. One of the best songwriters - ever. Just beautiful lyrics and imagery.

Carl Perkins performs Matchbox, Boppin' The Blues, & Pointed Toed Shoes
One of the immortals.

Mark Opsasnick signing in Alexandria
he wrote the book, The Lizard King Was Here on Jim Morrison's life in Alexandria...

Good Grief - Grit is still going!!!!
If you're over 50, you undoubtedly remember their ads in comics and kids' magazines to earn extra cash by selling this rag. I don't believe I ever actually met anyone who made "$1-5 A Week!"; I don't think I ever actually saw an issue! I put it up there with those ads for a hundred army men for a buck and X-Ray Spex - it's all just sort of a background mythology of one's childhood. I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone with first-hand experience selling or reading this thing back in the 50's or 60's.

drug runners with a sense of humor
I gotta laugh....

nice little article on Brian Epstein

people forget that there was once a real generation gap
And here's a small example...

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

new Ringo compilation on the way

The Temple of Dagon
Just found this - looks like a nice resource for Cthulhoid fiction and reviews.


The new single , Radio Nowhere, is (prematurely) showing up all over YouTube...

Trailers From Hell continues...

A wonderful site. Big-name directors provide commentary on old horror movie trailers. This week - She Demons!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Women's Equality Day

Saturday, August 25, 2007

a "crystal ball" for battlefield commanders

cool Cream "Strange Brew" beer mugs

San Francisco Nuggets - neat new collection from Rhino!

Born To Run was released 32 years ago today...

Genesis 1:3

Happy Birthday Elvis Costello!

One of my faves. Brilliant. Essential.

Happy Birthday Tim Burton!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Just In Time For Christmas - The Cthulhu Wreath!!!

Richie Havens covers Just Like A Woman
I think he has one of the most distinctive and recognizable voices in pop music. There are many covers, and sometimes an artist can make it work, but most often not. But Havens' covers are almost supernaturally wonderful. Every one I've ever heard has taken the song and made it all the deeper and more interesting. He is a treasure.

Tracy Chapman's video for Fast Car
Beautiful lyrics and performance.

The Foundations perform Baby, Now That I've Found You

Great band, great sound, should've been huge. One of the first two-tone groups. Very cool.

Steel Pulse performs Ku Klux Klan

I've always liked Steel Pulse. I think, with the exception of Marley, I've found them the most accessible exponents of reggae.

James Brown - Sex Machine/Soul Power


The Staples Singers - Respect Yourself (from WattStax)


we would never use sexual innuendo to sell stuff...

The Onion covers Congress

the whitewash continues
Sigh. One of my pet peeves. The so-called German resistance is the most over-rated group of of the 20th century. Fascist, monarchist and ultra-conservative cowards willing to sacrifice tens of millions of their own and their opponents' people for wealth and a sickening glory, who turned tail and tried to weasel out once it looked like they might have to pay for their actions. All of these guys were pro-Hitler, while he was winning. Only when they could practically smell the hot breath of the cossacks breathing down their worthless necks did they decide that nazism was no fun.
For a real opposition within Germany you have to avoid virtually every person of note or position, (all were enthusiastic followers and supporters of Hitler until threatened themselves); and concentrate on small cells of Communists, Anarchists, and liberal Catholics operating in and occasionally outside, the country. The White Rose is the most famous of these groups. Almost pathetically naive and brave, they were doomed.
But, thanks to Tom Cruise, all facts will be washed away and buried amidst Hollywood bullshit and we'll once again be inundated with the fiction of the "Good German". I'm sure it'll keep going. In ten years we'll probably have John Travolta portraying the "Good Hitler"...

the price of admission

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Today is the anniversary of the burning of DC by the British in 1814...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Amii Stewart performs Knock On Wood

The original by Eddie Floyd is probably superior, but I still enjoy this one, (depsite the disco-fied presentation, they can't get rid of the essential R&B feel to the song).

Hendrix performs Wild Thing at Monterey
Another fantastic moment.

Ike & Tina perform Nutbush Ciy Limits


Harry Nilsson's Son Of Dracula soundtrack online!

A pretty neat collection of songs from old Harry. I've written about this film in the past, a neat little experience.

neat Hubble space iamges

your next toilet
No way. I just know that the first time I sit on one of these things I'm going to get electrocuted. I refuse to die that way. (Weird little sales picth on the site too...)

A Necropathic Spectregraph

So cool! This gent creates the most beautiful Steam Punk artifacts!

Happy Birthday Gene Kelly!

Happy Birthday Mighty Max!

Happy Birthday Mark Russell!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a nation of wussies

No doubt about it, I would have been executed for crimes against humanity by age 7 if I had been born in the past decade.

the cutting edge of frisbee tosses

That's Entertainment!;_ylt=Au4bP4tSpSuNtiaWcsxxQ5YuQE4F

Happy Birthday Dorothy Parker!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Return of Hopsicles to Alexandria!

the lamest dumbest god damned toy I've ever seen
Does anyone remember this? I certainly don't recall the ad, (I certainly don't remember any of my friends being so wanky as actually owning one). I'd guess it's from about '65 or maybe as late as '66. The thing looks like a chiropractor's nightmare.

Joan Armatrading performs Steppin' Out
Wonderful voice.

Little Eva - The Locomotion
One of the all-time great dance songs. Sung by Carole King's babysitter...

Jimmy Ruffin performs What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
Neat. He should've hit bigger.

Eddie kendricks performs Keep On Trucking
One of the great voices of Motown.

thank the gods I'm not an engineer
I had no idea the requirements were so stringent.

the splatter zone...

Good News - Johnny Cash Show on DVD!!!

This was really a fabulous show:

On September 18, CMV/Columbia/Legacy will release The Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show, a 2xDVD compiling 64 live performances from the 58 episodes of Johnny Cash's 1969-1971 "The Johnny Cash Show". Kris Kristofferson hosts the DVD, which features performances from Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Ray Charles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Louis Armstrong, Loretta Lynn, Neil Diamond, Jerry Lee Lewis, George Jones, Derek and the Dominoes, Roy Orbison, the Carter Family (inluding June Carter Cash), and Johnny Cash himself, among many others. The set also features new interviews with John Carter Cash, Tennessee Three bassist Marshall Grant, Hank Williams, Jr., musical arranger Bill Walker, and hairstylist Penny Lane. There will also be a single-disc CD version of the compilation available on the same day as the DVD. The Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show (DVD): 01 Johnny Cash: "Ring of Fire" 02 Bob Dylan: "I Threw It All Away" 03 Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan: "Girl From the North Country" 04 Kris Kristofferson: "Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)" 05 Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash: "Blue Yodel #9" 06 Stevie Wonder: "Heaven Help Us All" 07 Creedence Clearwater Revival: "Bad Moon Rising" 08 Linda Ronstadt and Johnny Cash: "I Will Never Marry" 09 George Jones and Johnny Cash: "White Lightning" 10 George Jones: "Medley: She Thinks I Still Care / The Love Bug / The Race Is On" 11 Johnny Cash: "Hey Porter" 12 Waylon Jennings: "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line" 13 Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash: "The Singing Star's Queen" 14 Waylon Jennings: "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" 15 Tammy Wynette: "Stand by Your Man" 16 Marty Robbins: "Medley: Big Iron / Running Gun / El Paso" 17 Johnny Cash: "Ride This Train" 18 Johnny Cash: "As Long as the Grass Shall Grow" 19 Johnny Cash: "Man in Black" 20 James Taylor: "Sweet Baby James" 21 Pete Seeger: "Cripple Creek" 22 Pete Seeger and Johnny Cash: "Worried Man Blues" 23 Johnny Cash: "Sunday Morning Coming Down" 24 Johnny Cash: "Old Time Religion" 25 Johnny Cash: "A Wonderful Time Up There" 26 Johnny Cash, the Carter Family, the Statler Brothers, Carl Perkins, and the Tennessee Three: "Daddy Sang Bass" 27 Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters: "Wildwood Flower" 28 Neil Young: "The Needle and the Damage Done" 29 Johnny Cash: "Tennessee Flat Top Box" 30 Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash: "Long Black Veil" 31 Johnny Cash: "Big River" 32 Johnny Cash: "I Walk the Line" 33 June Carter Cash: "A Good Man" 34 Derek and the Dominoes: "It's Too Late" 35 Derek and the Dominoes With Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins: "Matchbox" 36 Charley Pride: "Able Bodied Man" 37 Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys: "Blue Moon of Kentucky" 38 Loretta Lynn: "I Know How" 39 Jerry Lee Lewis: "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" 40 Johnny Cash: "Ride This Train (America the Beautiful, This Land Is Your Land)" 41 The Everly Brothers With Ike Everly and Johnny Cash: "Silver Haired Daddy of Mine" 42 Ray Charles: "Ring of Fire" 43 Johnny Cash: "A Boy Named Sue" 44 Conway Twitty: "Hello Darlin'" 45 Mother Maybelle Carter: "Black Mountain Rag" 46 Neil Diamond: "Cracklin' Rosie" 47 Ray Price: "For the Good Times" 48 Roy Orbison: "Crying" 49 Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash: "Oh, Pretty Woman" 50 Johnny Cash: "Wanted Man" 51 Chet Atkins: "Medley: Country Gentleman / Mister Sandman / Wildwood Flower / Freight Train" 52 June Carter Cash With Homer and Jethro: "Baby It's Cold Outside" 53 Merle Haggard: "No Hard Time Blues" 54 Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash: "Sing Me Back Home" 55 Carl Perkins: "Blue Suede Shoes" 56 Johnny Cash, the Carter Family and Carl Perkins: "The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago" 57 The Statler Brothers: "Flowers on the Wall" 58 Roy Clark: "Medley: In the Summertime / 12th Street Rag" 59 Johnny Cash: "Working Man Blues" 60 Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash: "Jackson" 61 Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash: "Turn Around" 62 Johnny Cash: "I Love You Because" 63 Hank Williams, Jr.: "Medley: You Win Again / Cold Cold Heart / I Can't Help It If I'm Still in Love With You / Half As Much" 64 Johnny Cash: "Folsom Prison Blues"

(Thanks for the info, Pete!)

Virtual Plagues
I would have to be convinced that game behavior can be seen as reflecting real behavior. My experience is that many play to behave in ways that they normally wouldn't, or at least in exaggerating their own personalities. D&D may be populated by Conans and Saurons, but my neighborhood seems pretty drone-like.

artificial life in 10 years?;_ylt=ArQAutJF7poWfNOK0PJBdsas0NUE

This'll be interesting and provide some nice new kinks on the definition of life, etc.

a report from LouieFest

Happy Birthday Jackie DeShannon!

Another fave. Very under-rated performer and songwriter.

Monday, August 20, 2007

leave a message for the prime designer

Dave "The Rock" Nelson on Youtube

David is a legend amongst psychotronic and trash movie fans. His amateurish train-wreck home-made videos are an acquired taste, but I love 'em. Here are a few mercifully short examples:

life in DC - the case that will NEVER end...

these mixed marriages never work...

the cutting edge of armed robbery,,2152787,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront

Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs perform Stay
Another great doo wop tune. Much longer version than the original, (which may have been the shortest entry ever in the Top 10).

Little Stevie Wodner performs Fingertips
So cool. I love this song.

The Contours perform Do You Love Me
Cool song and performance.

an amazing substance - "frozen smoke"

neat article on old nazi wargames

At this point, I'd be interested to see if the games themselves are any good in terms of playability, etc.

Happy Birthday H. P. Lovecraft!!!

Happy Birthday Isaac Hayes!

Black Moses....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

a photo tour of the Ackermansion!

Forry is a legend amongst horror fans, as was his house. A national treasure.

(Thanks for the link, Phil!)

The Drifters perform Under The Boardwalk

Fun stuff!

Little Anthony & The Imperials perform a medley
One of my fave vocal groups. Fantastic songs. "Hurts So Bad" and "Going Out Of My Head" are essential in any serious pop music collection.

Labelle performs Lady Marmalade


Happy National Potato Day!

Happy Birthday Gene Roddenberry!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

$2100 Ham

MST 3000 being shown at the Library of Congress this Thursday!

wuss nation

The Return of Babylon 5?

high high speed internet

I need this - now.

Happy Birthday Jerome Criswell!

Friday, August 17, 2007

babies can now wed in Arkansas

promo video of the Bus Boys performing The Boys Are Back In Town
A wonderful band; bought their first album the week it was released, (back around '78-'79). Always thought they'd be big, and they never got close. It's too bad. They're first two albums were fun.

Marley sings Redemption Song
My fave Marley song. One of the greats. Essential.

War performs Low Rider
Great summer cruising song.

Sand Castles!

Happy Birthday Mae West!

One of the greats. An intelligent, gifted, multi-talented woman now remembered for a few one-liners. But she is truly one of the founders of the modern cultural era and one of the stars in the feminist firmament.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

75 Days Until Halloween!!!!

faster than light?

move over Ingmar....

If I can ever find a copy of this to watch I just know it'll be my new all-time fave film!

The Ramsey Lewis Trio performs Hang On Sloopy
I always loved Lewis's pop/jazz sound. His combo later went on to form Young Holt Unlimited - another fun band.

Mary Wells performs The One Who Really Loves You
Great Motown vocalist. Another singer who, like my fave Barbara Lewis, could express an adult longing very well.

The Brothers Johnson perform Strawberry Letter 23

Another great example of mid-70's soul.

(Thanks for reminding me about this, Karen!)

Woo Hoo! Oaked Arrogant Bastard out year-round!

near article on crow tool use

the littlest alien....

(Thanks for the pic, John!)


Keepon, the dancing robot.

(Thanks for the links, Mathew!)

The Poe Toaster Exposed?
Maybe it's true, maybe not. I kinda hope it's not. The mystery is only part of the attraction, it was the anonymity of it all. In an age full of undeserving self promoters and braggarts, the quiet and hidden gesture has become a forgotten art.

world's smallest cars

Gabba Gabba Hey!

The Ramones first performed on this date in 1974 at CBGB's.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Harmonic Convergence: Jacko & Mayor-For-Life,2933,293178,00.html


Maryland Renfest is coming up
With luck, we'll be there on 8/26. Email me if there's a chance we'd catch you then.

Booker T & The MG's perform Green Onions

The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today
Unfortunately, not the long version, but still a wonderful song.

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell perform Ain't No Mountain High Enough
One of the great duets. Classic.

(Thanks for the link, Karen!)

life in DC - the lawsuit that will never end

debt-ridden Drac ditches digs

wuss Britain

Happy Birthday Huntz Hall!


Happy Birthday Jimmy Webb

One of my fave songwriters. A brilliant ability to capture loneliness in a song.

Happy Anniversary Woodstock!

Happy VJ Day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

remake of the Creature From The Black Lagoon is on the way

the cutting edge of consumer complaints

Al Green - Sha La La
Another immortal. One of my faves. Perfect for a summer afternoon...

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
Another great song off another great album from another great performer.

The Temptations perform Just My Imagination
Essential. One of the greatest songs, ever.

Wuss Britain

neat new batteries

Happy Liberty Tree Day!

Happy Birthday Gary Larson!

Monday, August 13, 2007

for the chiropractor who has everything

strange ice cream

Happy Code Talkers Day!

The (former) Supremes perform Up The Ladder To The Roof
Another great example of early 70's Motown.

Freda Payne performs Band of Gold

George Clinton & P-Funk - Dr. Funkenstein

A wild and fun ride...

news from jesustan,2933,292582,00.html

Putin is such a loser,,2146629,00.html

I love well seasoned firewood

the end of the DC honky tonks

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

nice site devoted to Lee Coye Brown

One of horror fantasy's leading illustrators...

new Springsteen DVD on the way

Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Smokey & The Miracles sing Tears Of A Clown

Billy Paul sings Me & Mrs Jones
One of those inescapable tunes from the early 70's.

The Honey Cone perform Want Ads
A fine pop/soul song.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


The Sworn Virgins of Albania

(Thanks for teh link, Karen!)

new CAS collection!

life in DC - the case that will never end

great moments in historical preservation

my hometown just got a little bit older

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Friends of Distinction perform Grazin' In The Grass
Sort of in the same ecological niche as the Fifth Dimension. Another great pop/soul band from around '69 - '70, (covering a Hugh Masekela tune).

The Five Stairsteps perform Ooh Child

The Stylistics perform You Make Me Feel Brand New
Very pretty 70's pop/soul.

Happy Puck Fair Day!

Keith Richards can't make up his mind how depraved he is

Classic Music & Dance TV Shows on DVD

This looks very tempting. Many fond memories of racing home from school to catch Where The Action Is...

There's Only Green Beer In Durango

I'm not familiar with the other three breweries (yet); but am a BIG fan of Carvers - wonderful food and beer there. We always stop there when we're in the neighborhood.

the latest from DARPA

Massive Russian Seaplane

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Happy Birthday Ian Anderson

Happy Birthday Ronnie!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

supercomputer news

Amazing stuff.

the cutting edge of educational reform

Cthulhu would have been more effective....

a gift for that special computer nerd

The Velociraptor Threat

Yasgur's Farm for sale

Young Frankenstein - The Musical

The Chi-Lites perform Oh Girl

More classic 70's Soul.

The O'Jays perform Backstabbers
Classic 70's Soul...

The Spinners perform Could It Be I'm Falling In Love

Not much by the group appears to be available online, and this isn't the best version of this song I've heard. But the Spinners are one of the all-time great vocal groups in my book. Beautiful songs.

Ladies & Robots

Happy Birthday David Steinberg!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Life In DC...

It hit 102 degrees today....

The Isley Brothers perform Shout!

Classic. Essential.

Brenton Wood performs Gimme Little Sign for Hef

One of my fave pop/soul tunes.

Darlene Love performs River Deep Mountain High
Wish I could find a video of her and the Crystals doing He's A Rebel...

the tea shop for obsessive compulsives

belly dancing dentist from hell

the mystery Lego Man!

Nancy remembers Lee, some photos

Love American Style coming out on DVD
Not perfect, but it had its moments. One could often see stars on the way up or the way down on it. And the theme was sung by the Cowsills!

Happy Birthday Dustin Hoffman!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

new search engine for people

Is anyone surprised?

I'm Cured!

time travel...

Hitler's "Top 40" Discovered?

Maybe, but there's so much fraud and bootlegging going on these days that I wouldn't bet the farm on this little trove.

news from jesustan

The Flirtations perform Nothing But A Heartache
Another of my faves. One of the best pseudo-Spector productions ever. The Flirtations should have been much bigger than they were, and this song should have been #1.

Curtis performs People Get Ready
I still think Mayfield is one of the most under-rated talents this country has ever produced. Songs that were a beautiful mix of hope and wanting, the spiritual and the secular, the intellect and the street. Essential.

Wilson Pickett performs Land Of 1000 Dances
Another classic.

Happy Birthday Mata Hari!

"Captured Lightning"

Happy Birthday Nathaniel Greene!

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Lap Dance of Life

God knows how many more lives might be saved if each of us just stopped wasting our time on that CPR crap and learned these cutting-edge medical procedures.

(Thanks for the link, Ed!)


((if you get this joke, give yourself a gold star for the day...)

Vaudeville on the Internet!

Very cool!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Really going out on a limb...

RIP Lee Hazelwood
We've lost a great writer/producer/character.

forgotten scientist, or crackpot?

Sam & Dave perform Soul Man


The Ronettes perform Be My Baby

Sigh, Ronnie....

Five Satins - In The Still Of The Night

Great song. Years ago, I remember a poll taken amongst the rock fanatics at Goldmine magazine, and this came in as the #1 all-time fave song.

the book collector
My kinda guy...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Good Eats fan page

I'm a big fan of Alton Brown. Weird, that one of the last TV shows I actually watch turns out to be a cooking program...


Cthulhu Family Circus

Gladys Knight & The Pips

Fun performance. Knight was one of those rare artists who actually got bigger AFTER leaving Motown.

Dionne & Burt sing a medley


Aretha covers Groovin'
Beautiful I'll take our Queen over England's any day...

Ha! Big Joke!
No way. Given a major catastrophe, (atomic bomb, nerve gas, volcano, Mormon missionaries), any and all efforts to clear the region will immediately collapse. We already practice daily exercises in this matter - it's called Rush Hour, and we fail every single time. A real emergency would easily triple the number of vehicles on the road, and decrease by the same percentage their driving ability. Every road heading out will simply become a swamp of unmoving autos. The idea of one or two million people hitting the Western suburbs and then pouring into the maze of hill roads in West Virginia is silly beyond belief. You'd never make it past Falls Church.
And getting to Ohio - on what? Withing one hour of a mega-disaster, every gas station would have been drained dry, or burned down. It's a royal pain in the ass getting to West Virginia on a good day, and travelling on to Ohio would be even more so. It ain't gonna happen. Something big occurs, we sit here and die.

The Melon Ad

new dice for Call of Cthulhu game

Lovecraftian Rock'N'Roll

Happy National Mustard Day!
(I've been here, very cool place!)

Happy Birthday American Bandstand!

Premiered on this date in '57, (nationally).

Happy Birthday Neil Armstrong!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

New (to me) online store for graphic pop culture

Looks like a nice selection for fans of fantasy/horror/sf illustrators, comic books, pulps, etc.


J.D. films collection for sale
Wonderful stuff - become a better citizen!

Mahjong Epilepsy

Hmmm, I'll add this to my D&D Wrist, Diplomacy Laryngitis, Poker Twitch, and Crossword Puzzle Dyslexia.

Halloween - The Movie

RIP Tommy Makem
One of the giants...

Percy Sledge performs When A Man Loves A Woman


The Four Tops perform Baby, I Need Your Loving
Wonderful. One of my faves.

James Brown performs Man's World
Wonderful talent.

get your very own flying saucer!

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Return of the Turtle!

404 - Not Found

GI Sweethearts comics

Classic.... ;)

Life in DC - the case that will NEVER die...

The Ghoul Pool

more educational than the Archies - Glucose, Glucose!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

OJ Pranks

Tee hee!

Balloon Bikinis
I only post this because I've always wanted to quote Neil Young: "I've seen the needle and the damage done...".

Sand Mandalas


Barbara Lewis performs Bay I'm Yours

One of my faves and one of the greats. A wonderful voice mixing maturity with a weary vulnerability. And unlike so many of her contemporaries, Barbara wrote many of her songs. She really is an amazing talent with a real ability to touch her audience.

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas perform Nowhere To Run

On Shindig! Very cool song.

Diana Ross & The Supremes perform Stop In The Name Of Love



home schooling - right....

Happy National Watermelon Day!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Terminator 1.0

RIP Tommy Makem

special reissue of Pink Floyd's Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn


Coin Stacking
Pretty neat.


The Mobius Dress

The Marvelettes perform Don't Mess With Bill
One of the first great Motown acts. Now, almost forgotten...

Lavern Baker performs Jim Dandy Got Married
One of the great....

Irma Thomas performs Time Is On My Side
Lousy sound, great talent. (and yes, she did the original).

the creepiest war bonds ad

(And what did happen to her skirt?!?)

Jerry Butler - Only The Strong Survive


a singing Tesla Coil!

Very cool!

(Thanks for the link, Nick!)

The Spy Zone
Fortunately, my trusty Aluminum Foil Hat makes the rest of these devices unnecessary.

Library of Congress Records Veterans' Stories

A great resource.

Happy Birthday Mojo Nixon!!!

Another of my heroes...

Happy Birthday Myrna Loy!

One of my all-time faves. Smart, classy, beautiful, charming, sharp. THE film wife.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jackie Wilson performs Lonely Teardrops
Mr. Excitement!


When Freud Advertised Ham Radios!

Happy Colorado Day!

Happy Lammas/First Harvest!