Friday, March 31, 2006

Attack Of The Zombie Chickens!!!!!

transplant weirdness

more Sly & The Family Stone on TV

Performing Everyday People...

The Monster List of Halloween Projects


new (to me) collection of Horror links

Beware of Monkeyman!!!


The Shania Twain Defense

God, I love the Law...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Join the LLF!

Throw down your bibs! We have nothing to lose but our butter sauce!

phone home

If I remember correctly, the Victorian era provided coffins/graves with various communication devices in case of premature burial.

Happy Birthday God!

Happy Birthday John Astin!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Goats' Lamb Rammed!

(Thanks for the link, Willie!)

new (to me) zine devoted to horror movies

The Crusher

the greeting card

Noah's Ark on the Moon

Dan Curtis, RIP

Dan Curtis, known best as the creator of Dark Shadows, died March 27 of brain cancer at the age of 78. Daniel Mayer Cherkoss was born Aug. 12, 1927, in Bridgeport, Conn. He produced and directed the Golden Globe-winning The Winds of War (1983) and the Emmy award-winning War and Remembrance (1988). The original Dark Shadows (1966-1971) ran for 1,225 episodes and sparked a 35-issue comic-book series from Gold Key (Mar 69-Feb 76). Curtis’ TV movies included Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1968), The Night Stalker (1972), The Night Strangler (1973), Trilogy of Terror (1975), The Turn of the Screw (1974), Dracula (1973), Our Fathers (2005), and Saving Milly (2005). Curtis’ theatrical films included Burnt Offerings (1996) and two Dark Shadows features, House of Dark Shadows (1970) and Night of Dark Shadows (1971). He is survived by two daughters, Cathy and Tracy, and a stepbrother, Myron Ballen. His daughter Linda died in 1975, and his wife Norma, an Alzheimer’s victim, died of a heart attack March 7.

(Thanks for the notice, Phil!)

Happy Birthday Eric Idle!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sly & The Family Stone on TV!

The Museum

Easily solved problem...

Clearly, the proper way to ahve extracted the child would have been to feed a quarter into the machine and used the claw to snatch him! Hell, I'd of paid money just to watch!

Monday, March 27, 2006

the taste sensation that's sweeping the nation!

We get a little bit closer to the Borg...

nice little article on Janis Ian

Tilghman Island with the Out Of Towners

So we got out to Tilghman on Friday. We'd made reservations at a country inn we'd found online. The pictures on the website looked really nice and they had a special deal going with free dinners during our stay, etc.
We arrived to find a large building badly in need of paint and basic repairs, the outdoor wooden staircase leading to our room crunched underneath my foot every time I challenged it. The door to the room had nothing more than the simplest lock on the doorhandle. A credit card wouldn't have been necessary - a child's breath could have breached it. In addition, there was about a two to three millimeter gap between it and the frame - one could see from the room into the hall and vice versa while the door was "shut"! The furniture layout was almost comical: two double beds took up about 90% of the floor space; there was a TV that could have been built by Edison on a flimsy stand, while a huge armoir built for it lay empty, taking up almost all the rest of the space. There were no curtains and when Linda tried to close one blind it collapsed on her - the frame had been snapped in two at an earlier date and it had been gingerly balanced back together to hide the fact. The room had no clock, radio, shampoo, or telephone, and the window screens were held on by prayer more than physics. (In all fairness, the view of the Bay was quite nice, however)
The bathroom had two interesting features. The first was a faucet that took forever to deliver hot water. The amusing thing was that it also didn't drain properly and would start to fill up while you were waiting the year or so it took for the water temperature to rise above that of glacial. Every usage would amount to a race to see if one could get a warm stream going before the sink would overflow.
The second feature was the toilet seat. The molding was completely destroyed by horrific heat blisters! Who and/or what could have caused this and why they were sitting on the toilet I can't even begin to guess. Something terrible happened in that room, and I doubt there were survivors.
The first night's dinner started really well. It consisted of a large seafood buffet with a raw oyster bar. You could see the old Marylander right there shucking them. Very cool. Unfortunately, after we'd had two platefulls of them, Linda happened to glance at the remaining shells and noticed several tiny red worm-like creature crawling amongst the remains! EEEEWWWWW! WE'D BEEN EATING THEM! As always, however, we were prepared, and immediately after the meal raced back to our room to fill ourselves with the chardonnay and bourbon we'd brought with us. We drowned the little bastards in Virginia Gentleman. Never let it be said that Maryland vermin can stand up to Virginian chemistry!
The next night's meal was fairly uneventful, we'd already resolved not to eat anything that hadn't been baked on the Sun for a full three days. The only downside was our waiter, who insisted on whining to us what a bad day he was having, (hey pal, I'm the guy with red worms screwing around in his guts, I don't wanna hear about your problems).
At any rate, it was yet another learning experience. We both feel fine, none the worse for wear, but I think I've had it with raw oysters for awhile...

Spring Is Here & It's Time To Garden!!!

Tee Hee!

the return of the Flying Wing

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Punkin Chunkin

and for fans of The Shadow

Check out the two minute mysteries...

for all REH fans...

Dr. Syn books to be reprinted!

We're Back!

Linda and I had a very nice time toodling around the Eastern Shore, Tilghman Island was the only sore point, (which I'll get to in a later post). St. Michael's was very nice, it'd probably been close to ten years since we were last there, and I think it's grown. Quite a few nice little shops and bistros.
One of the best places was Chestertown - very cute town. An old co-worker of mine, Tom Martin, now runs a neat used bookstore there called BookPlate. All sorts of tomes were for sale; a lot of signed copies and first editions, as well as the cheaper political stuff beloved by yours truly, (I picked up books by C. Wright Mills and Mike Harrington, as well as titles dealing with American folklore and a history of American diplomacy during the Revolution). Tom also sells beautiful Spanish and Armenian ceramics in the shop, hence the name. A great place to hang out, I heartily recommend it and the town for a weekend getaway. (BookPlate is at 112 South Cross Street in downtown Chestertown, and the phone number is 410-778-4167, Tom can give you directions.)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Return of Lesly Gore!

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

Interesting story on Wimoweh/The Lion Sleeps Tonight

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

We're off to the Eastern Shore this weekend!

So, to catch up, here's Happy Birthdays going out to

Wilhelm Reich




Nick Lowe "The Jesus Of Cool"

Mr. Spock

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Werner Klemperer!

An under-rated talent. Col. Klink was a near-impossible part to play, and yet Werner pulled it off. He also was great in Judgment at Nuremberg.

Happy Birthday Chico!

Happy Birthday Captain Kirk!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Distant Roads...

Seasons Changed, And So Did I…

We just finished watching a concert DVD by the Guess Who recorded a few years ago.  It was pretty good.  They’ve gained thirty years, and so have I; such is the way of the way of the world.  I’ll always love that band for a particular reason.  It involves cruising, banana splits, and 8tracks…
It was the summer of ’71 and my family was visiting my cousins out in Colorado.  My cousin Renice was dating a guy, also named Rob, whom she later had the good taste to marry.  Like so many others out on the Western Slope, Rob was into what I call “car culture” and it was quite a fun education for me.  Every weekend we’d go cruising.  It was about a two mile circuit in the town of Montrose. He and Renice, my brother and me, and some of my other cousins (generally Marshall and Lynnae), would pile in and we’d be off on the night’s sojourn.  I still smile at the memory – it was like something out of American Graffiti, and a real change from life in Alexandria.   Rob had a hot car, (forgive me, I have no idea what it was at this point), and we’d buzz along, honking at his friends while seeing and being seen.  The tape player would be blasting out Alice Cooper and the Rolling Stones.  It may not sound like much, but I loved every minute of it.
There were several possible stops along the way.  It might be mini-golf or bumper cars, a hamburger at A&W or perhaps some cheap wine back at my folks’ trailer.  But the one constant would be stopping at the Tastee Freeze for folks to get some ice cream and for me to indulge in a banana split.  They had a cheap sound system there, I’m sure it was just another 8track, and only ONE album to play on it – The Best of The Guess Who.  Hour after hour, day after day, we’d hear it.  Those songs are burned into my DNA now.  I’m sure it was hell on the crew working there, but I really enjoyed those tunes and still associate them with some of the best and most relaxed days of my life.  And there was much more going on musically – CSN& Y, Aretha, Derek & The Dominoes, EL&P, and the Doors were all hot then, and many more.  But spending a hot and calm summer evening while listening to the Guess Who is still the defining sound of that summer for me.  
Memory can be a funny thing.  There’s all sorts of crap I can’t remember from three weeks back, but I still remember a very attractive young lady behind the counter at the Tastee Freeze, (who, despite Rob’s prodding, I was too shy to talk to and ask out).  And I can still recite just about every line from the Guess Who’s hits.
Like so much else in my life, the Tastee Freeze is gone, as is the mini-golf, the bumper cars, the A&W, and most everywhere else we passed in those days.  Rob sold that car decades ago, and only the gods know what happened to the pretty girl.  But I’ve got a nice half a dozen albums by the Guess Who and distant roads still call to me.

South Park VS Scientology - The Onion's View

Hang 'Em High...

see the banned South Park Scientology episode!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Paris at 100+ mph!

Very cool! Reminds me of coming home from Old Town...

nice article on how to get rich fruitcakes to spend their money

The B.U.F. and its landlord...;jsessionid=ONB1FVVEYCFMBQFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2006/03/20/nmos120.xml

Interestingly enough, I seem to remember the same situation here. Rockwell's American nazi party's headquarters was located over here in Arlington, and the landlord was a Jewish dentist whose office was above them, (or next door).

Little Steven's Underground Garage

I know I've mentioned it before, but Steve Van Zandt's online shows are essential to anyone with a love for rock'n'roll. Every Sunday night there's a new one, they're all archived at the site. The best music that ever was with Steven's expert commentary make for a perfect 2 hours. I'll say it again - Essential.

Happy Birthday Carl Reiner!

Brilliant. His role of Alan Brady in the Dick Van Dyke Show leaves me in stiches every time.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

PG County - Home of Genteel Sophistication

Happy Birthday No. 6!!!

Creator and star of my all-time fave TV show, The Prisoner. He was also the star of Secret Agent, (the best of the spy shows); played Dr. Syn, the Scarecrow, (my all-time fave Disney production); has played at least four different villains in the Columbo series - all of them beautifully done, and was the scene dominating Longshanks in Braveheart. (He also turned down playing James Bond in Dr. No, creating a life-long career for Sean Connery). Brilliant. Essential.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Remake of The Wolfman on the way

DC region now over 5 1/4 million people


Chandra Bose mystery

Bose is one of the more interesting footnotes to WWII history. Don't know if there's a good English language biography of him, he was a fascinating due, trying to get the nazis, the Japanese, anyone, to help him kick the British out of India, (of course, he was also terminally naive and/or deeply cynical in the alliances he formed).

CAS News!

Wildside Press - New Clark Ashton Smith title announced!THE RETURN OF THE SORCERER: THE BEST OF CLARK ASHTON SMITH has been announce for October 2006. This is a 400 page trade paperback edited by Robert Weinberg, with an Introduction by Gene Wolfe, and a cover by Peter Bergting. Retail price: $14.95
John Betancourt has announced that there will be a beautiful slipcased edition, too. The price will be $59.95.

CAS News!

Wildside Press - New Clark Ashton Smith title announced!THE RETURN OF THE SORCERER: THE BEST OF CLARK ASHTON SMITH has been announce for October 2006. This is a 400 page trade paperback edited by Robert Weinberg, with an Introduction by Gene Wolfe, and a cover by Peter Bergting. Retail price: $14.95
John Betancourt has announced that there will be a beautiful slipcased edition, too. The price will be $59.95.

Munch Missing Moon Mystery Mastered!

Friday, March 17, 2006

the inevitable, unavoidable, Lego Internet site...

Tee Hee!

The pitiful thing is, I've known one or two people like this...

interesting article about communicating with long-range spacecraft,70377-0.html?tw=wn_index_13

Female Ace$=main/feature/whm20061.htm

Interesting notes on the "White Rose of Stalingrad".

Happy Birthday Paul Kantner!

He never had a hit, he never was in the front, he was never the 'cute one"; but there never would have been a Jefferson Airplane without Kantner. The revolutionary rhetoric, the sci-fi epics, and the Eastern romanticism were all his doing. Combine that with Marty Balin's erotic love songs and Grace Slick's acidic challenges - and you've one of the best, and most interesting, bands of all time. Blows Against the Empire is still one of the best science fiction stories AND political polemics, ever. He is essential.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Birthday John Sebastian!

I've always loved Sebastian's music, both with the Spoonful and as a solo artist. As a kid, I loved hearing his stuff on the radio, (or hearing his album over at Edmund's house). His was the first rock show I ever attended, (back at the old Shady Grove hall in '73). We all left our seats and sat around him while he played, (I was no more than 5 feet from him). It was wonderful, and one of my fondest musical memories. I had the pleasure of seeing him a couple of times since then and it was always great. He managed to combine folk, blues, rock and pop in a beautiful and balanced blend and suffuse it with a happiness that some have described as innocense but that I believe reflects a more mature and almost Buddhist joy with the universe. "Do You Believe in Magic" is his best song, and few can match it in describing what an effect rock had on us. And his ballad, "I Had A Dream Last Night" is still one of the best anthems of the Baby Boomers. So here's to a guy who understood the magic of music to a kid listening on a tinny AM radio and to daydreaming, being awake at 6 o'clock, listening to rain on the roof, and living through a summer in the city, and to never having to tell a stranger about rock'n'roll. Thanks John, you didn't have to be so nice...

Happy Evacuation Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

cool historical exhibit at DAR

The military's cyber-insect army!

Leprechaun Watch

weird little article about a nazi church,1518,405922,00.html

Happy Birthday Rumpole!

An amazing actor, weaving his way through pop culture - he IS Rumpole, played #2 in my fave TV show, The Prisoner (for a record three episodes), faced off against The Beatles in Help, battled Damien in The Omen, and blustered through The Mouse That Roared. Very cool.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Super Hero Religious Beliefs


CIA site about Intelligence during the Civil War


Okay, I gotta ask: the article mentions that "some people" are taken in by these bills. Who? How? Is there some 7/11 clerk somewhere giving change for a billion dollars? What business, person, bank, etc. could even begin to handle a bill that large in cash?

interesting article about Latvia's mixed feelings about WWII

(To me, the amazing thing is that Stalin allowed any of these guys to live after '45.)

Serious Lego...

Google goes to Mars

The Buzzards Return To Hinckley Today!!!


Plan 9 From Outer Space premiered on this date in 1959.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don't just read the news...

Have it sung to you...

Street Wars!!!

Very cool. Some of you may remember that we tried this out about 26years ago - and nearly got arrested...

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Isaac Hayes quits SouthPark!
I can't believe he's a scientologist. How disappointing...

The Shangri Las on Shindig!

Singing "Give Him A Great Big Kiss"!

(This takes about 5 minutes to download)

interesting site for WWII buffs

Looks like the electornic equivalent of a clipping service for news stories about that era.

Russian Propaganda - Still Laughable

Happy National Potato Chip Day!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Another pic from my never-to-be-released albums!

(Thanks Mike!)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Art-Deco Cthulhu Idol

Happy Birthday James Taylor!

When Legends Meet

Count Gore De Vol interviews the Langley Punks! From the mid 70's to the mid 80's, the Langley Punks created a variety of short films and recordings that are the stuff of local legend amongst the cognoscenti of DC pop culture. And the Count shows some of 'em! See "Invasion of the Paramecium Men", "Intestines From Space" and "Hyattsville Holiday"!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Happy Birthday Douglas Adams!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

My Rock'N'Roll Career - NOT

One of my small regrets in life is that I have next to no musical ability. Oh, I certainly appreciate a good pop song, I might even be able to do a fair analysis of why it’s good or interesting or important. But as for performing – I’m a zero.
And it’s too bad, because I had my career all planned out. It would have been so cool! The first album cover would have me in blue jeans with an old black leather coat meandering through the streets of Old Town on an autumn afternoon. It would be called “The Freewheelin’ Rob Blau”. It would be deep and serious. Next year’s effort would attempt to cash in on the summer teen market. I’d be leaning on a surfboard at the beach surrounded by women in bikinis. “Rob Blau Goes Girl Crazy” would be a #1 record. Then I’d discover drugs and get all mystical, appearing in a Nehru jacket while holding a sitar on my next LP, “The Limits Of Your Mind”. Of course, I’d abuse the drugs, get addicted, alienate my family and friends, screw up the next recording session and leave snippets of songs to be pieced together by the producer and engineer. I’d be on the cover, unshaven, and listless looking, and the critics and public would both blast “Citizen of the Haze”. The record label would drop me after releasing a final collection of concert tracks called “Rob At Budokan”, and I’d go through years of depression and degradation, only to find Jesus and put out an incredibly schmaltzy and self-pitying album entitled “It’s All For Him”. I would refuse to talk about my previous work in the few interviews I was offered and would soon be condemned as a worthless, brain-washed has-been.
But then something would happen and the old creative spark would be rekindled. I’d get a new label and put out a new CD of songs, which would gain some favorable reviews. It’d be entitled, “I Said I’d Be Back, Damnit” and I’d end out my life playing small clubs in Vail and Ann Arbor and an occasional PBS special. Later, Rhino would release a limited edition box set with liner notes by Lenny Kaye entitled “Love Is Blau”. It would’ve been great, if only I had a lick of talent…

(Thanks for the picture, Mike!!!)

Juggling to the Beatles

Very cool!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Peter & Gordon Reunion!

Playing Pong just using computer/brain interface

There's going to be a HUGE military contract in here for someone...

Squirrel Roulette

Brain Swapping News!


Child Abuse - not a pretty picture

This is the most disgusting example I've ever seen. Budweiser! How inhuman! Especially when Stone's IPA is becoming easier to get. The Fiend! Hanging is too good for him!

The Giant Cosmic Eel!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Guinness News

McCartney VS the Inuit!

Will Sir Paul be forced to cover Quinn The Eskimo? Or Sealed With A Kiss? Stay Tuned!

Mermaids Get No Respect

Jazz Notes - a plug

Let's face it, I know next to nothing about Jazz. But I do know Erik, and can attest to his passion and knowledge of the genre. Check out his articles for insightful reviews and info.

it's not the heat, it's the humidity

Happy Birthday John Cale!!!

Violist of the Damned....

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon singing Palisades Park on TV!

(lip synch...)

The Merry-Go-Round on TV!

TV recording of the Shangri-Las singing Right Now, Not Later!

The leather pantsuits...go go doesn't get any better than this...

furry lobster

Sticky Foam & The Defense Of Nukes

Only Two More Shopping Days Until...

Frozen Dead Guy Days!!!!

Happy Birthday Skipper!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bless 'Em...

And check out their webcam!

Buchwald, and how to face the Darkness


Happy Birthday Willard Scott!!!

A local legend!

Soviet Frankenstein!

A neat film purportedly showing Soviet attempts and experiments to maintain and/or ressurect organs. VERY weird...

(Thanks for the link, Kevin!)

Monday, March 06, 2006

neat article on the military's spaceplane

Great News About Mathew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs!

What do alt-rock/power pop heroes like Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles) and Matthew Sweet do on their time off? They get together in Matthew's comfy home studio and record a stunning album of their favorite '60s pop hits and rarities, of course!
The two first worked together in conjunction with Mike Myers as members of the band Ming Tea, appearing in all three Austin Powers movies and soundtracks. Now they've struck out on their own with Under The Covers Vol. 1, a tribute to their favorite '60s acts, including The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young,The Who, and cult favorites like The Velvet Underground,The Zombies,The Left Banke, and Love. Leaving the songwriting to others lets Matthew and Susanna focus on singing, and the results are breathtaking. For extra authenticity, they even asked Van Dyke Parks (most famous for his work with the Beach Boys)to play keyboards and write string arrangements. It all adds up to a rock fan's dream come true.

1. I See The Rain (The Marmalade)

2. And Your Bird Can Sing (The Beatles)

3. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan)

4. Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (Fairport Convention)

5. Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young And Crazy Horse)

6. Alone Again Or (Love)

7. Warmth Of The Sun (The Beach Boys)

8. Different Drum (The Stone Poneys, featuring Linda Ronstadt)

9. The Kids Are Alright (The Who)

10. Sunday Morning (The Velvet Underground)

11. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Neil Young And Crazy Horse)

12. Care Of Cell #44 (The Zombies)

13. Monday Monday (The Mamas And The Papas)

14. She May Call You Up Tonight (The Left Banke)

15. Run To Me (The Bee Gees)

(Thanks for news item, Pete!)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Boston Massacre Day

It took place on this date in 1770. The incident helped my boy Sam Adams move the country towards independence.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Looking Beyond Mack...

As many of you know, my mother was born and raised on a homestead in Western Colorado. Last summer, Linda and I visited out there for a family reunion and toured the old neighborhood. In addition, I’ve been doing some research on our family’s history. It all gets one to thinking…
The largest town in that area is Grand Junction. Sitting along the Colorado River, the land is great for farming, with fields, gardens, and orchards spread all around it, (quickly being replaced by neo-suburban development). Moving Westward, comes the smaller town of Fruita. It’s somewhat drier there, and irrigation is essential – but with it, even a city slicker like me can tell one will get good farmland. Beyond that is Loma, drier and smaller still, and after that is the tiny, forlorn, dusty, former railroad town of Mack. Looking beyond Mack is the state line and the edge of the Utah desert, and that is where my grandparents and a few other hardy families settled, in a community they called New Liberty. Now, some of these areas are enjoying something of a renaissance in building. People who work in or want to be near Grand Junction can afford more land or bigger houses out there. But despite that, you still get the feeling that you’ve moved beyond prosperity when you look beyond Mack. The ground is dry and what vegetation exists is burnt and drier yet. I’ve visited this place several times over my life, and keep coming back to the same question – What were they thinking moving out here – to farm?!?
Looking through old family papers and newspaper clippings, and listening to my Mother’s stories, I know that my grandparents were dealt a bad hand. Life was a long list of hard times, hard luck, and harder work. Previous farms had failed in the past and I think that New Liberty may have been the last toss of the dice for them. I always will wonder if they saw hope, or just a last stand, as they looked beyond Mack. It had to be daunting.
After the move, the land and the times remained hard, there was a house fire and the depression, bad harvests and disease; some families made it, including mine (barely), and some didn’t. Some individuals made it, and some didn’t. My grandfather hanged himself on that property.
The older I get, the more I contemplate that situation, and how so many of us face variations and modern versions of it. As we shuffle through middle age, choices seem to get harder, and the successes less certain and the failures more daunting. Some years seem like little more than a tally of loss. One keeps going, but sometimes we are left wondering if we’re making a new beginning, or a last stand; and we look beyond Mack…

A Roach Trap By Any Other Name...

I can certainly sympathize with developers and realtors trying to rouse Generations X, Y and Z from their slumbers long enough to pay outrageous gobs of money for living spaces normally associated with the dimensions of broom closets. But I feel that the names listed here were just a little too blase, a bit too obvious, and not quite correctly targeted at their market. I offer my own, humble, suggestions for catching the eye, and the bulging wallets, of the hip:

1. Smells Like Teen Condo

2. Pretty Hate Apartment

3. Snoop Studi Studio

4. Rage Against The Lofts

5. The Development Formerly Known As Prince

Of course, out here in the suburbs we have a similar naming problem. Vast swaths of souless housing tracts are now absurdly named after the farms and meadows they replaced, combining irony and mockery in equal measure. A more accurate description of many of these places would be "Feral Cat Acres" or "Route 50 Watershed". And anything within ten miles of Alexandria is now marketed as part of "Olde Towne" and given a pseudo colonial name. Given the rush to use up every name from that era and the general lack of historical education, I look forward to soon seeing "Benedict Arnold Mews" or "Ye Olde Tarleton's Massacre Pit". Meanwhile, I shall retire to the vast grounds and haunted towers of stately Blau Manor...

some great book titles

a sad update on Art Buchwald

Another small footnote of my youth, fading away.

Friday, March 03, 2006

a searchable Calvin & Hobbes database!

Pentagon Research Into Manipulating Sharks

the cutting edge of car accessories

Index for Crypt of Cthulhu Magazine

Cool! A valuable resource for all things tentacled.

Happy Birthday Jean Harlow!

Although she's always described as the first Blonde Bombshell and a Screen Siren, I've always thought she was so much more. Here was the actress who could stand up to Clark Gable in film after film, giving as good as she got. And for all the sexual bravura, there's a tenderness and vulnerability in each of her characters that most modern actresses can't begin to achieve. Reading the various biographies on her, one gets the sense that that was a real part of her. A tragic, brilliant performer. Essential.

Happy Birthday Scotty!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Colon and the Exploding Toilet


nazi code finally cracked

amazing 3-D sidewalk chalk drawings

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Cow Abduction!

(Thanks for the link, Ed!)

Happy Birthday Lou Reed!

One of my faves...Essential

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! - (be sure to check out his war comics!)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mike The Headless Chicken - The Movie!

We're talking Oscars here, people...

(for those of you who don't know, Mike was indeed a real headless chicken from my mother's hometown of Fruita, Colorado. His life is now celebrated there annually at the Mike The Headless Chicken Festival, which I strognly urge you all to attend:

More Signs That We Live In The End Times...

Office Depot and The Lord Elvis

DVD of The King In Yellow

Just saw this announcement on alt.horror.cthulhu:

"The Yellow Sign", a movie written by John Tynes ("Delta Green","Unknown Armies", "The Unspeakable Oath") and starring Shawna Waldron("Little Giants", "The American President") and David Reyolds ("Houseof 1000 Corpses", "Firefly", "Arrested Development") will be coming outin May-June of this year on DVD from Lurker Films.
This DVD is the first of the "Weird Tale" collection, and will also feature the wonderful short films "Tupilak" and "The Man on the Moon".
Bonus material, at least for TYS, will (hopefully) be:--remastered widescreen picture--remastered 5.1 surround sound audio--audio commentary by Shawna Waldron and director Aaron Vanek (whorefers to himself in the third person)--subtitled in at least three languages (we're not the HPLHS forCthulhu's sake; who can top them?! Go buy "Call of Cthulhu" NOW)--Outtake reel and the famed cut "ping pong" scene--Actor Dale Snowberger's first audition for the role of Aubrey Scott--A short documentary on author RW Chambers (The King in Yellow) byChristophe Thill, taped in Paris where Chambers studied art, andfeaturing many of the locations he mentions in KIY, including theStreet of the Four Winds, the Court of the Dragon, etc.

Wear A Leek!

Happy St. David's Day!