Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Clash perform London Calling

Wow. Was there ever a cooler band? I remember having to scrounge around to find their first album - only available as an import because CBS was too big a chickenshit to release it. I still remember racing home from the store (Penguin Feather) and just listening to it over and over. And then the EP came out domestically; and then London Calling. Pure genius.

Phil Ochs demos are out!

I'm a huge fan of Ochs, and just got my coy yesterday. It's wonderful! Some of these tunes were later released legitimately, others are unique. But the quality of the recording is suprisingly good and the singing is great. Highly recommended!

Cthulhu Chick

There seems to be a burgeoning subculture of knitted and crocheted Cthulhu's. I'm not quite sure what it means....


This is very cool news. A very productive period in his career. (And I bet I own 'em already).

McDonald's has always advertised a "Secret Sauce"

The Vampire Reunion


RIP Joe Messerli

Creator of the Twilight Zone logo....

The love that dare not speak its name...

Coffee prevents Alzheimers?

Is it okay if I take mine with Jameson's?

Knicker Theft Mayors in the news!

That is one weird-looking mofo....

Great Moments In DWI

Lobster & Jell-O

I must vomit now....

Edjumication News

Remember Kids: Cuteness Kills....

Monk-ey Business

Donald Duck - the price of fame...

Nothing says "Summer Fun" like teaching vermin how to surf!

Interesting article on the possibility & nature of alien beacons

The Fruita Vampire

This story occurred two days ago, which is when I first heard of it. I believe that the wire services and Internet gods got hold of it, and it's now all over the web. I've written before about my Mother growing up in a small farming community called New Liberty, in Colorado. Fruita was the nearest town of note; she was born there and attended Fruita High. I spent many pleasant Summer vacations visiting there while growing up, and still have relatives in town whom I try to see as often as possible. I consider it, along with other portions of the Western Slope, to be a second home.
Now, up until this week, the most notable folklore about Fruita has been Mike the Headless Chicken, (whom I've also written about in the past). And I now believe that there's a connection. After all, there have always been questions as to how Mike survived beheading. Well, perhaps it was because he was one of the dreaded Undead...
If I remember my Mikeological history correctly, he finally died while touring the country. The official explanation, (probably a cover-up) was that he died from a feeding accident, although I now suspect it was due to him not travelling with native soil to sleep on, as all vampires need.
And now, like Christopher Lee, the spirit has risen again. Frightening people, (and apparently stealing their anti-psychotic meds...). I hope to return to Fruita* within the next year - I am stocking up on turtleneck sweaters and eating as much garlic as I can choke down, in preparation. I'm hopeless at whittling stakes, but have a fistful of #3 pencils sharpened and ready for action! Look out Fruita, Van Helsing Junior is on the way!

*Or as I call it, "New Transylvania".

Sci-Fi Bug Zapper!


Happy Birthday Flo Ballard!

Happy National Ice Cream Soda Day!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Virtual Museum of the Marine Corps

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

The cutting edge of pot growing excuses

Ah yes, the ol' Nuremberg Defence - "I vas yust following orders..."

Remote Weapon Stations and the Video Gamer Advantage

The counter would seem to one of blocking the electronic signals that all of these modern weapon sytems employ. One hears about the elctron-magnetic pulse of atomic demolition. I wonder if smaller and simpler devices/weapons can be made that would provide the smae capabilities.

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

The Old Ways Are The Best

I've totally forgotten how, but years ago, I had to learn how to use this thingy. Feelin' old...

A nazi invasion of Ireland?

I strongly suspect this is bullshit. If such a plan really did exist, it was probably nothing more than a ruse to try and fool British intelligence and pull resources away from the defense of Southern England. There is absolutley no way Germany had the air or seapower to attempt such a landing. No Way. In the end, the nazis knew they didn't even have the resources to cross over from the Pas de Calais. And the idea that a small army would be "living off the land" like the armies of two centuries earlier is preposterous. The Germans never would have considered such an invasion until after the occupation of Britain itself. Somebody's being conned...

Happy Birthday Ray Harryhausen!


Monday, June 28, 2010

As predicted....

Yet we worry about a little girl's pet turtle....

a computer playing Jeopardy

Pretty impressive.

(Thanks for the link, Ed!)

And yet more in the never-ending tide of wussification

Sigh. My old grade school's playground would be considered a combination torture chamber and death trap by these uber-nannies. Iron, gravel, blacktop and boards - that's what our little world was made of.
Of course, it's kind of silly to be worrying about playground "dangers" when most kids aren't allowed outside anyways, are under 24/7 adult supervision, and are force-fed video game addictions as soon as their eyes are developed enough to focus. The little dears wouldn't know what to do in a playground.
It was around thirty years ago that John Travolta starred in the movie, "The Boy In The Plastic Bubble". Then, it was viewed as a tragedy. Now it's a goal...

Zombie Exercise

The Vermont Death Race

Happy Birthday Mel Brooks!

Genius. Essential. An American Treasure.

Happy Birthday to Where The Action Is!

Premiered on this date in '65. I've very fond memories of racing home from school to catch it on the TV.

Happy Birthday Gilda Radner!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Airplane" - 30 Years Old

(Thanks for the link, Karen!

Argyle Cthulhu....

T-shirt for all true Cthulhu cultists

Misfit Toy Generator

Star Trek meets Nine Inch Nails

Tee hee!

Pentagram - Run Away! Run Away!

Jesus fucking christ. First we have the panic over plague turtles, and now we're screaming at the sight of a pentagram on a barn. I can only imagine the heart attacks that will result for all of these delicate children should they ever drive around the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside. Hex signs abound on the barns up there*. I can imagine this wuss judge's pathetic brain exploding at the sight. So much for all that bullshit about the tough cowboy spirit of Arizona. Worrying about a barn...Some of us are made of sterner stuff....

*Dentists will meanwhile be fainitng whenever they travel the lesser highways of the Midwest and spy all of the MailPouch Tobacco ads painted on the barns there.

Zappa plays the bicycle

(Thanks for the link, Pete!)

Happy Birthday Dark Shadows!

Premiered on this date in '66.

Happy Birthday Captain!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spirit performs Dark Eyed Woman

Well, it's hotter than a whore on Nickel Night here in the Old Dominion. For some of you, that means the beach. For me, it's memories of the city. Loping along to places long gone and nearly forgotten - the Iguana Club, Desperado's, The Exchange, Tammany Hall, the Childe Harold, and a dozen more watering holes. Some of you reading this were on those expeditions, hours would turn into full weekends. Muddling down streets and through life. There were giants in those days...
Here's a few more tunes from when there were giants:

See ya tomorrow...

Joe Grushecky & The Iron City Houserockers perform Junior's Bar

One of my fave bands, and almost totally unknown.

site for the new Green Hornet film

a nice posting about Groucho and the film Copacabana

Count Gore is showing Carnival of Souls!

Fun stuff!

The Alibi...

Iceland's Idealogue

Pretty much puts everything into perspective....

RIP Pete Quaife

Happy Birthday Peter Lorre!

One of my faves.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The cutting edge of forced confessions

Police Brutality! Police Brutality! Attica! Attica!

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

Chastity Belt

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

Stylish weapons for use against zombie attack

The halligan is cool....

more incompetence at Arlington

Pretty pathetic, and pretty typical, unfortunately. I remember going to their office about six or seven years ago to locate the plot of an old family friend. It couldn't be found by name - locations could only be looked up based on the date of burial!!! I could remember the month, but not the exact date, nor the exact year, (I could narrow it down to a three year period); and so it took awhile for the clerk to locate it. They seemed a little exasperated with me for not knowing the date of my friend's burial, while I considered their classification system to be both primitive and stupid.

The Wussification of America

Pathetic. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of airline/aiport food can tell you that a turtle is the least of your problems when speaking of salmonella and/or poisoning....
It's almost as if the airlines and airports now make more money by delaying flights, than getting in or out of someplace on time. And any excuse will do. Now, we're reduced to quivering pools of jelly at the thought of this kid and her turtle, "Salmonella Mary". Interesting that this turtle is supposed to be capable of wiping out a planeload of people with a couple hours of sitting under a seat. Yet I've heard of no mass slaughter resulting from the hundreds of thousands of people who traipse through pet shops each year, some even going so far as to purchase these armored steeds of death. I myself owned doezens of turtles while growing up, both sliders and box turtles, and yet somehow managed to linger on, despite the apparent predictions of doom from the CDC, (who also predicted that by now we'd all be dead from swine flu). A nation of scaredy-cats....

Good article on the value of rockumentaries

With this one's emphasis on Black Sabbath.

(Thanks for the link, Tom!)

All You Need Is Love

Telecast worldwide on this date in '67.

Happy Birthday to The Omen!

One of my fave horror movies. Premiered on this date in '76.

Happy Birthday Tony Bourdain!

Happy Birethday Carly Simon!

Happy Ratification Day!

Virginia ratified the Constitution on this date in 1788.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cthulhu Mints!

From Archie McPhee, of course!


The Gen X version of Fraizer/Ali

Self-assembling nanodevices


Do Not Disturb

Horse boy...

RIP Edith Shain - subject of one of the most famous photos - ever

Mussoini's Diaries?

Yes, there have been rumors since 1945 about them, or at least personal papers with various dealings, including and especially with Churchill during the war. And there have been all sorts of rumors about what may have happened to them, including their destruction by MI6, (and even one of their use by Otto Skorzeny for blackmail purposes!). Loads of rumors, no hard data.
If I were a betting man, I'd say these papers probably are fakes; or perhaps historical, but rather unimportant. I find it difficult to believe in the collapse, confusion, and corruption that something like this promise of secrecy could/would be kept and maintained. I also find it weird that ol' Benito would make it. It can't be because he was afraid, he knew he was a dead man. The papers might be the only thing to prevent that, through blackmail (that's one of the rumors, by the way). I'm betting it's a fake. But if not, we might have to add a few chapters to history...

Dead Ant Painting

Octopus Gambling Success

The reign of kidnappings continues, (and is supported by the government)

Talking about rules not applying to foreign carriers is a lie. This has nothing to do with rules. It's defined as kidnapping and abduction, and there are laws, both State and Federal, against that. I absolutely despise air travel nowadays.

Happy Birthday Arthur Brown, Lord of Hellfire!

Happy Birthday Ambrose Bierce!

One of my faves. Genius. Essential.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Swinger

A musical effect that's both amusing and cool!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

The cutting edge of male enhancement

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)


The Russian Road...

neat collection of motorcycles

A documentary on Screaming Lord Sutch!

An Original.

An old man - and his tank

Kinda strange, kinda touching.

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Happy Birthday Stu Sutcliffe!

Happy Birthday Josh Whedon!

One of my faves.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spanish "neutrality"

Once again, I will state that spain was not neutral in WWII, (nor were Switzerland or Sweden). This is nothing more than a convenient lie made up by those states and maintained by the Allies for the most cynical of reasons. Spain was certainly a wimpy ally, as Spain has been for almost 300 years, but it provided Germany with troops, U-Boat bases, military and diplomatic intelligence, and the capture of Allied airmen, (and an escape route and hideout after the War). If Germany had won the North African campaign, I think you'd of seen the Spanish become even more active.

Condiment Crime Spree!

(Thanks for the link, Linda!)

Lucky Day

The very last vignette is a hoot!

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

Mystery Sub?

Interesting that the Coast Guard claims that defending and investigating coastal waters ISN'T what they do. Guess we don't need to pay you then, boys.

Happy Birthday Bruce Campbell!

Master of the BoomStick!

Happy Birthday Todd Rundgren!

Happy Birthday Howard Kaylan!

Happy Birthday Peter Asher!

Happy National Onion Rings Day!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Solstice 40+ years ago...

The longest day of the year, with wonderful long shadows lingering into the evening hours. One is transported back to similar scenes. I've written several times before about the many happy Summers I spent out in Colorado. We'd often stay at my Uncle Harry's place. His spread was mostly prairie and alkali flats, but he had a beautiful front yard of lush grass which he carefully maintained. Every few weeks, the irrigation ditch in the very front of the yard would fill up and be breached, and the whole patch would be inundated and under maybe an inch of water. For a kid, it was just wonderful walking barefoot through it. Something so simple that still brings a smile to my face.
And I'd spend the evening sitting out on lawn chairs with my cousins, chatting away, waiting for the signal from KOMA radio to crank up at nightfall, (the only way to get rock'n'roll in those days on the Western Slope). We'd be anticipating picnics up on Log Hill, fireworks for Independence Day, and trips to mountain towns like Ouray and Telluride. More simple stuff.
There's no excitement or "wow" moments in these memories and reminiscences; just a warm glow with a certain amount of calm and innocence I no longer possess - and never will again. And some of the best times of my life.
See ya tomorrow.

The Moodies perform OM

I suspect most folks find this tune pretentious and/or forgettable, but I've always liked it. Reminds me of late Spring of '74 for some reason, which is quite weird because my life was nothing like this then. More contradictions...

Elvis Costello performs (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes

Probably my fave song by Elvis. Helped get me through the late 70's. I still can't figure out if I'm disgusted or amused.

The Reivers perform In Your Eyes

The greatest band you've never heard of.

a nice review of Pawn Stars

I don't watch much TV, but this show is growing on me. My only complaint is that it doesn't show or even mention the background research that I'm sure HAS to go into evaluating some of the stuff brought into the shop. There is NO WAY some of these guys, (I don't care how expert they are), can just nonchalantly identify and declare the value of some of the stuff brought in.
My big example of this was one dude bringing in a set of Soviet-era launch keys. Now, I knew what they were, or at least were supposed to be. And Rick, the owner, correctly surmised that anyone in a machine shop could duplicate them, (absolutely true, they're not super-sophisticated keys - they don't have to be). But they call in some clown from the local museum who is supposedly an "expert" on Soviet nuclear paraphernalia, (sure, right, in Las Vegas). This dude comes in, looking like a god damned refugee from a Mennonite farm, and immediately announces that he knows that the keys are authentic, what they're made of, and that they belong to a space launch console. Snap! Just like that. Just at a glance. Fucking no way. Especially in that burg.
There's no way Mr. Horse and Buggy, director of the museum of poker chips and slot machines is a spot-on expert on Soviet top secret ephemera. And that's what bugs me. I know that that git had to go home, and spend hours on the internet, in books, and on the phone with people who are real Soviet scholars to figure out what these things were before making his pronouncement. And I wish TV at least acknowledged that. You have to work. Research is important. It's not all instantaneous gratification.
But it's still an entertaining show. I just wish it were a realistic one.

RIP Fran├žois Haeringer

Very sad. L'Auberge may well be the finest restaurant in the DC region. We've always had a great time and wonderful meals there. In the early days, mr. Haeringer would often stop by the table to make sure everything was perfect - which it was. Fine gentleman.

(Thanks for the link, Elina!)

William Wallace Weeps

Tis The Season!

Actually, this is a bit unfair. The fact is that if you're into craft-y type stuff, now is the time you'd want to start in on any long-term Christmas projects. There are Halloween home haunters who are already busy putting together special effects, etc., for four months from now.

the friendly skies

Spooky Movie Television & the return of Dr. Sarcofiguy!

Happy Birthday Ray Davies!

Genius. Absolutely essential.

Happy Birthday Nils Lofgren!

A local boy who made good...

Happy Berke Breathed!

One of my fave. Genius. Essential.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Last planting...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mickey Mouse - On Drugs

Saturn speaks!

Nanoo, Nanoo!

They already own "Sieg Heil", what more could they want?

How To Cook Children

Seven stolen (famous) movie props

I'd love to own an original Maltese Falcon...

Samurai Umbrella


Saint Belushi

The Onion is no longer satire, it is a real newspaper of our world.

Vuvuzelas...the argument against

If I had a nickel for every time this has happened to me

I can't relate to the dope, but I find myself constantly kidnapped and forced to buy booze. Terrifying....

Going, going....

Most of these I couldn't give a rat's ass about. But Palm started out well, and I am disappointd that it couldn't remain a strong challenger to Microsoft in the hand-held arena. I still use my Palm IIIx constantly.
And Borders wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed so many of the folks that I worked with there that it's a bit saddening to think that it's going down too. B&N is okay, but I always thought Borders had a better selection, at least in NoVa.
Reader's Digest is something of surprise to me, as I assumed all Americans over the age of 70 were required by law to subscribe to it. Oh well...

Art on the Moon

Death of the Mole Man

Librarians GaGa!!

Fun stuff!

Happy Birthday Brian Wilson

Tortured genius, Pop Meister, Essential, Patron Saint of Summer.

Happy National Vanilla Milkshake Day!


Happy Birthday Errol Flynn!

One of my faves. THE Swashbuckler...

Happy Birthday Audie Murphy!

Happy Father's Day

For me, a sad reminder. For the rest of you, I hope it's a time of connecting and happiness.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wuss America

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

We Shall Overcome

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

the newest on military blimps

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Crayfish - Thoughtful, (and delicious!)

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Russia Brags...

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Shit My Darth Says


(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Happy Birthday Ann Wilson!

Happy Birthday Spanky McFarlane!

Great sound.

Happy Birthday Alan Cranston!

The only man to be sued by hitler.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Linda Thorson!

Happy Birthday Paul!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

fanvid for Hawkwind performing Master of the Universe

Classic early British space/prog rock.

Sniff'N'The Tears perform Driver's Seat

One of those songs that was perfect for listening to when tooling the car at about 70mph down Braddock Road at midnight, (back when you could do so).

The Ramones perform I Want You Around (from R&R H.S.)


The Raspberries perform I Wanna Be With You

It's a cool Summer evening here at the Manor. Perfect night for a perfect example of power pop.

Eating well on $1 a day.... (supposedly)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What If The Beatles Were Irish?

Fun stuff!

(Thanks for the link, Pete!)

Today's English Lesson

I love it....

Tooth Fairy Kit

Is this covered under the A.D.A.?

Metal Halloween Scarecrow


A DC-based brewery?

The fanboy population is about to decrease


Monster Robotic Chess

Impressive, but I confess that I prefer human chess...

latest on the "At The Mountains of Madness" film

hitler and India

Sigh. I know that himmler strove mightily, (and fruitlessly), to make some sort of nazi/Indian connection. But, to make a long story short, it was fraudulent and an intellectual mess. Adolf himself was quoted as stating that Indians were no good for anything more than turning their prayer wheels. There was a pro-German movement within India during WWII, from a nationalistic point of view and a desire to use whatever means to kick the British out, (the enemy of my enemy is my friend, etc.). But it was pretty small. A few Indian POW's were induced to join the Germans and formed an "Indian Legion" which did little more than defend itself from attacks by the Free French during the Fall of 1944. A weird little footnote to the War.

Sale of the Blackadder's Codpiece!

It was a cunning plan...

(Thanks for the link, Linda!)

Happy Birthday Stan Laurel!

Happy Bunker Hill Day!

Anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival

Of all the big rock festivals, this was my favorite one. Wish I could have been there....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Steely Dan perform My Old School

That last entry got me to thinking. It's that time of year for high school graduations. Gods. All I can remember about mine was that it was hotter than hell, a bunch of people were babbling on stage, and us students were passing around a bottle of cheap wine, which pretty much represented my school experiences in a nutshell. Steely Dan had this song out around then; they've always stated it had nothing to do with Virginia. Sure. Fat chance guys, but your secret is safe with me. Ah, graduatin'.

And a Happy Graduation Day to you, Allison, this one's for you, friend - have a fun time.

The Ramones from Rock'N'Roll High School

One of my fave movies - ever. Absolutely brilliant and essential. Almost as viscious and cool as going to T.C. Williams.....

fanvid for Martha & The Vandellas performing Jimmy Mack

Classic Motown.

fanvid for Johnny Burnette performing Train Kept A Rollin'

Great song and performer.

Hendrix performs The Wind Cries Mary


fanvid for The First Class performing Beach Baby

It was around this time in '74 that this song was a hit. I suppose this should be classified as a guilty pleasure because whenever I mention liking it everybody else just rolls their eyes in disgust. It's a little ironic in that the song is nostalgic for a sort of pre-British from about ten years earlier. Here I am 36 years later and nostalgic for it. So be it...

RIP Crispian St. Peters

(Thanks for the head's up on this, Perry!)

Wind powered car

This just looks cool to me.

Future Clothes - Energy Producing

Pretty neat, but I believe that Little Feat was ahead of the curve on this whole powered clothing thing:

the usual bullshit

Polygraphs had been thoroughly discredited back when I was a teenager. I remember my psychology professors comparing them to phrenology. It's amusing to see the oh-so-hi-tech nsa still wasting valuable time and money on them.

Happy Birthday Harry Nilsson!


Anniversary of the Pig War

One of our nation's greatest conflicts. Now, sadly forgotten....

Happy Birthday Legend Of Hell House!

A great horror movie, (nd book!). Premiered on this date back in '73. It reminds me of my life here at the Manor...

Happy Birthday Black Adder!

Premiered on this date in '83. Brilliant.

Happy Magna Carter Day!

Happy National Lobster Day!


Happy Birthday Jim Varney!

It Begins...

Lennon & McCartney first met on this date in 1956.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Chad Vader Coffee!

The lost submarine fleet of the Chesapeake!

This is very cool. If I can just get to these devices before the Navy, I'll be able to fulfill my dream of a super secret submarine pirate fleet in the Chesapeake. Arrr, matey!

The Wide World Of Sports

The Militia

Ah yes, the battle of Yorktown, I believe....

Happy Birthday Jr. Walker!

One of my faves. VERY under-rated. He just had an incredible sound.

Happy Flag Day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Return of Dr. Sarcofiguy!

A Vaughn Meader documentary

I really wnat to see this. I still remember my folks going out to buy the First Family album, and us listening to it over and over.

The Return of Torgo!?!

The Master is Pleased....

The Shortest Monopoly Game

a new Indiana Jones film...

Nerd Survival Skills

Live From Daryl's House

Just heard about this, looks like a very cool music program from Hall.

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

Happy Birthday Paul Lynde!

Happy Birthday Basil Rathbone!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Steel Pulse performs Ku Klux Klan

So cool. Great band.

Rickie Lee Jones performs Last Chance Texaco

My favorite song by her. Achingly Gorgeous.

The Stones perform 2000 Light Years From Home

Great stuff! It's always been considered hip to look down on Her Satanic Majesty's Request, but I think it's a very cool album.

Evie Sands performs Anyway That You Want Me

Poor recording. Great song and performer. Evie is yet another in a long line of artists that should have had a much bigger career. A real talent.

The Troggs video for Love Is All Around

One of my all-time favorite songs from the early British bands. Absolutely beautiful.

Blondie performs X Offender

Folks got caught up in the supposed glamour, but the fact is that Blondie was a great pop rock band.

John Mellencamp performs What If I Came Knockin'

Great song.

the dumbest and most annoying restaurant on earth

Metal Dads


The cutting edge of shotgun weddings - Merry the Dairy!

I've gotta sympathize with Ngurah. We all know the seductive magic that Ol' Bossy can weave. Her cud-chewing come-on, the grace, the coquetish way she flicks the flys off of herself.....

a new Carolyne Mas retrospective for sale

Just heard about this one, and am unfamiliar with the company. But I'm a huge fan of Carolyne's and highly recommend checking her out.

Weird results and ruins of urbanization

Happy World Wide Knit In Public Day!

Happy Loving Day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rubber Ducks that explore

Blitz Parties

I'm not sure there were any such parties during the real Blitz....

Suicide for Fame

It's strange and sad to me to see what folks will put themselves through for their 15 minutes of fame. I know that such behavior has always been around, but I wonder if television has increased it.

Happy Corn On The Cob Day!


At The Mountains Of Madness

Of course any student of Lovecraft won't be surprised in the least by these "discoveries". Just wait till they find the Shoggoths...

(Thanks for the link, Doug!)

Tim Burton news

I'm curious why the article refers to Dark Shadows as Australian.

Cthulhu Baby Blanket

more outrages at Arlington

If past experience means anything, no one is going to (really) be punished for anything that occured here. It's a shame that it was up to Salon, rather than the military, to discover and expose what was going on. They (the government) don't care about the misdeeds, just embarrassment over their exposure. It's angering and it's dismaying. I'm still wondering if I knew any of the people whose remains were tossed about.

Happy Birthday True Grit!

One of my fave Westers, filmed in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Premiered on this date in 1969.

Happy Birthday to A Day At The Races!

Premiered on this date in 1937.

Happy Birthday Donnie Van Zandt!

Happy Birthday Frank Beard!

Happy Birthday Gene Wilder!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Virginia 'Moonshine'

I finally for around to trying some. I've had about few ounces. Taking it straight was okay, smoother than I thought it might be. The problem I had with is it there's no subtlety, (at least that I could detect), which is sort of expected, I suppose. I tried it with ice, and I think that helped, (it is 100 proof, after all...). I then put it with diet coke as a mixer and it worked quite well. So, my initial view is that it's a mixed success, (almost by definition). It's not going to challenge bourbon in a straight tasting. But as a mixer I think it might have a future.

Late Spring

I have stated before how Autumn is my favorite time of year. But an increasingly close second is late Spring. There is no denying the attractiveness of the fresheness and promise in the foliage; the long and lingering evening Sun, and the warm weather just before the swarms of mosquitos and other vermin make the outdoors uninhabitable here in NoVa. And I still, many decades later, associate June with escape from school. One of my most cherished childhood memories is the half day I spent at the end of 4th grade, on the very last day. It was just a formality - no work, and no dress code, (oh yes, we had to dress properly for indoctrination, yoy know). Class ended in late morning, and I walked the short distance home in a beautiful and sunny day with a slight and cool breeze, looking forward to a trip out to my beloved Colorado in a few days. Even in my callow youth, I knew it was a treasured day. And so it was.

Monet Monet

Nice, but the music is wretched. I can't believe they didn't tap Tommy James.

The Travelogue

A man who loves his work


My Father, and a variety of other family, friends and acquaintances are buried at Arlington. I am appalled, and am not in a forgiving mood.

A Treasure Trove of Silent Movies Discovered

iPad is now TheirPad...

fanvid for the Velvets performing Sister Ray

Fun stuff!

Keep those galoshes handy!

Happy National Yo-Yo Day!

Happy Birthday Tales From The Crypt!

The series debuted on tis date in '89.

Happy National Herb & Spice Day!


Happy National Iced Tea Day!


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Cutting Edge of Charts & Graphs

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

North Korean tourism video

Cause nothin' says "Funky Fun" like North Korea! Get Down!!!

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Mr Potato - The Elvis Version!

Cool! Because nothing says "potato" like Elvis did, or vice versa. Or something...

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Just another day for Metro...

DC, corruption doesn't even begin to cover it...

The Milkman Meets The Queen

Very cute.

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

The Northern Virginia Brewfest

Stone brewery is going to be in attendance!

The Drummer

This guy's pretty damn good, and a lot of fun to watch.

(Thanks for the links, Perry!)

Famous Characters' Names You Probably Don't Know

RIP Jack Harrison, Last living member of the Great Escape

Coffin Gems & Jewelry

Baby Cthulhu crochet pattern!


Cthulhoid news: The Unspeakable Oath is resuming publication

Anniversay of the signing of Bruce to Columbia Records!

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp!

Happy Birthday Lin Carter!

A lousy author, but a great editor and promoter of fantasy literature, probably the best.

Happy Birthday Jackie Wilson!

One of my faves. Great singer.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cthulhu Babies

Okay, (but Cthulhu wasn't a cyclops....)

Toys that should have been...

Hamburger Helper

Ooh La La!

The French....

The end of the Dr. Demento Show

Sad. It wasn't broadcast much around DC, (that I recall), but it was a real treasure.

nice site devoted to photos of hitler, the nazis and religion

Many of these photos, not all, are new to me. For at least a few years, there's been something of a debate as to whether or not hitler and his thugs were atheists or Christians. The answer is that both were tolerated within the party, the important thing was that they be subservient to the party and the state. As for hitler's personal beliefs, I think the most accurate thing to say is that on an intellectual level they were a muddle, bordering on the childish, while in action they were a prop used by successful demagogues anywhere - with both a push and pull tactic to get the crowds on one's side and keep them there, using whatever wordage or symbolism was convenient at the time.
As for the church's in Germany. I can only claim a certain familiarity with the Lutheran and Catholic, and for the most part their efforts ranged from silence or muted objection to open and slavish support.

nice collection of posters from WWII

"Lost" battlefield on New Guinea rediscovered

My Uncle Edward fought in the New Guinea campaign. A very tough and grim slog.

Firesign is on the air!

Just received this press release:

LEGENDARY RADIO COMEDY SHOWS RETURN TO THE AIR AFTER FORTYYEARS WITH "THE FIRESIGN THEATRE RADIO HOUR" ON WFMU LOS ANGELES -- Perennial and venerated surrealist comedygroup The Firesign Theatre, together since 1966 and stilltouring, are about to have some of their most beloved radiohistory recycled by freeform broadcaster WFMU ( The New Jersey-based FM station and web-streamer, a havenfor music lovers and champions of the eccentric, eclectic,and ephemeral, will be rebroadcasting sixteen hours of theFiresign Theatre's radio work from 1970-1972, the years whenthe group were performing their notorious Los Angeles radioseries The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour, Dear Friends,and Let's Eat. WFMU will broadcast and stream "The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour"Tuesday nights from 7pm-8pm, beginning June 15 and continuingthrough the end of September. The Firesign Theatre -- Philip Austin, Peter Bergman, DavidOssman, and Philip Proctor -- first hosted their own radioseries after the last run of the groundbreaking show RadioFree Oz, hosted by Peter Bergman and various members ofFiresign between 1966 and 1969 on KFPK, KRLA, and KMET inLos Angeles. The Firesign's first self-hosted radio series was The FiresignTheatre Radio Hour Hour, a two-hour weekly show that airedSunday nights on KPPC-FM, Pasadena, from January to July 1970.Between September 1970 and February 1971, Firesign hosted theweekly series Dear Friends on KPFK-FM, Los Angeles. Their lastself-hosted radio series on terrestrial FM was Let's Eat, broadcastweekly on KPFK between November 1971 and February 1972, plus the90-minute series finale Martian Space Party in March 1972. Firesign's riff-based radio work was almost completely improvised,and incorporated found texts, short scripts, and random music andsound effects flown into the mix by their engineer The Live Earl Jive. Firesign syndicated twelve episodes of Dear Friends and ten programsof Let's Eat to underground stations across the U.S. in the 1970son LPs and open reels, which are today the rarest and mostcollectible artifacts in Firesign's discography. The material set for broadcast on WFMU, which all dates from 1970-1972, has been extensively restored and remastered from the bestavailable sources. Short clips from Firesign's Dear Friends radio series ended upon a double-LP of the same name released by Columbia Records in1972, and gave the language such indelible phrases as "Like wormsout of a hot cheese log", "I was a cockteaser at Roosterama", and"Deputy Dan has no friends". Select episodes of Radio Hour Hour and Dear Friends are currentlyavailable for download from iTunes. More vintage programs will beadded on an ongoing basis. A comprehensive reissue package of the complete broadcast historyof Firesign Theatre 1970-1972 is currently in production, with aprojected late Summer 2010 release. This year, Peter Bergman resuscitated Radio Free Oz as a four-day-a-week webcast, streamable from The show isco-hosted by David Ossman and features regular contributions fromPhil Austin and Phil Proctor. The Firesign Theatre will be performing a series of live shows inPortland, Eugene, Ashland, and Redding later this month, withadditional dates planned for Santa Barbara, Monterey, Marin Countyand Hollywood's Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in late October. For further details, visit the Firesign Theatre website, or connect with the group at "It's JustThis Little Chromium Switch Here" on Facebook. Be there or be square!

Happy Birthday Keenan Ivory Wayans!

Genius. Essential.

Happy Birthday Nancy Siantra!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Southside, Bruce & Little Steven perform The Fever

Fun stuff!

Roxy Music performs Dance Away

Louise Goffin video for Kid Blue

Louise released two great albums in the late 70's that went nowhere. Pity, I thought she was great.

We're #2! We're #2!

C'mon folks, let's go all the way to Number One! We'll show those hicks in Tennessee what REAL corruption is like!

I prefer my translations shaken, not stirred

Go to Google Translate and put in "James Bond" from English to Chinese.

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

The cutting edge of urinal art

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

Happy Birthday Tom Jones!

I know that there's a corniness factor here, but I've always liked this guy.

Happy Birthday Prince!

Happy Birthday Nikki Giovanni!

Great poetess.

Happy Birthday El Dorado!

One of my fave westerns.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

fanvid for kantner, Slick and Freiberg performing Sketches of China

I love this song. Reminds me of moments of calm on a Summer morning.

fanvid for the pousette Dart Band performing Amnesia

Almost forgotten now...

White Wedding - the literal version

Nice marketing

Amusing to see a major airport promoting the God of Death....

The University of Florida is no longer Prepared!

A mysterious radio silence...

Wuss America

Rewarding morons...

The cutting edge of pocket change

Liberty Bell t-shirt

Bookshelf Porn!

I just love this stuff!

Booze Town

Fascinating little story.

ridiculous nazis in the comics

Happy Birthday Damien Thorne!

Supposedly born on 6/6. It's all for you...


The events in the song took place on June 6th...

Rock Around The Clock!

Hit #1 on the charts on this date in 1955.

Happy Birthday Gary U.S. Bonds!

Happy Birthday Levi Stubbs!

One of my faves, and one of the greatest voices to come out of Motown.

Happy Birthday Nathan Hale!


Anniversary of D-Day

An incredible feat.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy Festival of Popular Delusions Day!

Friday, June 04, 2010

They're predicting rain tonight, so is Johnny Rivers

The Pointer Sisters perform Yes We Can

Fun song. I always thought that the Pointers should've been bigger.

fanvid for Aztec Camera covering Jump (the Loaded version)

I always thought this was a cool version.

fanvid for Humble Pie performing 30 Days In The Hole

Great band and song.

The Beach boys perform Good Vibrations


You've Been Goth Blocked!


Midnight Syndicate have a video out!

Interesting book on the effects of the Internet

A young Michael Stipe at Rocky Horror!!

An amazing brain

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

The Cthulhu Cellphone Holder!

Tempting - I am a slave to fashion....

Anniversary of the Battle of Midway

In my opinion, one of the greatest and most incredible American victories, ever. Virtually assured that, just six months after Pearl Harbor, Japan was going to lose.

Happy National Cognac Day!


Happy National Cheese Day!


Happy Birthday Gordon Waller!

Only 150 Days Until Halloween!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

video for Neil covering Farmer John

Good, but I still prefer the Premieres' version....


The internet is amazing...

You know you want to watch this...

So, you're sitting around saying, "Sure, I like slasher movies, but they just aren't cold enough." Well friend, you're problem is solved. Iceland now has a slasher flik. Fishbillies....

A VERY Impressive Hail Storm!

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

RIP Chris Haney, creator of Trivial Pursuit

Ode To Billy Joe

The mysterious events in the song took place on this date. Perfect Southern Gothic.

Happy Jack Jouette Day!

I think he and his ride are totally forgotten, even in Virginia.

Happy Birthday Suzi Quatro!

I always liked Suzi...

Happy Birthday Ian Hunter!

Great rock'n'roller.

Happy Birthday Curtis Mayfield!

An American Original. Genius. Absolutely Essential.

Happy Birthday Leo Gorcey!

Happy National Egg Day!


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The autism scam

It's going to become criminally obvious. Environment (or the lack thereof of a human dimension) is going to be seen as the primary culprit, at least amongst those willing to face the truth.

The Onion Understands..,17534/

I've actually always felt this way about zoos, circuses, and whatnot. It's always seemed just one step past cockfighting.

a plug for the film "Once"

Well, it took me quite awhile to get around to seeing this flic. And it was a bit of a group effort, with my friend Erik patiently telling/reminding me how good it was; and my friend Carol loaning us her copy last weekend.
Wow! What a wonderful love story. Low key, charming, subtle, and adult. There's nothing fancy here, just a couple of very believable and likeable people dealing with life. I was thoroughly charmed. Highly recommended!

(Thanks to Erik and Carol!)

Wuss Britain

Now, I ask you, what's the harm in a little flonking between consenting adults? All I can say is that you'll get my dwile when you pull it from my cold beer-drenched hand!

(For more information about what has become my new all-time favorite sport, I will direct you to .)

Pumpkin Panic!

Oh no, I love pumpkin....

Wilderness survival technique

Pretty good thinking. From now on, I'm always carrying an axe...

Cthulhu Crochet!

Happy Birthday Universal Studios!

Home of the Monsters. Founded on this date in 1912.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Well, tradition dictates that Memorial Day is the official start of Summer, and certainly the last few days here at the Manor have been real steamers, weather-wise. The fireflys are blinking away as I type this, so I guess it's time to get into the spirit of the Season. Of course musically, the Beach Boys and their imitators have a near-lock on the soundtrack for Summer, but not quite. It's not all white sand and cascading waves, there's also an urban vibe to the season. Enjoy.

Martha & The Vandellas

The Lovin' Spoonful


Sly & The Family Stone

Eddie Cochran

Billy Stewart

The Rolling Stones

The Go-Go's

Alice Cooper

When zombies bite...

rare film of Keith Richards using a synthesizer

Cthulian Chandelier

Vampire Chair...

Ian Curtis Walking Tour

Dark Side Of The Moon album art - Live

Zombie Jerky

The Rikers

This is cute...

Firefly trivia and news

I loved that show...

Star Wars condom

Very cute!

A tombstone fit for Lovecraft!

Horror Stationery

The Velvet Dogpound

I predict a new hit for Lou; Walkies On The Wild Side....

Pigeon Espionage

Highly doubtful....

Caterpillar robots?

Happy Birthday Sergeant!

Hard to believe that it was 43 years ago. My gods...'s_Lonely_Hearts_Club_Band

Happy Birthday le Petomane!

Happy National Accordion Awareness Month!