Thursday, March 31, 2011

John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band perform On The Dark Side

Great song.  Cafferty and his boys got a bad rep/rap at being Springsteen rip-offs.  But the truth is that they were out there on the East Coast at the same time, experiencing and witnessing the same things, and their sound grew up as naturally as Bruce's - in the same ecological nitch, as it were.  There were others - Flame, Billy Price & the Keystone Rhythm Band, the Iron City Houserockers, Edge City, Carolyn Mas, Ellen Shipley, etc.  You just don't hear about 'em because Bruce so totally dominated. 

The Foundations perform Baby, Now That I've Found You

One of the first two-tone groups.  A British band centered around West Indians.  Wonderful sound, the closest the Brits came to competing with Motown.  They released at least two albums in the States, both of which are near perfect soul - not a bad cut on 'em. 

Bette Midler performs The boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Absolutely beautiful.  A cover (for those who don't know) of the Andrews Sisters (whom I also heartily recommend).  Bette is fantastic, not always consistent, but fantastic, nevertheless.  I can't figure out if she was born too early or too late to be a superstar in our culture.

Gil Scott-Heron performs We Almost Lost Detroit

video for Johnny Thunders performing Chinese Rock

Classic early punk.  Essential.

fanvid for Richie Furay performing What Does It Feel Like

The performance is a little ragged, but it's still a fun song.

Dan Snyder - still the biggest prick in a city that's full of 'em

Ping Pong with flying robots!!5786772/watch-flying-robots-juggle-ping+pong-balls-using-tennis-rackets

Amazing.  I'm impressed!

The oldest Led Zep fan

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)


Forget Eliot Ness - Marion is the REAL Untouchable.  The most powerful parasite in the District.  The real Mayor.  The Master.

John Belushi Smiles...

The amazing Gurkhas

I always enjoy reading about these guys.

A True Lazy Boy

The Crazy House

It's Donner Party Time!

The cutting edge of alcohol abuse


Is that a banana in your car, or are you just happy to see me?

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

And yet more on the poopster!!5787404/man-gets-revenge-on-girlfriend-by-lighting-his-poop-on-fire

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Great (and different looking) pictures of Earth from a Russian satellite!5787176/this-is-the-moon-and-the-earth-like-you-have-never-seen-them-before

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

The cutting edge of the Hippocratic Oath

Remind me not to go for treatments in Texas....

Happy World Backup Day!

Happy Birthdayto The Matrix!

One of my fave movies.  Premiered on this date in 1999.

Happy National Clams On The Half Shell Day!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Big Question - Was he wearing a Trojan?

Remember when it just involved rubbing two sticks together?

The return of Buffalo Springfield

Neat card trick

I love stuff like that.

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

New info on Robin Hood?

Happy Birthday Graeme Edge!

Happy Birthday John Astin!

Happy Birthday Eric Clapton!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bruce appearing on The Underground Garage!

Sock Cthulhu!

Ralphie Saves Flash Gordon

I was unaware of this.  Neat idea!

Two Dogs Dining


(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

The return of classic RISK!!!!

I absolutely adore this game, and this is the classic version - with wooden pieces.  Frankly, I can' stand the wussy little plastic doo-dads they've been using for the past few decades*.  THIS is the only version to own - for all True Gamesmen!

*Yes, I still have my original copy...

neat video of Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da by the Rock & worship Roadshow

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

The Cthulhu Emoticon


Happy Birthday Patty Donahue!

Happy Birthday Terrence Hill!

Happy Birthday Eric Idle!

Monday, March 28, 2011

What if Darth played Badminton?

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Forget about Lincoln Logs and Erector Sets...

The Whoopie Pie

getting to look under the gray lady's skirt for free....

Is Arizona becoming the New Florida?

There just seem to be more and more bizarre stories coming from that state lately.

Fire-fighting "magic wand"?

The Pooh Sticks Championships

Grand Theft Ducky,0,3391840.story

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Firesign Theatre - Heaven & Hell

We dodged a bullet - the snow update

Well, we did get some snow here early this morning.  Fortunately, it was very light.  At the risk of combining contradictory adjectives, it was a light dusting of very wet snow.  By 11AM it had melted off.  It's still very chilly for this time of year, but I think Spring is gonna hang on.

I know where I'll be shopping...

The singing fork!5786120/singing-fork-infuses-mealtime-with-the-sounds-of-robots-dying

The wealthiest bugs

A Rose (or crabgrass) By Any Other Name

But everyone knew him as Nancy....

Regional Currencies


A new book re-interpreting British industry and development during WWII

Interesting, I'd like to check this out.

RIP April Derleth of Arkham House Publishing

Not sure what this'll mean for Arkham House. 

Cthulhu Cellphone Holder!

Pee-Pee video by the Kelly Family

Just discovered this weird little gem.  Never heard of these dudes before.  Here's what wikipedia says:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Cthulhu Mythos - as drawn by children!


(Thanks for the link, Infidel753!)

Nils is going on a tour of the East Coast & Britain


Readers might remember me writing a while back on how the DC area will often get what I call a "false Spring", with very mild temperatures sometime in mid to late Winter (just enough to get the plants budding and blooming), and then we get sucker punched  with a Winter Storm.  Well, most of February and March have been unseasonably nice this year.  And now our weather drones are calling for up three inches of wet snow tomorrow.  If that occurs, it's going to bury/break off/destroy a lot of fragile blossoms and sprouts.  Very disappointing.  The gods are treacherous around here.

Very nice article on NORAD's Santa Tracking

I've been a big fan of this.  I just wish they were able to upgrade their graphics and the website in general.  It just seems a little clunky to me, given the current state of technology.

Barry Richards' show, "Turn On", is coming out on DVD!!!

Very cool!

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

Happy Birthday Strother Martin!

One of the great character actors.

Happy Birthday Spock!

Happy Birthday Diana Ross!

What can one say?  Essential.  The Queen of Motown.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Obsolete Computer Museum

Lulu performs Shout

So cool.

Czeching out

Maybe I'm missing the point, or some other subtlety, here.  What/how/why does having heydrich's, (even if he's supposedly a nice liberal guy) onboard help the funding of a museum/memorial?  Would Lee Harvey Oswald's sons be of any use in getting a memorial or museum to JFK?  It just seems weird to me.

50 Unexplainable photos

There are some great ones in here.

(Thanks for the link, Barb!)

An online trivia quiz devoted to Nick Danger

Alert Ray Walston!

Nice article on the new box set of Aretha's years on Columbia

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

Screaming Lord Sutch performs Great Balls Of Fire

One of the great clowns of Rock.

A documentary on the MC5 looking for support

One of the coolest bands, ever.

The cutting edge of being a smart price-conscious shopper

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

One more reason that I despair,0,2955230.story

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

A great article/interview about Paul Revere & the Raiders

Happy Birthday Johnny Burnette!

One of the greats.

Happy Birthday Elton!

Happy Birthday Aretha!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Latte Art


(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

Sexy Santo to be released!

Lost & Found

Your cow manure fetish story of the day

The Fukushima Fifty - Heroes


Blunt Cards

The Friendly Skys

Dulles is looking better and better...

Anniversary of the Lyon sisters tragedy

One of the saddest mysteries in the DC region.  I'd always assumed that sooner or later, it would be solved, but no luck. 

Happy Birthday Alyson Hannigan!

Happy Birthday Nick Lowe!

Happy Birthday Houdini!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I need one of these soooo bad!

This'll get me movin' on the Beltway!

(Thanks for the link, Chris!)

A nice blog devoted to rock'n'roll in DC

The Strawberry Alarm Clock perform Incense & Peppermints

Yea, it's become almost a joke in pop culture.  Someone wants to put something on the 60's on TV, and odds are this thing's going to show up as the background music.  But it's a great example of pop psychedelia, nevertheless. 

Cass Elliott performs Make Your Own Kind Of Music
Yes, I know, it's too MOR.  But I like it anyway.  I think Cass was on her way to major stardom in that sort of pop standards and Broadway musical milieu. 

The Dells perform Oh What A Night


REM performs Man On The Moon

I always enjoy Stipe's wordplay in his songs.  Sometimes a collage, sometimes a stew, and other times a sequence of (sometimes) isolated pictures.  Very pretty stuff.

The Cars' video for Sad Song (brand new tune!)

I like it. 

Chavez knows why there's no life on Mars

Um, yes....   Actually, Mr. Chavez is bit behind on his sci-fi reasoning.  I recommend he watch Aelita, where a visiting Russian cosmonaut stirs up a revolt against the ruling order, etc.  Not a great movie, but an interesting one if you know early Soviet history and critiques.

The Kite Festival is coming!

I used to love flying kites - had a 30' dragon kite with about 2000' of line.  That thing was a beauty once you got it up a couple hundred feet.  When I worked at the museum shop at NASM (many moons ago) we'd sell a great variety of them.  With my employee discount, I could get one of the cheapest ones and a hundred feet of line for about a buck or two - and would spend my lunch hour out on the all flying it on the nicer Spring days. 
The dragon kite I took out to Colorado on once of my many trips there.  It was the Summer of '77 and my cousins and I drove to the top of a local mesa just outside of Montrose one afternoon. We were already a couple hundred feet above the valley floor, and I let the line out on the kite almost all the way.  It was beautiful - and then it got better - the light was such that you could see the moon!  I maneuvered the kite in that direction and my cousin Janice took a photo of both seeming to hover next to each other.  I love that picture, a nice reminder of good times.

RIP Liz Taylor

A wonderful article/interview with Hal Blaine

A living legend in pop music.

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

Happy Brithday Chaka Khan!

Happy Liberty Day!,_or_give_me_Death!

Happy National Puppy Day!

Happy National Chip & Dip Day!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Christine Lavin sings the Star Spangled Paper

Fun stuff!  I'm a big fan of Christine's.

(Thanks for the link, Linda!)

Wonderfully sinister!

I used to love those chalky fake cigarette candies when I was a child.  I can still remember being five or six and lazing about with one dangling out of my mouth in an oh-so-sophisticated pose.  Actually, I pretty much do the same damn thing now....

World's Longest Sausage

Neat-O!  Now, a tacky person would now be inserting some joke about "size doesn't matter".  Fortunately, I am too well bred for such antics...

quisling lives?

I am not an expert on contemporary Norwegian politics, but am shocked that this is coming out of someone in the hierarchy of the Labor party there.  Normally, one would expect it's members to be safely ensconsed into social democratic views. Disturbing.

A new biography of Patrick McGoohan is on the way

Coyotes in DC

Hopefully, they'll take out our feral cat population.  I've yet to see one around the Manor, but feel that it's inevitable given our proximity to a deer run and creek. 

Keyboard Waffle

Pretty cute!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Happy Birthday Chico!

Happy Birthday Werner Klemperer!

Happy Birthday William Shatner!

And that means it's also International Talk Like William Shatner Day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hubba Hubba!

Headline - and story - of the day!5783878/man-exchanges-gunfire-with-cops-over-price-of-burritos

Alice Cooper at the R&R Hall of Fame

Fun stuff!  Always loved Alice.

forget about cellphones....

The Old Ways are the best...

Travellin' Pie

An Anvil Shoot


(Thanks for the link, Rob!)

Happy World Poetry Day!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Headline - and story - of the day

(Thanks for the link, Dennis!)

The Iranian "Flying Saucer"

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  What a bunch of fucking rubes! 
Fortunately for the West.  I too have been busy, and my army of super-duper paratroopers are more than equal to the task of countering this ayatollah aviation threat.  And yes, they can be used indoors too.  Your move, mahmoud...


For Future Reference....

I am (now) proud of my baldness

It's tough to be an ex-goddess

Happy Birthday John de Lancie!

Ernie Kovacs coming out on DVD!

Very cool - one of the greats.

(Thanks for the link, Peter!)

Where's mussolini, now that we need him?

Happy Birthday Dick Dyszel/ Count Gore Devol!

That Ghost Host With The Most!  One of my faves.  A DC institution. 

Happy Birthday Carl Reiner!

Genius.  Essential.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

In honor of the "Supermoon" tonight

I should've been a lawyer

I can do shit like this and waste time, effortlessly....

Wuss America

How much do you know about government

A cute little 30 question test.  Although I'd say the questions are a mix of history and government, (and the "correct" answer for Question #19 isn't...).  I got 29 correct, (the one I missed was Question #29). 

The cutting edge of sex toys...

The Flight Of The Bumblebee - played on beer bottles

RIP Lloyd Oliver - one of the last Navajo Code Talkers

Happy Birthday Bowman Body!

One of Virginia's most famous and beloved ghost hosts.

Happy Birthday Patrick McGoohan!

One of my all-time fave actors.  Creator and star of my all-time fave TV show, The Prisoner.  Genius.  Essential.

Happy Birthday Clarence "Frogman" Henry!

So cool, so much fun.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Count Five perform Psychotic Reaction

Absolute classic garage psychedelia. 

Iggy performs I Wanna Be Your Dog (short version)


Procol Harum performs Conquistador


The death of a cosmonaut

Another sad chapter to the Cold War...

I will never die from radiation exposure

In fact, I now suspect I could walk on the Sun without serious consequences....

DC finally gets a brewery!

Wuss Virginia

If you put lawn clippings into a baggy, that is an "imitation controlled substance", just ask any kid who got conned into buying one in 6th grade.  .  Of course, for anyone the least bit familiar with LSD, so are sugar cubes, virtually any type of pill, capsule and gelatin cube, blotter paper, etc.  And once we add the other hundreds of substances that are allowed, we can pretty much add to the "imitation" category just about anything that can be smoked, drunk, eaten, injected, snorted, or rubbed on the skin. 

Darth Is Everywhere!

Happy Sheelah's Day!

Shotgun Guitar

Jr. Walker would approve!  Actually, many years ago, Roy Orbison starred in a movie called The Fastest Guitar Alive that featured a similiar weapon....

Well, we will just have to change who marries who...Problem solved!

Well Hung Heart's video for This Is Not Love

Brand new song from one of my fave contemporary bands.

Happy Birthday Wicked Wilson Pickett!

Happy National Oatmeal Cookie Day!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm crossing my legs as I type this

interesting article on the "lost" 9th Legion

They just don't make nazis like they used to

Resign?!?  Usually they commit suicide with their mistress in a bunker.  (Martin, don't mess with tradition - there's still time!)  I continue to be fascinated by this asshole.  He fought in WWII, but apparently it was on the "wrong" side.  Obergruppenfuhrer Harty has a certain ring to it, don't you think?

Just another day in DC

The Threat!

I can't believe this is a news item.  Anywhere.  Wuss America....

(Thanks for the link, Doug!)

The physics of Irish Stout

(Thanks for the link, Tom!)

Happy Birthday Karl Straub!

One of DC's Finest,  I still consider his group, The Graverobbers, to be one of the best Rock bands I've ever seen. 

Happy Birthday Pattie Boyd!

THE Muse of Rock'N'Roll.

Happy Birthday Paul Kantner!

I've always liked Kantner.  Got to meet him once, very nice guy.  Marty and Grace always got the hits and flash, (and I love their work, too), but Paul was the idealist, the thinker, the guy who wanted to change the world, and saw music as a contributor to that. 

Happy Birthday John Sebastian!

One of my faves.  Very nice guy, too.

Happy Evacuation Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

teaser for the new Conan movie

Sheesh, boring.....

A nice article about the film White Zombie

The "perfect" bourbon?

I agree with the writer, this is nothing more than a snob-oriented marketing scheme.  I always admire efforts by marketeers to relieve rich and pretentious people of their money.  This looks like a good bet.  It just won't work on a serious person.

Virginia wines coming up in the world?

This is nice, I suppose.  But a $100 bottle of wine is well beyond my price range.  In fact, $20 is my usual limit for all but the most special of occasions or wines.  The price of Virginia's products have been going up for years.  I suspect it's less due to some objective rise in quality as it is the vineyards' proximity to the huge upper middle class of DC.  One of our favorite activities 20+ years ago was to take day trips out to the wineries, meet the owners, taste and learn.  But it's gotten too crowded, and prices could go up because we had so many folks who could and would pay, etc.  The real deals are from vineyards that I can't visit, (Australia, Chile, etc.).  I'm happy for the vintners.  They're obviously making a go of it.  But it leaves guys like me out in the cold.  I simply can't afford to pay $28 for a local wine, when I can get one of comparable quality from Chile for half that price.

Richmond Noir

This actually might be pretty good.  I've always viewed Richmond as gloomy and shoddy.

The cutting edge of Star Trek - Really

Happy Bacchanalia Festivals!

They start today.  Cheers!

Happy Birthday Leo McKern!

One of my faves.  Star of Rumpole (one of the best TV shows, ever), in HELP with the Beatles, played #2 (in three episodes - a record) in The Prisoner. 

Happy Birthday Jerry Jeff Walker!

Happy Birthday Nancy Wilson!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Chieftains & Roger Daltrey perform Behind Blue Eyes

Andy Irvine & Donal Lunny perform My Heart's Tonight In Ireland

Sinead and Shane perform Haunted

So cool....


Norman Bates Lives

The Buzzards Return To Hinckley, Ohio!

Happy Birthday Sly Stone!

Genius.  Essential.

Happy Birthday Plan 9 From Outer Space!

The Best Worst Movie of All Time - and one of my faves.  Essential.  Premiered on this date in 1958, (some sources list a later day, I believe this one is correct).

Happy Birthday Forbidden Planet!

Premiered on this date in 1956.  Great sci-fi film!

Happy Ides of March!

Well, not happy for all, I guess...
Which brings us to a concurrent Holiday - National Brutus Day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Zomgie Ants!

(Thanks for the link, Chris!)

Happy Birthday Michael Martin Murphey!

Happy Birthday Michael Caine!

Happy Birthday Albert Einstein!

Happy National Potato Chip Day!


Happy Pi Day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

fanvid for Sweeney's Men performing Afterthoughts

Almost unknown in the States.  Pity. 

Luka Bloom performs Gone To Pablo and Te Adoro

Mediocre recording, great performer and songs.

fanvid for Clannad performing the theme to Harry's Game

nazi statue missing

good riddance...

Before & After images of Japan

Miss Snake Charmer

Freud smiles....

Better late then Never - Smile is being released

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

And a thousand puns were born!

The planter Uranus was discovered on this date in 1781 by William Herschel.

Happy Birthday Vanishing Point!

One of my all-time fave movies.  The film that taught me how to drive.  Premiered on this date in '71, (although some sources claim it was 1/15).  Kowalski Lives!

Happy Birthday Mike Stoller!

Pop God.  An American Treasure.

Happy Genalogy Day!

(It's sometimes celebrated on the 12th).  As something of an amateur genealogist for my family, I've always found this an interesting hobby and pursuit.  You learn about yourself by knowing better those who raised you.  And you learn how they developed through those that raised them, etc. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The cutting edge of misogyny

Great article on the new Neil Diamond retrospective

This writer understands.  Neil, especially in his early years, was a very cool writer/performer. 

Sinead O'Connor performs The Moorlough Shore


This Lizzy performs The Boys Are Back In Town

Them performs Mystic Eyes

De Dannan perform some Donegal Reels

Search for the Last Foodtaster

I love trivia like this.

Death by Silicon - the cutting edge

The Cave Hotel

Actually, this looks pretty neat.

The year 2000 - as envisioned in 1910

Fun stuff!

The oldest evidence of chemical warfare

A new collection of Lovecraft!

nice interview with record producer Bob Johnston

Happy Birthday Liza!

Before the sordid soap opera, there was an amazing singer and talented actress.

Happy Birthday Agent 99!

Happy Birthday James Taylor!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tubular Bells performed by The Brooklyn Organ Syth Orchestra

So cool - this makes my head spin!

(Thanks for the link, Ben!)

Rip Jean Dinning

RIP BernardSt. Clair Lee

Wuss America

Little commissars.  Stalin made a mistake, he controlled Russia and ended up vilified by the whole civilized world.  he should have become a Virginia school administrator - and he'd be portrayed as a valuable public servant.  It is particularly ironic that it's baby boomers and gen x'ers breathlessly marching to this anti-drug beat.  Talk about druggies....

Van Morrison performs Into The Mystic

U2's video for Vertigo

Love this tune.

The Dubliners perform Molly Malone


fanvid for The Chieftains performing Brian Boro's March

Fun stuff by one of Ireland's finest groups.

The Battle For L.A. film - an examination

Clearly, these people haven't read their H.G. Wells.  It's not guns, but the common cold that will destroy our alien enemies.  Anticipating this, I've saved up all of my used Kleenex for the past twenty years - to create an alien doomsday device.  The fact that we haven't been invaded I think validates the awe in which they hold my destructive potential.  We're safe.  You're Welcome.

Coronet Blue article

A sad story, one of the hippest TV shows, back in the 60's, with a nice soundtrack by Johnny Rivers.  Very much in the paranoid vein of The Prisoner.  Needless to say, I really liked it.

It must be 2001 - My flying car is here!

I'm hoping they can factory mount dual 50 cals in the front.  I've always wanted a Blue Max!

(Thanks for the link, Chris!)

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef

A fascinating exhibit, and the film lecture on the mathematics of it all is neat.

(Thanks for the link, Kristine!)

Happy Birthday Nina Hagen!

Happy Birthday Douglas Adams!

Happy Pennyloaf Day!

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

Happy Pully Lug Day!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A memory flogger - the theme song to the Patty Duke Show

I post this because it's actually quite a catchy tune, and also unique in the history of TV.  I don't think there'll ever again be a theme song allowed to talk about a teenage girl, claiming that "A hotdog makes her lose control".    Enjoy.....

Sigh, more rain

As I am typing this missive, most of the yard around the Manor is under water due to almost constant rain for most of the day.  There is now a small but vibrant creek running through the back yard.  Another three inches depth and I'm going to start up a whitewater rafting franchise.  The wet stuff is supposed to continue till tomorrow morning.  Am not sure how much of my property will be left by then, given the erosion and runoff.  Hopefully the revenue from rafting will allow me to buy dirt...

fanvid for Black 47 performing The Funky Ceili

I love those guys.

Makem & Fields perform Four Green Fields

Lancelot Link & The Evolution Revolution

Well, I've heard (and seen) worse...

SETI on your smart phone

Pretty neat.

Very cool photos of the Sun

These are really beautiful.

(Thanks for the links, Chris!)

What if Facebook were on Star Trek?


Cthulhu Stele


Happy Birthday Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

One of my fave TV shows, premiered on this date in 1997.  Addictive.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Altan performs Suil Ghorm

Wonderful band with a beautiful sound.

Dexy's Midnight Runners' video for Come On Eileen

Fun stuff!

Kids Talk About Sheen

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

Another creepy robot

As long time readers will note, I love machines and tools, anything that makes life easier and better.  But I see no reason to have them look like us, and I refuse to have a "conversation" with them. 

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Happy Birthday John Cale!

Happy Panic Day!

Happy National Crab Meat Day!


Happy National Crab Meat Day!


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A trip to Saturn!5777938/incredible-film-of-a-trip-to-saturn-made-entirely-from-photographs-taken-by-the-cassini-spacecraft

Pretty neat!

Coutney Love on the music industry

Great article. 

Book Sculpture


(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Number 4?!? We're ONLY Number 4?????

I can't tell you how disappointed I am by this result, and strongly suspect the bribing of the judges by New York and Chicago, (I will grant L.A.  its place in Hell...).  One problem I see is that the ranking seems to focus only on Interstate highways.  BFD.  These guys need to get out more - like real commuters.  Try Route 7 or Route 1, Glebe Road, or Columbia Pike.  It is no wonder that so many Buddhists live in and around Annandale, as only through reincarnation does one have the time to successfully drive through it. 
Try driving on Backlick Road on a Sunday.  The mega church located there preaches of hell in the afterlife, but it really occurs when all those assholes empty out the parking lot and clog the roads up.  Don't tell me we're number four....

An article detailing all of the brouhaha over Frank Frazetta's estate

Very sad.  In my opinion he was THE illustrator of sword & sorcery.  It would have been nice for a gallery to exist displaying all of it in one place.

An article on cyber-warfare

The writing is a little too breathless for me.  But I come back to my solution - take your important stuff "off the grid".  This wasn't a problem, couldn't be a problem, in the 1970's. 

A new book detailing America's dealings with nazis after the war

Long-time readers will note that I've stated in the past how complicated things around WWII and its aftermath can get.  The fact is that many sections and individuals within the U.S. were scared shitless of the Soviet Union by 1946.  And nazis were scared shitless of being imprisoned or hanged.  And so, a parasitical relationship was born.  Germans claimed (and lied) that they had huge networks of agents throughout the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, ready and willing to work for America, but only through their German masters.  This country desperately (and naively) believed that, and hired 'em on.  I've always suspected that the Germans were full of shit, and everything I've ever read, (including this article) pretty much backs that up.  But we continued, probably through a combination of fear of the Soviets, fear of admitting being taken in, bureaucratic inertia, and the fact that there was probably money to be made by one and all in continuing the charade.  Give the devil his due - Stalin and his government were excellent at security, I honestly don't think the "nazi spy networks" contributed anything of importance to NATO or the U.S. - ever.  One thing the Soviets would do when they moved into territory was round up any and every one who could be a threat - usually based upon their own extensive intelligence network.  I know that there was some anti-Soviet guerrilla activity in the marshes of the Ukraine up to the early to mid 1950's, (under a group called the Ukrainian Insurgent Army).  I'd love to learn more about this, but have a strong suspicion that it amounted to little more than banditry and harrassment, (I could be wrong - anyone know of a good history, in English, about them?)

Cool pictures from Brazil's Carnival

There's quite a few in here, some of the costumes are amazing.

(Thanks for the link, Nick!)

Soviet Rib Music

Absolutely fascinating!  The ultimate bootleg.  I've never heard of this stuff before this article.

(Thanks for the link, Erik!)

Happy Birthday Skipper!

Monday, March 07, 2011

The Pogues perform Thousands Are Sailing
One of my fave songs by them.  Just love it.

Esben & The Witch perform Lucia,At The Precipice

The return of classic 80's style goth.

True Gamesmen

A site devoted to porn stars who play D&D.  This does not suprise me in the least, and I do not mean that in a particularly bad way.

The Best Horse Name

The cutting edge of paternity cases

I was going to say that this case "blew my mind", but am too much of a gentleman to say so.

A Spitfire Takes Flight

So cool!

Flying Saucer Orgasm

I believe that'd make an excellent song title for George Clinton!

your tax dollars at work, or not

I believe this to be fairly representative of my experiences with government in recent years.  I will point out that the people in charge were not "ousted", they retired, when they chose to.  No one has been punished for this, Nor will they be.  The people in charge STILL don't have a handle as to what is going on and how to fix it, other than throwing buckets of money at the problem (and contractors).  Simple record keeping systems seem beyond the capacity of the military to even understand, much less purchase and implement.  Even twenty years ago, we folks working at the record store could have run circles around these clowns in terms of inventory management, invoices, dating, cross-referencing, etc.  It is unfortunate that, for all of the official propaganda, the military views Arlington as nothing more than a meat locker, to be ignored except for awarding the occasional million dollar contract to some Beltway Bandit to do nothing with.  This really steams me.  The army has done nothing but spend money on paid liars to try and cover up, stonewall, and spin away this story since it was reported on.  Absolutely disgraceful, and absolutely typical of what this town is becoming. 

Happy Birthday King Kong!

Great film, one of my faves.  Premiered on this date in 1933.

Happy Birthday Peter Wolf!

Happy Birthday Willard Scot!

A local legend, and genuinely nice guy.  You know him from NBC, etc., but he'll always be one of the Joy Boys to us.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ah, corruption can be classic

Of course, the question is:  Were all of the guys responsible for this truck drunk and just decided to take it out for a little joyride; or was there someone else in charge who LET them go out drunk with it.  If this were DC the answer would be a mix of both, and additional passengers consisting of the mayor, the city council and the president of the teacher's union.  But I'm not familiar enought with Loudon's situation.

I'm gathering two of each species...

It has been raining here at the Manor for most of the day.  The backyard has a medium-sized creek running through it, and the front resembles the Lake District.  About every five minutes I'm getting emailed warnings from the National Weather Bureau warning of flash floods, backed up drains and sewers, and other biblical plagues.  I assume the cholera epidemic is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  Just another day in DC.    Meanwhile, some tunes:

The Beatles

Eddie Rabbitt

Brook Benton

B.J. Thomas

The Cascades

The Temptations

The Classics IV

The Lovin' Spoonful

Jay & The Americans

Dee Clark

Lou Christie

The Everly Brothers

The Fortunes

Helen Shapiro

The Guess Who

Putin's charity work

An interesting twist.  In the good ol' days, if a fascist pig needed money he'd just strong arm his businessman allies, raise taxes, expropriate some wealth from a convenient scapegoat (to be read:  Jews), or raid the treasury.  But putey-tang's come up with a new angle on an old tactic, the charity scam.  Who says originality is lacking in the Soviet, er, Russian hierarchy!  I suppose I should keep an eye out in my mailbox for a letter containing a dime, or some address labels, or a toy dream catcher, all promising me eternal rewards if I could just help impoverished kgb agents.  The world is getting to be like an Onion article.

Neat article on Edward Gorey!

I would only take issue with the statements implying that Gorey was virtually unknown by all but a small cult until recently.  Maybe it's just the environment I hang out in/with, but I've a fan for at least 40 years.  His production on Dracula was well publicised and appreciated at that time, (30+ years ago). If he is more popular now, that's great.  But he was hardly ignored in his lifetime. 

(Thanks for the link, Karen!)

Nice article and interview with Michael Stipe

(Thanks for the link, Peter!)

Wuss America

No testosterone, no perspective, and no sense of humor.  We are pathetic...
At this point, I'm surprised cartographers just don't portray this country as wearing a huge diaper.

Hi-tech piggy bank

A personal semi-submarine

Extra Credit

Notice how real life is becoming more and more like an article from The Onion?

(Thanks for the link and title, Mike!)

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

I believe there's a horror movie plot in all of this.

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Honesty is the best policy?

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Been There, Dung That...

(Thanks for the link, and title, Mike!)

Ha!  I love the "special effects".

(Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Happy Birthday Lou Costello!

Happy Birthday Mary Wilson!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Am I setting myself up for a sucker punch?

As I've written before.  This region is notorius for having a "false Spring" - a week or so of wonderful Spring-like weather, only to be followed by some hellish ice storm in March.  But it really does feel like we've passed Winter.  It's damned pleasant outside, even at this hour.  At the risk of jinxing myself, I think we may be beyond Winter.  Here's hopin', and here's some tunes for Spring:

Henry Gross

Thin Lizzy

The Dictators

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers


Sir Paul

Damn, I'm gonna be royally pissed if we get that ice storm, now....Meanwhile, it's Absinthe Day.  Time to dance with the Green Fairy, see ya tomorrow....

RIP Johnny Preston

(Thanks for the link, Perry!)

Nice article about Bob Seger

Pretty much sums it up for me.  I would point out that he kept alive that basic Chuck Berry rock all throughout the 70's when it was being challenged by the softer sounds of the LA country rock, disco,  and the singer/songwriter boom.  His live album from that period is still one of the best examples of a rock'n'roll record that I know of, (and I know more than a few, thank you very much).  And with Night Moves, Bob was one of the first, if not THE first rock performers to start to really deal with and explore what a rocker does as he/she ages.  This is years, sometimes decades, before others did so (like Bruce, Graham Parker, Nick Lowe, Ray Davies, and Chrissie Hynde).

A matchbook for liberation

Neat-O!  Wish I had one of these little collectibles.

Happy Birthday Howard Pyle!

One of the great illustrators. 

Happy Birthday Penn Jillette!

Happy National Absinthe Day!


Happy Birthday to The Creature From The Black Lagoon!

Great monster movie!  Premiered on this date in 1954.

Happy St. Piran's Day!

Patron Saint of my Cornish ancestors.

Today is Crispus Attucks Day, a/k/a boston Massacre Day

A TV show featuring Edgar Allan Poe?

I like steampunk, and I like Poe, but this just sounds silly to me.  Hopefully, I'm wrong.

Great moments in college commencement speker choices

I remember that we we were polled at my college regarding a commencement speaker, I voted for Groucho, (who was on his death bed at that point).  They ended up bagging the whole idea and just had two students from the debate club meander on about tax policies.  Perhaps the single most boring, yet pointless, graduation exercise in history.  Groucho - even after he died - would have been more entertaining.

The Chinese will lose!

Ha!  So what if everything they ship us is made out of a combination of mercury, asbestos and anti-freeze - in a mere 20 years we've destroyed their 5,000 year old culture!  Take that, Confuscious!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Friday, March 04, 2011

OH! The Humanity!

I'm still in shock at the senseless carnage.  This footage is not for the weak of heart.  And I'd advise children and pregnant women to shield their eyes.  It'll take me a long time to recover from these images....

I guess SOME people's wishes are granted... Just not the ones you're thinking of...

Move over, Pet Rocks...

Sexual Harassment

Several dozen puns are now screaming inside my brain...

A good article on The Dick Van Dyke Show,52628/1/

Highly recommended, both the article and the show.  I think that series was THE best sitcom - ever.  I'm not saying that every episode was a Classic.  But overall, it's just a wonderful show with a great cast. 

Interesting article on Stuxnet and so-called cyberwarfare

I particularly like the last two paragraphs in the article -  Being an old-fashioned type of dude, particularly when it comes to warfare, cyber or otherwise. 

A Hedonist Who Believed....

I'm not sure this is Just Desserts - maybe a Just Main Course?

Maru and Hair Styling

Very cute!

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

The mystery of Yosemite Sam's radio broadcast...

Kinda weird...

Hitler: comedy star?,1518,748885,00.html

Hmmm, this particular attempt sounds like a bomb.  And if part of the background humor is based around German dialects, I can't see it making much of a market elsewhere.  But this does raise an interesting point, which we can call nazi humor.  Now, there are some folks who are against it, one and all.  Sometimes for rather cynical reasons, (gaining "street cred" with Jewish or liberal organizations and lobby groups, for instance).  But the fact of the matter is that making fun of nazis and hitler has been going on almost as long as there were nazis and a hitler.  Chaplin's most well known character may be the Little Tramp, but his most well known movie is The Great Dictator.  Warner Brothers made a whole bunch of cartoons during the 40's that poked fun, (and if I remember correctly, Disney did as well, despite his pro-nazi leanings..).  As the article points out, Mel Brooks made a fortune off of Springtime For Hitler, and long before that, we had Jack Benny and To Be, Or Not To Be.  And then we have examples like Hogan's Heroes and a whole host of cameos, sub-plots and jokes on TV and in movies, etc.  So, the humor exists, and will undoubtedly continue to do so.  My question is if the whole nazi/hitler/WWII thing will ever become nothing but the dead past, Few of us really get riled up about the War of 1812, the Hundred Years War, Attila the Hun, etc.  You can study them, you can make fun of 'em, nobody cares.  Yet Attila was probably as nasty as hitler.  So, will adolf ever be just one more background dude from history?  I see the argument going either way.  On the one hand, time softens everything.  As danger recedes, new dangers replace it in our minds, and those with real memories of it die off. In fifty years it's quite possible that no one who remembers WWII will still be alive, (unless life extension research gets a major breakthrough, of course).  And a hundred years beyond that, there'll be no one who remembers someone who remembered the War.  You see where I'm going with this.  Is there a point where no one will care if fun is being made of it?
But, on the other hand, the conflict and nazism are so thoroughly documented, and so thoroughly implanted in pop culture (how many WWII movies are there - a thousand?  Two thousand?), that it may not recede into some hazy historical chapter, but be kept alive.  And one must deal with the Holocaust.  A very real and horrible event, the memory of which is kept alive, even promoted, (sometimes for noble reasons, and sometimes for quite cynical ones).  There's been great success at least in this country on that count, much better than any other group that's suffered similarly, (just check in with your local Armenian, Cambodian or Congolese for more information).  And so, the War and nazism, through efforts in the modern media, may well be the first exception to a very old rule about the past being buried.  I really would be curious how the whole thing will be handled 200 years from now.

Happy Birthday Nosferatu!

One of my fave movies.  Fun stuff!  Premiered on this date in 1922.

Happy Birthday Ed "Bid Daddy" Roth!

A huge influence on my childhood.....

Happy Game Masters Day!

Happy Birthday Kazimierz Pulaski!

A Great Patriot.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

A wonderful review of War of the Worlds

I agree with everything in this review.  Plus the simple fact that I despise Cruise, his non-existent acting abilities, eveything he believes in and represents, and every movie he's ever appeared in.  Other than that, I'm sure it's a fine production.

fanvid for Lick The Tins performing I Can't Help Falling In Love

Cute.  Whatever happened to these guys?

Sinead O'Connor performs Mandinka

I just love her voice.

Nils Lofgren starts a new series of articles about the life of a rock'n'roller

This is very cool.

Rube Goldberg Lives!

I've always been a total sucker for this stuff!

Hood Ornament

The Slow Jam version of the News!5775128/watch-brian-williams-slow+jam-the-news-with-jimmy-fallon

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Last Night With Al Stewart

Had a wonderful evening seeing Al Stewart perform at the Barns.  As many of you know, he's one of my all-time faves, (and the Barns is also one of the best venues in the region).  He did a variety of old and new, well known and obscure, all punctured with little talks about the meanings behind each one.  Stewart's specialty is folk rock songs about historical events and personages, with twists applied to modern life.  He'll write about the tensions between the ruling elites of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire in lyrics that sound like he's describing a love affair (The Gypsy & The Rose), for instance. 
At any rate, it really helps if you know your history, and that's one thing I do like about DC - we've got folks with the chops.  Even Al commented on it - people were reacting to names and obscure jokes and trivia with actual applause. He was in his element.  (Stewart was even corrected by several members of the audience when telling an anecdote about President Franklin Pierce.  He mistakenly said that Pierce came from Maine, it was actually New Hampshire).  Imagine a folk rock concert for Jeopardy fanatics.   It was a fun evening, and although he didn't perform Time Passages, he did do his biggest hit, The Year Of The Cat.

Frozen Dead Guy Days starts tomorrow!

I like Nederland.  Nice town.

Happy Birthday Jean Harlow!

Happy Birthday Scotty!

Happy National Mulled Wine Day!


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

TED - sixth sense technology

Pretty neat.  Remarkable, really, when you think back I see this, or a close variation on it, becoming quite common.  I also see great opportunities for mischief here....

(Thanks for the link, Audrey!)

Pharoah Obama!

I'm convinced!  This leaves only one or two questions:  with Charlton Heston dead, who plays Moses?  And when do I get to see the Parting of the Potomac River?  As for mummification - well, just visit the Supreme Court...

of course, I've always suspected the NFL of being an ancient Egyptian holdover.  Whenever anyone scores a touchdown all I hear is praise of the Sun God, "RA!  RA! RA!"....

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)


What would it look like if the International Space Station landed on your house?

The most expensive cigar....

Nice interviews with Brian Wilson

Charlie Sheen - as presented by baby sloths

Coke heads are always amusing, but only from afar..

(Thanks for the link, Mathew!)

Happy Birthday Rory Gallagher!

Unbelievably cool.

Happy Birthday Lou Reed!

Genius.  Essential.  One of the most influential American musicians of all time.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Genius.  Essential.  An American Treasure.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

fanvid for De Dannan performing Hibernian Rhapsody

RIP Mark Tulin of the Electric Prunes

I can never figure out whether to laugh or cry at the idea that there are people who will believe ANYTHING


I guess Sugar Sugar isn't going to be in the soundtrack....

Happy St. David's Day!

Patron Saint of Wales.  Wear a leek.

Happy Birthday Roger Daltrey!

Happy Birthday Bill Gaines!

Genius.  Essential.  An American Original.

Happy Birthday David Niven!

Happy Whuppity Scoorie Day!

Happy National Peanut Butter Lovers Day!